PSO2 JP: ARKS Christmas Party Live Broadcast Recap

The Live Broadcast is currently in session, you can watch it live on Nico Nico.

E.Quest Vote

Emergency Quest:

  • Viewers voted for the "Merry Christmas on Ice 2" Emergency Quest which will arrive December 14th @ 23:00 JST.
  • A +100% Rare Drop and EXP rate will be applied.

 Late December Update

Tundra Base Team Room

Tundra Base Team Room

Tundra Team Room (Late December)

  • Looks similar to a Japanese "Snow Festival," players can also slide down the hill.


Happy New Year Party

Happy New Year Party Scratch

Happy New Year Party Scratch (Late December)

  • Techer Themed Costumes
  • Furisode Costume!

Bottom Sea

Ep2: Chapter 4

Trembling… at the Seabed (Late December)

  • Theodore, a Deuman!?
  • Cabracan Returns!
  • New Matter Board Rewards

New Years Revival Scratch

New Year Scratch Revival


New Years Revival Scratch for two weeks!

  • Year of the Horse Select Accessories Scratch (200 AC)
  • Year of the Horse Lucky Bag G Scratch (500 AC) 


Special Phrase


Type めりくりたろう in chat sometime between now until maintenance on Christmas day to receive a 2014 FUN Ticket.


 SEGA’s Official Social Networking Site



  • it-tells is Sega's official social networking site that will feature communities both for PSO2 and each of the 12 ships.
  • it-tells beta service starts December 17th.


ARKS United Front Festival

ARKS United Front Festa


ARKS United Front Festival

  • Begins January 22nd ~ March 5th, 2014.
  • Similar to the 1 Year Anniversary Event.
  • Features items from last year's Item Design Contest and Arks Grand Prix winners.
  • Arks Ship Fire Swirl (Super Hard)
  • PSO2's First Video Contest.

PSO2 Ep.2 Deluxe Package (PC and Vita)

Heart Of Naberius

 PSO2 Episode 2 Deluxe Package

  • Boxed copies for both PC and Vita versions of Episode 2 will go on sale March 20th, 2014
  • Bonus items include designs by Mamoru Nagano, a manga artist and animator best known for his works in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam and Five Star Stories.
  • Heart of Naberius / Mercy of Lilipa / Soul of Wopal. (Though the actual item names are engrishy without this correction.)


PSO2 Crafting System (January)

Weapon Customize

Adding Extra Tidbits of Information During the Day

Weapon Extend (Updated)

  • Makes your low ranking weapons or units more powerful. Works on 1 ~ 10★ items only. 
  • An example shown in the trailer has a fully grinded Vita Sword at 1017 S-ATK, which normally has 376 S-ATK.
  • Weapon extensions require payments through meseta, PA Fragments, and certain ingredients. Don't worry, the crafting process will always succeed or greatly succeed.
  • ADD: As evidenced in the video, there are also different kinds of PA Fragments. (S-ATK) (R-ATK) and (T-ATK)
  • Completing the process can change an item's stats or equipping conditions, even allowing it to be used by multiple classes.
  • As an example in the video, when a sword 'greatly succeeded' extension, it allowed both the Hunter and Force classes to use it.


Foie Custom

Technic Customization

  • The Technic Customization system creates both positive and negative effects.
  • A positive effect, for example, may get you 20 ~ 40% more power with some increased speed.
  • However, as a detriment, it can increase the PP consumption values by +3 ~ +10.
  • You can use booster items to improve these values.
  • You'll see a special effect when charging a custom technic.

Craft Recipes

  • You can extend your weapons and customize your technics using craft recipes.
  • There are several different kinds of craft recipes each with different effects.
  • ADD: The Weapon Crafting Recipes seem to have (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) versions.
  • ADD: For example a recipe could say could say "Beginner Striking Weapon Lv.#" or "Intermediate Striking Weapon Lv.#"
  • ADD: Tech recipes on the other hand have a [Prefix] [Tech] [Value] nomenclature.
  • ADD: For example, there's the Blazing Foie Recipe1, its effects are described in the Technic Customization section
  • ADD: Wide Area Na Megid Recipe1 increases the range but reduces its power.
  • ADD: There's also Concentrating Gi Foie Recipe1 which reduces the charging times but worsens the status afflicting rate.
  • ADD: There's also Flashing Ra Grants, Flashing Gi Grants, Efficient Grants, Concentrating Zan, Concentrating Zonde. It is unknown at this time as to what their effects are.



Item Desynthesis

 Item Desynthesis

  • There are certain ingredients needed for the crafting process.
  • You can acquire these ingredients by breaking down 7★ or higher weapons/units, and LV11+ Disks.
  • There are no failures with this process, you can only 'succeed' or 'greatly succeed.
  • For example, breaking down a weapon nets you Aironia, which is required for some low level crafting recipes.
  • However, if you hit the jackpot, you can receive even more Aironia and gain a Rubiard required for higher level recipes.


Craft Slots

Craft Lines

  • There are a set of 9 Crafting Slots you can choose from. These are known as "Craft Lines."
  • By default the first line is available for free.
  • The second and third line needs to be unlocked.
  • The fourth through sixth require premium.
  • The seventh through ninth are expansion slots that can be purchased with AC.
  • After you craft an item, the item gets bounded to its owner. The crafting slot will display a cooldown timer which locks you out of that slot for the time being.
  • However, you can purchase an item to speed up the cooldown timer. These are known as "Lilipariums" which you can acquire from the Mining Base Defense quest or the AC Shop.
  • ADD: There's also different types of Lilipariums. There's the "Liliparium (Minimum)" and "Liliparium Full Charge," surely you can make an educated guess as to how you'll obtain them. 


 Craft Ex Builder

(NEW) Room Items that Assist with Crafting

  • You can place various room items to assist you.
  • The Crafting Console opens up the Crafting Menu. You can also open these menus from the My Room Terminal.
  • The Craft Ex Builder, when placed in your room, reduces weapon extension's cool-times. There's also a Craft Tech Builder too.
  • The Crafting Board is just a menu to accept requests from other players.

Craft Request

(NEW) Crafting Commissions

  • You can commission other players to craft an item for you. This is especially useful if you want an item crafted using a recipe you don't have.
  • You can search for other crafters and their available recipes through the Visiphone.
  • The person requesting the commission has to pay the materials, the meseta, and supply the weapon they wish to have crafted.
  • On the other side, the crafter just has to complete the process which helps to increase their crafting levels.


Techer / Braver Adjustments (Mid January)

Mid January Update

Wand Lovers Buff

  • Gains the Step Evasive Action
  • No more PP Penalty
  • +35% S-ATK at Max

Braver Adjustments

  • You can cancel Asagiri Rendan mid-way.
  • More PP recovery from attacks.
  • Step and Step Attack Speed Increased
  • Other Braver adjustments that make it easier to battle. (Check the Crafting Video)


Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest


New Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest

Disrupting Tranquility (something like that…)

  • A revival of the Chaotic Border Break quest
  • All enemies are boosted. No Cougars though.
  • Coming Mid January.

System Update

FUN Shop and System Update

System Update

System Update (Mid January)

  • Select which latent ability to apply.
  • You can hold up to 999 of certain items.


2014 Roadmap Part 1

2014 Road Map Part one

2014 Winter

  • Arks United Front Festival (Web Event)
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • Bingo Card
  • New Client Orders, Interrupt Event
  • Video Contest
  • Character Portrait Contest

2014 Spring

  • New PAs, Technic, Enemies
  • Mamoru Nagano designed items.
  • Collaboration
  • Mining Base Defense Part 2
  • Advance Quest Update
  • Extreme Quest Update
  • PSO2 es Launches

2014 Early Summer

  • 12 Player Boss Quest
  • New Story Quest
  • New Field for a Story Quest
  • New Advance Quest
  • Extreme Quest Update
  • Crafting System Update


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