Phantasy Star Online 2 Hi-Res Screens

4Gamer released Hi-res screenshots surrounding the game. So far it lists it's features as:

Star Fleet "ORACL" voyages through infinite universes

New adventures await players at unknown planets

An invading "evil" fills space.

The Confronters, "Arks" is their names"

Will the universe be saved? Or be invaded?

Only heroes can prevail their future.

  • Original Combo System
  • Randomly generated fields, always bringing you to unconquered fields.
  • Third Person View
  • New Jump Action
  • Hybrid Customizable Actions
  • Dynamic Weather Change System
  • Abrupt cut-in events
  • Aiming for Infinite Adventure
  • An adventure with no ends!

Sakai wants players to feel the sensation of surprise, discovery, and adventure once more. Not only does he want to capture those familiar to the series, but he wants to introduce a game that's fun and interesting to those inexperienced with online games.

More details about the game is expected to come forth before the Alpha test. In the meantime you can view various screenshots and a trailer to quench your thirst. You can still submit an entry into the alpha test as long as it is before May 20th, 2011.


The Arks?

A commenter asked a question if the Arks are supposed to be the Arkz from Phantasy Star Online Episode 3. The spelling of these two factions are slightly different in Katakana. アークズ Arkz is the official spelling of the Card Revolution faction, and アークス Arks is the spelling Japanese news sites use to describe what they saw in the PSO2 trailer.

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