Phantasy Star Online 2 Launches July 4th

Phantasy Star Online 2 will be launching July 4th 14:00 JST!


July 4th Update!

Frozen Tundra Area


Snow Banshee


Mag's 3rd Form

When your mag reaches beyond level 100, it can evolve into its third form. In addition to the "specialized type" mags consisting of striking, ranged, tech, and ability, it could evolve into a "combined type."


Time Attack and Class Level 40

A new type of quest has been added! In Time Attack Quests, several gimmicks are laid out across the field. In normal quests, the maps are completely random, but time attack quests have preset maps.

In the first time attack quest, you will run from the forest to the tundra. A new ranking system called "Time Attack Ranking" will also be added to the game. You may receive a medal based on where you place.

 You can now reach Level 40 by completing a client order.


Story Quests: Chapters 2, 3, and 4!

In Chapter 2, you receive a request from "Rodeo", a scholar, who is questioning the origins of the Planet Naberius. In Chapter 3, you and Furie will investigate the creatures on Planet Lillipa.

Chapter 4 takes place on Planet Amduscia. Arks Researcher "Aki" and her assistant "Light" makes a request to cooperate with the Dragon tribes, but the dragons aren't going to be won over that easy.


New Costumes and Hairstyles

Lisa, Echo, Xeno, and other Costumes!


The Happy Wedding Scratch!

In addition to the tuxedo and wedding dress, various costumes, hairstyles, accessories, and voices were added!


Arks Cash Bundles

In the Official Release, you may now purchase Arks Cash through ISAO.

PSO2 Arks Cash Bundles:

  • 500AC(500円)
  • 1,000AC(1,000円)
  • 3,000AC(3,000円)
  • 5,150AC(5,000円)
  • 10,300AC(10,000円)

Through these payment methods:

  • Credit Cards: (VISA、MasterCard、JCB、American Express)
  • WebMoney
  • 楽天Edy
  • MobileEdy
  • Bitcash
  • モバイルSuica

Scheduling and Arks Cash

The Open Beta ends July 3rd at 11:00 JST'

The Arks Cash purchasing site open July 3rd at 15:00 JST

The Official Release Starts July 4th at 14:00 JST

The official release update brings the Frozen Tundra area, new costumes, time attack quest, and class level 40.

About Arks Cash:

When the Official release begins, a new "Arks Cash Shop Usage Guide" will show up in the Japanese manual. On that page, they will explain in detail how to use the Arks Cash Shop and list the items that are available from it. Please wait until that page is posted.

You may also purchase Arks Cash before the game starts on July 3rd at 15:00 JST.

Those who purchase the Premium Set will have access to the Premium Block. A certain number of blocks will be allocated only to premium users and it may look as if there are less blocks available for non-premium players. The number of premium blocks available will change based on the ratio of players who purchased it.

Block Names:

Based on user feedback, some players are having a hard time finding parties around their level. Sakai will make adjustments to the names of some blocks based on Play Style and Level ranges.

[via psblog]

Open Beta's Arks Cash Prices

In the open beta the current list of Arks Cash content is as follows:

  • プレミアムセット30日 Premium Set 30 days | 1300 AC
  • プレミアムセット60日 Premium Set 60 days | 2500 AC
  • プレミアムセット90日 Premium Set 90 Days | 3600 AC
  • マイルーム利用30日 My Room 30 Days Use | 700 AC
  • マイショップ出店30日 My Shop 30 Days Use | 700 AC
  • 拡張倉庫(#)利用30日 Expanded Storage 30 Days | 500 AC
  • 拡張倉庫(#)利用90日 Expanded Storage 90 Days | 1200 AC
  • アイテムパック拡張10 Item Pack Expansion +10 | 350AC
  • アイテムパック拡張10 5個 5xItem Pack Expansion + 10 | 1600 AC
  • スキルツリー追加パス Additional Skill Tree Pass | 500 AC
  • 追加ツリーリセットパス Skill Tree Reset Pass (For Additional Skill Tree) | 1000 AC
  • マグ獲得チケット Additional Mag Ticket  300 AC
  • マグリセットデバイス Mag Reset Device | 500 AC
  • エステ利用パス Aesthetics (Makeup Counter) Pass | 500 AC
  • 追加キャラクター作成権 Additional Character | 500 AC
  • スケープドール Scape Doll  | 100 AC
  • スケープドール 3個 Scape Doll x3 | 400 AC
  • スケープドール 5個 Scape Doll x6 | 600 AC
  • コスモアトマイザー 3個 Cosmo Atomizer x3 | 400 AC
  • コスモアトマイザー 5個 Cosmo Atomizer x6 | 600 AC
  • 獲得経験値+100%(3個) EXP Boost+100% x3 | 500 AC
  • 獲得経験値+100%(10個) EXP Boost+100% x10 | 1600 AC

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