Phantasy Star Online 2: Our First Story Character Reveal

Sakai updated his blog with a clearer video of the one that was shown in the Dengeki Event, titled "PSO2 Closed Beta New Video."

Closed Beta Elements

  • Now the lobby from the Alpha Test has expanded into two areas. There's a Gate area and Shop area, with some new facilities like the Medical Center.
  • New weapon category, Partisans have a "twirl" move which can fill up the "gear gauge." Partisans are quicker than the sword and can hit surrounding enemies.
  • Launchers, it is heavier than the assault rifle, so you can't move and shoot at the same time. Its projectiles can give explosive damage.
  • Talis (Cards), like a shooting weapon, you can just throw it to give damage. Or, you can throw it and cast technics off of it. 
  • Mags, an artificial life form that grows up when you feed it items. It can attack enemies directly if it becomes a "Striking" type Mag. If it is a "Range" type mag, it can shoot from a distance from the player's position. It can offer support to the player too. Actions can be added by specific conditions with an item called "Device."
  • Photon Blasts, by filling the blast gauge, mags can transform into a mythical beast and fight alongside with the player.

Another new element is the Story, so let's look at our first glimpse of a story character.

Her name is Zion (Sion)

When she appears, she says some strange mysterious things to the player.  You can see her talking within these screenshots but her speech is  slightly odd. She entrusts the player with something called a "Matter Board", this thing seems to be important in advancing the story.


Her voice actor is Megumi Ogata, she's best known for playing Shinji in Evangelion.  In fact at the media briefing, he will introduce even more voice actors.

(I have to say, Shougai's prediction on voice actors were spot on…)

 Mag Menu (Commentary)

  • Give Item アイタムを与える
  • Use Device デバイスを使う
  • Unequip 装備を外す
  • Prioritize Trigger Action トリガーアクション優先度
  • Confirm Actions  確認アクション

From this it sounds like you can sort what trigger actions you want first. The last menu is probably just a list of what actions are available to use.

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