Phantasy Star Online 2: Players Site Opens

Getting ready for the alpha test, the Phantasy Star Online 2 Players Site is now open. We are seeing tweets about a downloadable client. In addition Sega has launched the official Twitter page. You can add @sega_pso2 to twitter for the latest news!



 Start Screen

Player Feedback Furage!

The following information is based on users relaying information on what they see within the site. Information is collected from 2ch, twitter, and Japanese blogs and comments.

  • Alpha Test User Info
    • nProtect Gameguard is utilized in the Alpha test version of Phantasy Star Online 2.
    • "It is forbidden to disclose information to any outside websites, forums, video sites, twitter, etc."
    • Mags, My room, and the Item Trade Functions are not available in the Alpha Test.
    • PSU Lobby Actions are temporary, they have plans to implement new lobby actions in the future.
    • Auto Word implemented, also a new Chat Feature is coming in the future.
    • Manga Iconography (ex. Sweat Drop) can be placed below text balloons.
  • Alpha Test Restrictions 
    • Class Level up to Level 20. Alpha test gives access to some skills.
    • Only 5 weapon categories with access to some PAs and some Technics.
    • Can't change your class while in the Alpha Test (After you've chosen initial class or While you are in a field?)
    • Can't change your Costume, or form while in the alpha test (After you've made the character or While you are in a field?)
    • Interrupt Event, only some patterns and variations are available.
    • There will be a minimum amount of explanation regarding the general setting of PSO2 in the alpha test. As for the story elements, this won't be featured in the alpha test. In the future,they have plans to have a full fledged story.
  • Available Features
    • Three Races, Three Classes to choose from.
    • Multiparty System, Random Field, Photon Sensitive Effect.
    • Forest field and later the Volcano Caverns Field
    • Quest Counter, Skill Counter, Item Shop, Weapon Shop.
    • Friend, Black List
  • Alpha Test Save Data
    • After the Alpha Test is over,  save data is reset and is not transferred to future tests.
  • Photon Arts
    • Twister Fall (Wired Lance? PA?)
  • Force Skill Tree
    • Flame Mastery > Photon Flare > Flame Tech S Charge
    • Ice Mastery > Freeze Ignition > Freeze Tech Boost
    • Mirage Escape
    • Bolt Mastery > Bolt Tech PP Save
  • Gamepad (3 Sources)
    • Official Site listed Recommended Gamepads.
    • Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller for Windows 
    • ELECOM USBtoPS/PS2 Gamepad Converter
    • BUFFALO USB Gamepad 16 Button
    • Logicool PC GameController GPX-500
    • Rumble Gamepad F310
    • Rumble Gamepad F510
    • Wireless Gamepad F710
    • EXA PSU AOTI Official Gamepad

Class Specific Evasion Actions

So far it was discovered through screenshots that there are class specific evasive actions. In previous screenshots it was revealed Hunters have "Step", in today's screenshot it was revealed Forces have "Mirage Escape" and later on a screencast revealed that rangers do indeed have a ability called "Dive Roll."

  • Hunters: Step
  • Rangers: Dive Roll
  • Force: Mirage Escape

Mirage Escape lets forces warp short distances to evade attacks. Videos also show that Rangers can indeed dive to the side just like in Phantasy Star Portable 2 series.

 Also of note, Hunters seem to have exclusive use of Guard. The force skill tree so far doesn't seem to have that skill.

PSO2 Concepts

PSO2 Fomarl Concept!


PSO2 FOnewm Concept

After reaching 2000 Likes, Bonkohara revealed the next concept images!

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