Phantasy Star Online 2 Server Open + IGP Winners

Congratulations, the alpha test has now started! Today and tomorrow the first chosen participants will play the newest era in the Phantasy Star series. Currently the client has to be patched before playing.

Update: Today the official Sega Twitter page announced it will (break its previous schedule…) and add more people to the alpha test. So check your emails today to see if you were added. You will be placed in tomorrow's test.

User Relay Updated: 9:07PM EST

    • Over 1600 people were connected to the alpha test.
    • The Flow of starting a mission, the main lobby > quest area > camp ship > mission.
    • Healing items look like canisters on the field. Monomates, Star Atomizer, Photon Crystal, Photon Drop were spotted.
    • Each weapon type has their own specific icon when they are on the ground. Rods have a rod icon, gunslash has it's own gunslash icon, etc
    • Shift is the auxilliary action but it performs different things on different weapons. For example, when you have a Sword and have the Guard skill you press SHIFT to guard. When you have a Gunslash you press SHIFT to change from attacking to shooting.  However the original combo (right mouse button) already has its own agenda.
    • You can lock weapons so you don't discard them.
    • Music is very light and airy and BGM transitions from calm to battle. Music transition is very quick.
    • You can use technics within your physical attack  combos. (Normal atk > Normal Atk 2 > Foie)
    • PA Discs look like CDs when on the ground.
    • You can attack without weapons.
    • When enemies have status effects, their colors change, "Poison" Status effect changes their color to purple.
    • Healing pads look similar to the way they did in PSO.
    • NPC "Dynal"  in missions drop boxes with healing pads from his aircraft. Player described this event as very FPS like
    • Alpha test has 4 character slots but there's a space for a fifth one but it looks disabled.
    • Weapons icons (looks like sword) drops on the ground.
    • You can continuously use "Step" or "Jump" without any cool down (I'm sure they'll probably change this aspect later on)
    • Interrupt Event: An NPC named Prigita, tasked the player with defeating the hovering enemy, Vriahda (Briahda).
    • Transitioning to different blocks actually look like heading off to a new area instead of just warping.
    • Sub Classes were removed from the Skill Tree.
    • You can cut trees down with your sword, we even saw the blades of grass get cut.
    • You can guard with your sword.
    • Forces can teleport or warp to evade attacks.
    • A player reported during evasion (Mirage Escape) as a Force he was completely invincible.
  • Alpha Test invites Sent
    • More reports of them sending out new candidates for the alpha test.


Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity Teaser

Next week for PSP2i, the winners of the Infinity Grand Prix will release their designed weapons.


As for PSU Japan, the beach mission will release with the original arrangement of the BGM, we now know the name of the song is "Naked Sky."

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