Phantasy Star Online 2: Units

Good Morning, today a new email newsletter was released showing some new images.  But first, Sega now has an official Facebook Fan Page for Phantasy Star Online 2. Update: So apparently they do respond in English on this Facebook Fan Page. (So of course we're starting to wonder about that whole global thing.)

Update 2: After amassing 500 Likes, Bonko has decided to sneak into Sakai's desk. What will she find there?

The official site will show more new images and info on August 1st. So be sure to check it out!


Oh My! There's something sticking out behind this character? Could it be? Mags? Nope, this is called a unit. This time certain units change the visual appearance of the character. You can also use Mags too, so Mags and Units can make your character have such a unique look! Did you know that the units are attached to the arm, back, and leg. They can increase your defense and attribute rate.



Why not attach them to your RAcaseal


Oh! Here it is from behind.


Did you know this is Bonkohara's favorite unit? Here's a HUnewearl wearing a unit with such a sharp design, it almost seems like a weapon.


Oh! Here you can attach it to this "Nurse" character.
Yes you can make such a character.

In addition, there are high rank and low rank units. The major difference between them is that low rank units have no graphics. So use the high rank ones to accent your look. 


The gang's all here!
HUnewm, FOnewm, FOnewearl, FOcaseal and FOCast!


 [thanks Geosword and Ami]

Facebook Page

This facebook page could be a treasure trove of hints, I mean look at this question they asked.

  • Which Class would you like to try?
    • Hunter
    • Range
    • Force
    • I would like a combination of jobs

Bringing back the Main Class and Sub Class reference. Unfortunately people are now adding their own answers so there's a possibility this last answer wasn't originally there.

Tying Up Loose Ends


Filling in the gaps of old news that didn't get posted previously.

  • Didn't get selected for the Alpha Test? Well you can play PSO2 at the Tokyo Game Show 2011. Certainly the latest information about the game will be shown at this event. In the future there will also be a closed beta then an open beta test.
  • Online Gamer JP wrote, [W] [A] [S] [D] keys were used to move around, [Spacebar] allowed them to jump, [E] lets them converse with NPCs, and [C] lets you chat. The mouse manipulates the camera.
  • Humans are considered the Balanced type, all purpose race.
  • Newmans have higher mental power.
  • Casts are considered Artificial Life.
  • Hunters excel at close combat.
  • Rangers use guns and fight from mid-range.
  • Forces are the magician class and fight long ranged.

The videogame news sites described the classes based on their distance away from the enemy. Which seems strange to think Forces were described as long range combat instead of Rangers.

[Enemy] [Hunter 近接戦 ] [Ranger 中距離] [Force 遠距離]

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