PSP2i DLC: The Scrapers

August 4th, PSP2i DLC.

トゥーンスクレイパー Toon Scraper
Male Cast Parts
300 Yen


ハンマースクレイパー Hammer Scraper
50% Ground Saber
200 Yen


キャノンスクレイパー Cannon Scraper
50% Dark Handgun
200 Yen


ツインスクレイパー Twin Scraper
Neutral Twin Dagger
200 Yen


  • Name: Crimson Burst
  • Area: Awakening
  • Boss: Renvolt Magashi
  • Monster: Humanoid / Machinery
  • Effects: Light Weapons 80% chance appearing, Type Poitnx1.50, Attribute Granted+3、EXP x 1.35


PSO2 Related

A small part of the Famitsu scan from 2ch.
FOnewearl / FOcaseal / (FOcast?)


Each weapon so far is based on the three fighting styles, Striking, Ranged, and Force. For instance the Sword possesses the Striking Power, whereas Gunslash possesses Striking and Range Power.

  • HP
  • PP
  • 打撃力 (Striking)
  • 射撃力 (Ranged)
  • 法撃力 (Force)
  • 技量: Ability (Possibly Accuracy?)
  • 防御力 Defense
  • 反応力: Reaction (Possibly Evasion?)
  • 精神力 Mind
  • 物理耐性: Physical Resistance
    • Uses Striking Ranged and Force Icons
  • 属性耐性: Attribute Resistance
    • Uses Elemental Icons. (The green Icon speculated to be Wind element among Japanese fans)



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