Phantasy Star Online 2 Visits The Seabed on November 13th, 2013

Episode 2 which introduced Planet Wopal, will debut a brand new field known as the "Seabed." This field takes place along some ruins illuminated in fluorescent color. Scattered across the field are switches that can change the water level. The Oceanids will become more invigorated if the water is at a high level.


Seabed Planet Wopal


Biol Meduna and Decol Maluda

Biol Meduna PSO2

Biol Meduna is a beautiful and charming Oceanid who floats around while attacking with its tentacles and pincers. It can also perform electric style attacks and fire laser beams.

Decol Maluda PSO2

Decol Maluda is a bird darker that attacks its foes by spinning around. Though it may appear tall at first, you can cut its body down to size by destroying sections of its torso.

New Photon Arts and Latents

hatou Rindou

Hatou-rindou: Once unsheathed it slices foes and produces a shockwave.

Toritto Shooter

Tritt Shooter or Toritto Shooter: A combo style attack that fires an arrow after a series of kicks. Charge it up for more hits.

Several new latent abilities will be released that can:

  • Increase the effects of weak stance.
  • Increase Stylish Roll JA damage. Use this together with the SRollJABonus skill to gain more of an advantage.
  • Obtain the effects of the "Crazy Beat" skill.
  • Obtain the effects of the "Crazy Heart" skill.

Aerial Gunner Scratch


Aerial Gunner will add new costumes like Crazy Kitten, Enigma Rebellion, and Baybarrel. Expect a new accessory and weapon camo from Ophiuchus, the thirteenth astrological sign.

Enigma Rebellion

エニグマレベリオン Enigma Rebellion


Crazy Kitten

クレイジーキトゥン Crazy Kitten



ベイバレル・シリーズ Baybarrel Series



リジェラン・シリーズ Rijellan Series
(Help suggest a better name)



デジ・イチ Digi Ichi

Spend some points at the FUN Shop to acquire two new items for your room. You can leave messages for other players through the My Room Message Board or take screenshots with the Digi Ichi (DSLR) Camera. The Digi Ichi comes equipped with a zoom lens and a self timer allowing you to take screenshots with your friends from your favorite angle.

Message Board

メッセージボード Message Board


Other Changes

  • Button Mashing Relief! They have reduced the number of button presses needed to activate devices in Code: Capture and Code: Collect among other things.
  • For client orders that require specific partner characters, you can now clear them even if you bring support/friend/free partners along.
  • They have increased drop rates for 7 ~ 9 star weapons from Lv21 ~ 60 Bosses.
  • They have increased enemy frequency and adjusted the range in which they spawn during a PSE Burst.

Next Up in Late November

  • New AC Scratch
  • New Emergency Quest

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