PSO2 JP: Maintenance and Campaigns 11/06/2013

November 6th's Maintenance

  • Maintenance occurs 11:00 ~ 17:00 JST or 9:00 PM ~ 3:00 AM EST.

HDD Wiping Compensation Followup Report

Initially Sega hoped to address everyone who applied for compensation by the end of October, but it appears there are still a few people left over. They have already addressed some of those who applied since October 15th, and will continue to accept new applications for those who wish to receive the compensation. Please note that depending on the contents of your submission, it can take additional time for SEGA to determine if you qualify.

SEGA was unable to address around 10% of the applicants due to various reasons. If they have determined that your account information was incomplete, they will send an email requesting for its change, and ask that you re-submit your application. If they have determined that you did not qualify for the compensation, you will receive an email informing you of that status. Normally, people who fall under this situation were those who did not start or complete the update during the time frame the bug occurred. However, Sega has determined that SOME people submitted false information in their report. Please understand that SEGA can not support those who do not qualify for the compensation.

The next round of compensations will be distributed after November 6th's maintenance.

Boost Event

Quest Boost Event

  • 11.7 : +50% EXP Boost for Caves Exploration
  • 11.9 : +50% EXP Boost for F. Continent Exploration
  • 11.10 : +50% EXP Boost for Sanctum Exploration
  • 11.11 : +50% Rare Drop boost for All Quests
  • 11.12 : +50% EXP for Coast Exploration

Time Slot Boost Event

  • Nov 7th: [21: ~ 22:30] +50% EXP / +100% Rare Enemy Chance for Caves Exploration
  • Nov 9th: [21 ~ 22:30] +50% EXP / +100% Rare Enemy Chance for F. Continent Exploration
  • Nov 10th: [17 ~ 18:30] +50% EXP / +100% Rare Enemy Chance for Sanctum Exploration
  • Nov 12th: [21 ~ 22:30] +50% EXP / +100% Rare Enemy Chance for Coast Exploration

You can experience a +100% EXP boost if you play the quest during the times specified above. All dates and times are in Japanese Standard Time, but you can click on the pink links to convert to your timezone.

Emergency Quest Advance Notice

 Trick or Treat 2

  • JST: Nov 7th @ 23:00
  • EST: Nov 7th @ 9:00 AM

Dark Arms


  • JST: Nov 11th @ 23:00
  • EST: Nov 11th @ 9:00 AM

Interrupt Ranking Advance Notice -2-

Interrupt Ranking 2


Dragon EX Attack Ranking

  • Nov 6th @ 23:00 JST or 9:00 AM EST

Varder Soma Attack Ranking

  • Nov 7th @ 10:00 and 20:00 JST
    or Nov 6th @ 8:00 PM and Nov 7th @ 6:00 AM EST

Breu Ringarda Attack Ranking

Rock Bear Attack Ranking

  • Nov 9th @ 10:00 and 20:00 JST
    or Nov 8th @ 8:00 PM and Nov 9th @ 6:00 AM EST

Snow Banther Attack Ranking

Quartz Dragon Attack Ranking

  • Nov 11th @ 10:00 and 20:00 JST
    or Nov 10th @ 8:00 PM and Nov 11th @ 6:00 AM EST

Vol Dragon Attack Ranking

A +400% Rare Drop Boost will apply to the enemy targeted for the Interrupt Ranking. This boost will last the duration of the Interrupt Ranking.

Client Order Campaign -30

CO Campaign 30

Clear some client orders from Hans to receive several prizes!

Campaign Period

  • November 6th through November 13th

Qualifying Orders

(1) Clear Hans Client Order 幻影操手の輪舞 Phantom Duelists to receive

  • +50% EXP (x2)

(2) Clear Hans Client Order 竜が統べる地獄 Controllers of Hell to receive

  • +50% Rare Drop Boost (x2)
  • Grind Risk Reduction (+1) (x2)

Prize Distribution Date

  • November 20th at the Visiphone

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