Phantasy Star Online 2's First PlayStation 4 Screenshot and High Quality Promo Video

PS4 Phantasy Star Online 2

Sega has released the first ever screenshot and trailer of the PlayStation 4 version of PSO2. The PlayStation 4 version boasts high quality graphics due to some adjustments made to the game's rendering engine. This version will appear in playable form at this year's 2015 Tokyo Game Show, beginning September 17th through the 20th.



The PlayStation 4 version plans to include support for both the Touchpad and "Share" functionalities. In a similar vein to the other versions, it will be free to play and download. It will also utilize the same character data from the other platforms. PlayStation Vita owners can take advantage of the "Remote Play" features coming along with the game too!


PS4 PSO2 Coast

PSO2 PS4 Character Graphics Improved

PS4 PSO2 Volcano


22 thoughts to “Phantasy Star Online 2's First PlayStation 4 Screenshot and High Quality Promo Video”

    1. Well, considering the PS4 is not region locked at all, and this is a free to play game, you will probably just be able to download it with a Japanese PSN account regardless of where you are in the world.

    2. Though doesn't online play for the PS4 require a paid subscription to Playstation Plus? I would imagine this would be affected since it does fall under the category of online multiplayer.

    3. Dude just make a jp psn account and you should be set to go they just removed ip ban so no worries but if it happens again just connect your ps4 to your pc and get on a vpn

    1. Vita blocks probably will become vita/ps4 blocks console players will still be isolated from pc players

  1. Are we gonna see that new lighting engine and dynamic water reflection on PC too at PS4 debut? Will they EVER FINALLY fix the "Depth of Field" graphic setting? It's been 3 years! WHY does it not function? Will "motion blur" get enhanced on PS4 too? PSO2's current "motion blur" is so raunchy compared to other games.

    1. Maybe i remember it wrong but, isn't all that light effect is what PC PSO2 like before SEGA simplify the effect to increase the performance and reducing the freezing frame.

  2. Seriously, nothing for Xbox One? Glad to see that Sega has cast its lot entirely with Sony. Good luck with all those account hacks and everything. Tell me how that works out for you.

    1. yes, so sega should release pso2 om xbone. for the 5ppl in Japan that own one(lol?) look at psu's history with mulirplatform, for USA. It failed on pc/ps2 and the 360 version was an abomnation, one we only played to get dbl cannons and rutsulatods bc it was far easier than on jp pc server. In fact the 360 was such a bastard of ports. it was so far behind jp that they hsd to make two different update schedules since 360 was practically 2 years behind. jp version died at lv 200cap, 360was at 180 for a very veery long time. Ps4 actually has a decent userbase, xbone does not. also its for Japan
      and microsoft in japan?? lool. thats crazy.

    1. The last 2 generations of consoles where/are basically PC that are limited. I can't see why they wouldn't update the textures. However, other PC to console games often don't share textures for some reason? Only thing I can think is that the consoles might use a totally different file type than PC. Or they are the same textures just that the console version has different filters/tint/ etc. that make them look different/better. In the past cross PC/console play was rare, lately though it's becoming more popular. Who knows, maybe they will release PSO2 PS4 with an English language setting with cross play for both PC/consoles and Servers.

  3. Release this in europe please. sweden demands it.
    theres beyond and above 22 million ps4 units outside japan, and with about 1,7 million ps4 in japan. im sure the costs to make it in english (see previous phantasy star games. etc and more) outweighs the loss. potential customers and all that.

  4. Those new shaders are gonna make me go blind, and i guess proper hand physics are just never gonna be a thing huh…oh well…nonetheless…now i have yet another way of playing the game

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