Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity: New Scan

[Infinity Mission] [New Boss]

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Wynarl, an ancient, who watches over Nagisa.

  • Wynarl
    • The Gold guy is Wynarl / ワイナール
    • Wynarl is voiced by Shin-ichiro Miki.
    • Wynarl is like Nagisa's spirit, similar to the way Mika was to Emilia.
    • Wynarl is one of the ancients, he's cheerful and in good spirits, jokes around.
    • His duty is to warn Nagisa when there's an emergency.
    • Wynarl may be an ancient, but he's versed in modern knowledge.
    • Is an acquaintance of Mika.
  • Nagisa
    • She requests for a certain main character who belongs to that private military company. (Yah Little Wing..)
    • What is her reason?
  • New Boss
    • ディラ・ブレイヴァス Dyra Bravas. A dragon type boss.
    • It's related to the Stateria. 
    • It's original function was to defend a specific location, but now it runs around recklessly attacking various places.
    • It spews Electrical attacks from it's mouth and can generate a tornado.
  • Mission Code
    • You can obtain Mission Codes through Friend Search and Free (Open) Missions
    • You can distribute your code in Multiplayer and Online Multiplayer Mode.
    • Mission code appears to change specific attributes of the Infinity Missions (explained below).
    • For example; One variation of Mission Code can increase the experience point rate.
    • Another variation  can increase the amount of fire based weapons that drop.
  • Infinity Mission (Mission Creation System) 
    • Infinity Mission aka Synthesize a mission.. (Kind of like Synthing an item in PSU)
    • You can start this type of mission at a new counter called the Code Counter
    • The code counter allows you to select an infinity mission.
    • Two examples were given, a "Base Mission" and "Plus Mission"
    • Base Mission: After you create a mission , you choose which field you want to play.
    • Plus Missions: After you create a mission, you can choose a boss before you start.
    • Depending on which Mission Codes you set, it can change certain aspects of the Infinity Mission.
    •  Codes can change; the field, the boss, the type of monsters,  how long the mission takes to complete.
    • There's also a bonus aspect for changing the experience boost or increasing the drop rate.
    • Infinity Mission Maps are randomly generated.
  • Weapons
    • 400 additional weapons have been added.

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ディラ・ブレイヴァス Dyla Bravas has a electrically stimulating breath.


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