Phantasy Star Portable 2 JP: Year End Statistic Report

Phantasy Star Portable 2 Statistics

Sakai outlines the player population statistics from December of 2009 to December of 2010. We note some stability in the player makeup but some aspects saw a decrease in players.

The above chart shows the amount of players per level for Phantasy Star Portable 2. Sakai notes, eventually the level 60 ~ 100 players eventually quit the game. 



In the Infinity demo, most players hit the level 100 cap. Players above level 100 didn't play it that much. Sakai ponders if those players started a new character.



For PSP2 sexes, the first column represents male to female ratio. Female characters always had more players through out the year, but slowly the male characters were catching up.  The third column represents the battle types for each player. About a year ago we noticed forces were dropping off in numbers, the trend continues in the chart above.

The Force battle types started at 10% and dropped to 8%. Rangers dropped from 17% to 14%. The Bravers (Vanguards) increased from 20% to 26%. Sakai sees it as a problem to have very few forces.

Human then Casts were the most popular race. Beast always remained the least popular. The race makeup changed in Infinity.


Dewmans gained considerable popularity in the Demo, second place to Humans. Forces increased to 15% while vanguards decreased to 22%. Sakai thinks the Force increase may be attributed to the way the new technics work. But I really think it's because of the increase damage output and the huge decrease in PP consumption.  Rangers are still the least popular battle type.

Gemaga and PSP2i is having yet another collaboration. This time an item is called, "Castkochan Grenade" and has the appearance of a Dreamcast.  Based on their twitter page, Gemaga is releasing a password for an item in the 2/26/11 Gemaga magazine. It's likely to be the password for this weapon.


Infinity Curry

Another food based collaboration, this time with Space Create. If you show your PSP2i screen when you enter the store you can get a Calorie Mate Strap. But of particular note is the 3rd campaign which has curry along with the infinity symbol.

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