Phantasy Star Portable 2 meets Streets of Rage

Hah and you thought it was an early April Fools joke, didn't ya? Didn't ya! Today Sakai announced his new game Phantasy Stars of Rage!* In this game you'll play a single player mode mission where you will fight in a side scrolling manner. Amazingly it looks just like a beat-em up game. I didn't think they could have gotten the perspective so perfect! Sorry, but no Partner Machines are allowed to fight.

Phantasy Star Rage!


Shizurus of RAGE!

Also in this mission, you'll receive special Gemaga Tickets  and exchange them for a "Gemaga goody bag" with Bask! Who knows what could be inside! It appears you can exchange the tickets to get some weapons like the "Dream Fisher" with NiGHTS on a fishing rod! But wait, there's more!

There's also going to be a super bonus special stage! Hmm something in this picture reminds me of Street Fighter 2…

Expect this mission to hit April 7th, 2010.

Discipline Two

Not much information was given about the new Disciplinary Committee Executor outfits. However, the new weapons they each have is finally revealed to the public.

A Fencing Stick?


Some Gloves?


A School Bag?


Where's Bruce?

A very popular question on this site is when will the next update to the Wandering (Interstellar) Peddler 3. Unfortunately it has been discontinued. He will deliver the expected items in missions coming up later on. He apologizes for whatever chaos this news will bring. 

[via pspo2blog]

*Please note "Phantasy Stars of Rage" is not an actual game but rather a bad pun for the next DLC mission for PSP2.


PSP2 Items in PSU Japan

Two more items, this time it's highly detailed.

Screw Glove (Knuckle)


Vivian (Double Saber)


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