Phantasy Star Portable 2 Propaganda! Guide Book, Box Scan, Internet Multimode

Some new scans were released today, nothing majorly new but some very very strange importing details were revealed.

A Japanese blogger posted a scan of the sample box cover, which revealed some startling details..

Box Scan

psp2box scan


psp2 import

  • Importing
    • You can Import from Phantasy Star Portable 1
    • You can Import from Phantasy Star Universe Ambition of Illuminus.
    • You also obtain the previously announced ice (Igzam) Exam saber and the 4 random effect unit.
    • If you import PSP1 or AoI to PSP2 Trial, you will also get Exam Saber item.
    • Although, you can import from Phantasy Star Portable 2 Trial version
    • You will not get Exam saber from importing directly from the PSP2 Trial.
    • note: in other words those who made a character from psp2 trial won't get Exam).
    • You can download missions and character data at a special website.
    • Note: I'm assuming this special importing website would pertain to PSU AoI character data only.
  • Ambition of Illuminus Import 
    • You can import your character from Ambition Of Illuminus
    • You will import your race and sex among other things.
    • There will be a special mission for AoI equivalent  to "Innocent Girl"
    • If you play this "PSP2 Import mission" you will receive a special item.
    • Phantasy Star Portable 2 clothes, parts, and items will be introduced into AoI.
    • October 1st marks the end of Phantasy Star Universe (no expansion) network service for Japan.
  • Internet Multimode
    • You need a Product Code to play Internet Multimode
    • The product code is located in the game package and must be registered.
    • Once the product code is registered you can play Internet Multimode for free.
    • You can not reuse the product code you registered.
    • The product code must be registered by 12/2/2010
    • For More Details Read about the Little Wing License
  • Purchase
    • You can also purchase "Download Items" from Playstation Store.


Lol I think the expression at the end of their blog post fits. Why in the world would there be a time limit to register a product code? However, I think the blogger is more concerned of the existence of the product code itself.

Guide Book

guide book

Click for Larger

One of the few scans of the guide book. I'm sure more of it will be posted but it features a history of the series, and the storyline of the universe.

  • Shougai PSO Compiled TGS Observations
    • Trap Icon has changed since PSP1
    • The Trap now floats a bit off the ground.
    • Rare Item drop notification has a "pirorirorin" sound, (like a telephone ringing…)
    • The number of total photon arts was 136, that's less than PSP1.
    • Previously mentioned, Client Order, NPCs request missions from you.
  • Shougai PSO Base Stat Observations
    • Human Male 200PP
    • Human Female 250PP
    • Newman Male 230PP
    • Newman Female 250PP
    • Beast Female 200PP
    • 50PP is used urgent evade.

We'll go into button configuration at a later time.

[hatimaki and gamespot jp and teiten kansoku]

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