Preview For PSO2 JP Events in May 2020

As you're well aware, the coronovirus situation has impacted future updates for Phantasy Star Online 2 Japan.  As we await for further news, here's the list of campaigns and events planned for the month of May.

Divide Quests

May 13th ~ May 27th

Divide Quests will receive a +200% Rare Drop Boost. There will also be a campaign where you'll receive items based on the amount of times you clear Divide Quests.

Furthermore, there's also a Link Boost that raises the Rare Drop Rate for certain emergency quests based on the amount of Divide Points you've earned.


Level Up Quests

May 13th ~ May 20th

Level Up Quests will receive a +200% EXP Boost.


Casino Super Boost

May 16th ~ May 17th @ 23:59

A Casino Super Boost will be held!


Emergency Quest Rush Event

May 20th ~ May 27th

Emergency Quests will occur more often during the event period.
Certain Emergency Quests will have a +300% EXP Boost.


Collection Sheet Support Campaign

May 20th ~ May 27th

Clearing certain conditions will net you items that increase the Collection File Gauge.


We'll talk about each of these events in more detail during upcoming maintenance periods.

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