PSO2 JP: Novel Coronavirus Impact On Future Updates

In response to the infectiousness of the Novel Coronavirus, members of the JP development and operations team will transition to a work-at-home arrangement. While under such circumstances, they can continue to work on the game, they have decided to postpone future updates, adjust certain campaigns, and cancel maintenances.


Adjustment of Future Updates

The following updates will be rescheduled as follows.

  • PSO2 JP's CERO Rating Change
    • Now Scheduled for May 20th
  • May and June's [8th Anniversary] Update
    • Now Scheduled for June 10th onward.
  • All Updates Occurring After June
    • Each Update will be delayed one month later.
  • PSVita Service Ending
    • Now Scheduled for September 16th

In response to this delay, boosts and campaigns will be held during the month of May.

Adjustments of Future Campaigns

A campaign scheduled for late April, known as the [0 Cost Grinding Campaign], is now scheduled for July. The [Grind Materials] and [Grind Boost] campaign was carried out in April and has ended.

Grind Boost Campaign (Complete)

  • Item Grind (OT/Units/SkillRing) +5%+10%
  • Affix Boost (NT/OT/Units) +5%+10%
  • NT Grind EXP +15%
  • NT Great Success Rate +25%

Suspension of Weekly Maintenances

The following Maintenances will be cancelled:

  • April 22nd's Maintenance
  • May 6th's Maintenance


PSO2 Station Plus Broadcast Suspension

Information regarding the updates for May were to be introduced along with the PSO2 Station stream scheduled for April 21st. However, as a safety measure, that broadcast was suspended. The next PSO2 Station!+ will now be held May 19th @ 20:30 JST. Some presenters will broadcast remotely and some sections will be pre-recorded.


16 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Novel Coronavirus Impact On Future Updates”

    1. As long as they don't pull an NA cencorship move to change rating since to my understanding, it's already what is equivalent to a Mature rating in NA.

    2. lmao you don't want them to take out the Second Life erp clothes huh?

      no worries I'm pretty sure it's just to get a reevaluation since its a game that's been going on for a very long time

      it prolly won't change from where its in Cero (17 and up) but I wouldn't be surprised if it got the Cero rating for 18 and up given what we have now. My money is that nothing will change.

    3. No, The rating was gonna be changed to whats equivalent to M in NA and NA has M rating despite the 2 instances of censorship.

    1. You do know this is the last episode? They aren't doing anymore episodes after the final boss raid for this one drops late spring. Unless that gets pushed back.

    2. @KUMA
      Really? What they posted in youtube was only a "not episode 7"
      And supposedly this game should still be updated since it just arrived to the west and some codes don't expire until 2 years

    1. PSO2 NA has to make their own announcement. The JP development team usually doesn't talk much about the international games.

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