PSO2 Achieves New Server Connection Record!

PSO2 Yamato Main Visual

On May 11th around 22:30 JST, Phantasy Star Online 2 achieved a new record of 123,758 concurrent connections coinciding with the launch of its newest boss, Phantom Battleship Yamato! To celebrate this achievement, a series of campaigns and boost events will be held during the month of May and June to commemorate both the current and previous records.


120,000 Concurrent Connections Commemoration Present

Period May 14th @ 0:00 ~ May 22nd @ 23:59 JST
Task Say the phrase またまたおめでとう through the in-game chat to receive the following presents from your Visiphone.
Present 15,000EXP Ticket ×2
+50% Tribooster ×1


110,000 Nationwide Concurrent Connections Achievement

Boost Event
Period May 25th ~ June 1st (Maintenance)
Boost All Quests receive a [+110% EXP Boost] and [+110% Rare Drop Boost]
Login Campaign
Period May 26th ~ May 31st
Present Players will receive an item present each day they log in.

120,000 Nationwide Concurrent Connections Achievement

Boost Event
Period June 1st ~ June 8th (Maintenance)
Boost All Quests receive a [+120% EXP Boost] and [+120% Rare Drop Boost]
Login Campaign
Period June 2nd ~ June 7th
Present Players will receive an item present each day they log in.

More details of these presents will be revealed in the future.

19 thoughts to “PSO2 Achieves New Server Connection Record!”

  1. Whatever happened to those 1mill+ registrations that we celebrated a year ago or something! 120k is like 12% of those people so where is the other 88%? 😛

    1. 88% is either or
      alt accounts
      SEA server
      or IP BANNED
      and or PEANUT BUTTER

    2. The 1mil was a thing, and it still is. THIS is talking about all at once not overall, which prolly never happened apparently.

    3. Because the servers totally have capacity for a million plus players simultaneously online to begin with, right…

  2. It's fun to have an add, at the bottom of this article, saying "Blade and Soul, 2 milions of players"… 'cause I'm not sure I believe it.

    But, it's nice to beat a record like that. GJ! x)

  3. 630, 630, 630! Celebrate those shitty servers you have Sega cuz you doing a great job maintaining the balance on them! ugh.

    1. I have to admit… I had a lot of 630 since two days, more than ever. Don't even know if it's worth trying again and again as long as they don't correct it… Ugh.

    2. Server Timed Out and Error 249 right now (Don't remember what this one mean exactly except that "You shall not pass!!" x))

      Better and better… Hope the next maintenance to make things work better.

    3. I been having lots of em today and is happening even when blocks are not full >_>
      Can't even log in to the game or switch ships cause it gives me 630.Like wtf?
      1 hour till td4 and i don't even wanna bother trying to get in cause it won't allow me! Thanks for these garbage half finished updates sega!

    4. That would be something at your end though, or more likely your connection. Thing's working fine for me.

    5. Yeah, don't know. It was afwul during this previous message but I've been logged from 20:30 to 23:30 JST just now and not a single problem, even with 95% of full blocks (And the others only had one or two places left).
      But to tell, it's true my connexion was bad yesterday too so it can be a cause.

    6. It is not my connection i'm sure of it! I could stay for more than 10hrs logged on and now it wont even stay for 2hrs! I don't care if it happens in random hours but i do care when it happens during eqs or before them! In past td4 i 630 right when we broke the crystals >_< i only managed to get 5 untekked weapons! All this shyte started when new update came out.

    7. Allow me to reiterate that I have yet to attract the attentions of 630-chan ONCE since… something like the Ep 4 introduction or so, even during the worst Yamato lagfests. And the instances before THAT were very clearly hiccups on part of my ISP (or related), of whose exact nature I haven't the foggiest but which would appear to have been fully resolved by the relevant agency.

      Summa summarum, if the fault lay in SEGA's code this glaring discrepancy in our experiences would be quite impossible; it duly follows that the problem is *somewhere* along the chain connecting your machine to their servers.

    8. Isn't it better now? I've stayed near 3 hours right now again and not problem, except some little lags sometimes.

  4. Looks like I can't connect either. for me it's been a combination of my slowly dying router and the servers that's been causing all the trouble for me.

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