PSO2 JP: Bethor Zelazny Arrives on Set May 25th

~ May 25th, 2016 ~


New Time Attack Quest

The new [Successive Practice: The Vestiges of Darkness] Time Attack quest sends players to the Darker's Den, where they must complete a series of boss battles in order to advance.

There are three teleporters, and each will take you to a different area containing various boss enemies. After clearing all three, you can proceed to the final battle against Falz Hunar, Angel, and Dourumble.

A new Interrupt Ranking will be added for this quest. Players can receive Star Gems as a ranking reward.

※Meseta, items, and experience will not be gained by defeating enemies in this quest.


New Story Events

EP4 Story Event Explosion

Hitsugi, having parted from Mother Cluster and her best friend, decided to go with the ARKS. After a short time on the Arks Ship, she, under Xiera's suggestion, returns to Earth to get in contact with her brother. Upon arrival, she hears a strange explosion towards the direction of the men's dorm.

This update introduces film director Bethor Zelazny, the second apostle of Mother Cluster. Directing the Train Ghidoran, he continues to cause destruction as if to taunt our heroes.


Aika's Partner Card

Aika Partner Card

Aika, appearing on the Bridge after advancing through the Story Board, will receive a new client order. She would like to see how you handle yourself in the new Time Attack quest, after which you'll be at last rewarded with her partner card.


Wedding Lobby

Wedding Lobby 2016

The Wedding Lobby returns for the month of June, adorning the lobby with a giant wedding cake and beautiful floral arrangements. Stage an in-game wedding and shower the happy couple with petals!


Hello Kitty Collaboration

Hello Kitty items are headed to the Recycle Shop! They will only be available this year until June 22nd. Until now, these items were exclusive to attendees of the Phantasy Star Festa 2016's final venue.


Airy Elegant Summer (AC Scratch)

ウィオラフロウ[Ba] ✪ Viola Flow
ウィオラフロウ [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Viola Flow [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])

The Airy Elegant Summer collection features a variety of outfits perfect for early summer. New layered costumes worn by Klariskrays, Sarah, and Casra will also appear. Yet another outfit from PSU's Project CUTE series slips its way into PSO2 with the addition of the Asteria Guarder basewear.


Vista Flow
ウィスタフロウ [Ou] / [In] (Vista Flow [Ou] / [In])
レーグルストレイト [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Regle Straight [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])
レーグルストレイト [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Regle Straight [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])
アステリアガーダー[Ba] (Asteria Guarder [Ba])
アステリアガーダー[Ba] (Asteria Guarder [Ba])
シャープベスト[Ba] (Sharp Vest [Ba])
シャープベスト[Ba] (Sharp Vest [Ba])
Long Cardigan Ensemble
ロングカーディガン[Ou] (Long Cardigan [Ou])
シフォンワンピース[Ba] (Chiffon One-piece [Ba])
Bare Top Dress Image
ベアトップドレス[Ba] (Bare Top Dress [Ba])
バイカラー1[In] (Bi-Color1 [In])



24 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Bethor Zelazny Arrives on Set May 25th”

  1. oh come on Aika dont you know we are guardian,really you wanna test our skill with new time attack quest?..haha

  2. But a new TA is nice! 🙂

    Hum… "Xiela" seems odd to read. I'd call her "Ciela" by instinct, but… You're the bosses. x)

    (And finally, AIKA PC. Make Matoi join back as long as you're here, pal x))

    1. AFAIK there's nothing offical spelling her name with an X. the engpatch people are just forcing it because sega went all XTREEM KOOL LETTERZ on the two planet-intelligences and presume that it's going to be carried on to the operator because space shota made her.
      much like agrajag insists that every collabo-ish quest needs to have "border break" in it's name because the first collab quest was a borderbreak collab and he gets stuck on repeat when he isn't trying to be a woosley.

    2. The English patch actually refers to her as Sierra. Sega on the other hand called her Xiera in the game files (and in one instance "Shiera"). They also gave out the English names of some of the new characters, including Xiera, in one of their Episode 4 launch press releases. [1][2]

    3. I was about to say "We'll know certainly in the Staff Roll at the end of EP4", "It can be a reference of "Xion" and "Xiao" but "Xie" is not a Story operator so she's an exception", but we have our answer.

      It's interesting to know anyway, so thanks 🙂

  3. >aika still thinks she's got any right to "test" her betters
    sega, the anime tried to make her likeable. why are you trying so hard to make people hate her.

    bethor… he's been "under our nose" since tokyo was added, since his name's been on all the movie posters with trainhydra on them… but his actually showing up would probably be a direct response from the higher-ups in mother cluster to hagito's yamato shenanigans. actually a pretty logical step; how to ass-cover about something you can't otherwise conceal? throw up the smokescreen of movie production. "it's all just special effects! honest!"

    >KK and sara's outfits have different names
    >but other than the underwear they're the exact same thing
    …sega, wat.

    1. …oh, yeah. also
      >yet another scratch peddling TEH REAL WURLD FASHUNZ
      >that haven't been moving scratch sales particularly well
      sega, try making more pso2 setting-appropriate outfits. your precious "dance festa" says it: WE ARE, ARKS!. ARKS is doing all it's earth ops hidden from the public eye, we do not need desperate attempts to blend in with the earthlings. every other planet has gotten what… one outfit set per region, thematically? yet most of the outfits sold since ep4 started have been earth-centric and we have exactly one earth area.
      we got the "sum'ner default" outfits, and "new lobby NPC outfit" stuff, we got the gathering stuff and cafe NPC stuff, and we got the "cast-like" reaverswallow/riadofalcon stuff… not counting design contest stuff, has there been anything else that wasn't LOOK YOU CAN WEAR REAL WORLD CLOTHES junk? and it's not even GOOD real world fashion. louis vuitton, you ain't.
      (not that you would want to be them anyway; looking them up on ye olde wikipedia, company sounds like a wagon full of dicks.)

    2. Layered wear is in tickets while other outfits are not, comparing the sells doesn't really tell you much considering that they work differently.

      Pso2's setting is everywhere. It's on a ship in space which ( In itself) has no influence on fashion, and it's on different planets which have their own fashion. If they come out with outfits it'll have to be from one of the planets or some mix of them. No matter what they'll still be influenced by earth fashion because that's all we know. It's not really hard to see why there's so much earth fashion around now. If they make liliapa fashion it'll just based on rl desert wear. Your main issue may be with urban/sub urban wear which is understandable since we only have two areas labeled as such. I'm not against your opposition of urban/sub urban wear but what would "good" real world outfits be to you? When I Walk around towns people are wearing the same things sega is coming out with so it seems it would be good to the majority of people. Or at least favorable to wear.

      Oh, and just wondering, where do you go to see sega's sells numbers? Do they have a page where they release such information somewhere?

    3. "Earthling" clothes would actually be quite lore-friendly, as Oracle designers would no doubt draw inspiration from such a ready source as readily as any. Compare, for example, the assorted "orientalist" fads of the 1800s; Chinoiserie, Japonisme, Zouaves (and the derived womens' jacket)…

      Shouldn't hurt that Earthlings would seem to be the first sentient species encountered in some time that actually wear something more than burlap sacks or seashells on their heads, either.

      Conversely any number of very blatantly "Earth" clothing articles have been in the game for *years* now, in particular the various yukatas, furisodes, maid dresses and what have you – all without even the slightest pretense or inkling of in-universe justification…

    4. I know that, mang, but I wasn't the one who started on that topic. Just pointing out that his vehement objections are both misplaced and terribly inconsistent.

    5. "Conversely any number of very blatantly “Earth” clothing articles have been in the game for *years* now, in particular the various yukatas, furisodes, maid dresses and what have you – all without even the slightest pretense or inkling of in-universe justification…" finally someone said it. this guy just sees actual fashionable fads being implemented into the game and thinks "hurr durr da only irl cloths"…

    1. Oh, thanks Kenneth

      I'm just having trouble finding it.
      At least I know its in the game now, though so I'll find it eventually!
      Thanks again!

    2. You set it at the launcher options ("PSO2 options" menu on Tweaker if you're using that).

    3. Strangely, after finishing installing it yesterday, I tried before launching for the first time but the Tweaker didn't want to do it. It just kept telling there was a problem. I had to use the JP Launcher to change the graphic settings (Graphic Level, etc).

      At the same time, the number of files he wanted to check had six files more than Tweaker. Don't know if it's worth letting it check next time or do a "Missing Files"… Everything's fine like that.

  4. its appealing to the locals buddy (even without the cosplayers) 😛 unless you trying to say its all these white guys making selling prices go up. well not that it wasn't the case in pso2 sea

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