PSO2 JP: Bethor Zelazny Arrives on Set May 25th

~ May 25th, 2016 ~


New Time Attack Quest

The new [Successive Practice: The Vestiges of Darkness] Time Attack quest sends players to the Darker's Den, where they must complete a series of boss battles in order to advance.

There are three teleporters, and each will take you to a different area containing various boss enemies. After clearing all three, you can proceed to the final battle against Falz Hunar, Angel, and Dourumble.

A new Interrupt Ranking will be added for this quest. Players can receive Star Gems as a ranking reward.

※Meseta, items, and experience will not be gained by defeating enemies in this quest.


New Story Events

EP4 Story Event Explosion

Hitsugi, having parted from Mother Cluster and her best friend, decided to go with the ARKS. After a short time on the Arks Ship, she, under Xiera's suggestion, returns to Earth to get in contact with her brother. Upon arrival, she hears a strange explosion towards the direction of the men's dorm.

This update introduces film director Bethor Zelazny, the second apostle of Mother Cluster. Directing the Train Ghidoran, he continues to cause destruction as if to taunt our heroes.


Aika's Partner Card

Aika Partner Card

Aika, appearing on the Bridge after advancing through the Story Board, will receive a new client order. She would like to see how you handle yourself in the new Time Attack quest, after which you'll be at last rewarded with her partner card.


Wedding Lobby

Wedding Lobby 2016

The Wedding Lobby returns for the month of June, adorning the lobby with a giant wedding cake and beautiful floral arrangements. Stage an in-game wedding and shower the happy couple with petals!


Hello Kitty Collaboration

Hello Kitty items are headed to the Recycle Shop! They will only be available this year until June 22nd. Until now, these items were exclusive to attendees of the Phantasy Star Festa 2016's final venue.


Airy Elegant Summer (AC Scratch)

ウィオラフロウ[Ba] ✪ Viola Flow
ウィオラフロウ [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Viola Flow [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])

The Airy Elegant Summer collection features a variety of outfits perfect for early summer. New layered costumes worn by Klariskrays, Sarah, and Casra will also appear. Yet another outfit from PSU's Project CUTE series slips its way into PSO2 with the addition of the Asteria Guarder basewear.


Vista Flow
ウィスタフロウ [Ou] / [In] (Vista Flow [Ou] / [In])
レーグルストレイト [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Regle Straight [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])
レーグルストレイト [Ou] / [Ba] / [In] (Regle Straight [Ou] / [Ba] / [In])
アステリアガーダー[Ba] (Asteria Guarder [Ba])
アステリアガーダー[Ba] (Asteria Guarder [Ba])
シャープベスト[Ba] (Sharp Vest [Ba])
シャープベスト[Ba] (Sharp Vest [Ba])
Long Cardigan Ensemble
ロングカーディガン[Ou] (Long Cardigan [Ou])
シフォンワンピース[Ba] (Chiffon One-piece [Ba])
Bare Top Dress Image
ベアトップドレス[Ba] (Bare Top Dress [Ba])
バイカラー1[In] (Bi-Color1 [In])



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