PSO2 Celebrates Phantasy Star Universe's 10th Anniversary!

PSU 10th Anniversary Update

~ August 31st, 2016 ~

Phantasy Star Universe's very own Ethan Waber and Karen Erra will be appearing in PSO2 for a limited time! While they search for a method of returning to the Gurhal system, the two will offer players client orders and a chance to receive their partner cards.


Ethan and Karen Etrial

They can also pop up together during Emergency Trials, accompanied by "Save This World," the opening theme of Phantasy Star Universe.


The ★13 weapons they wield can not only be obtained from their client orders, but also as rewards for clearing their Emergency Trial. You can also change the photon color of each weapon at the Item Lab.


Gurhal Collection 1 (AC Scratch)

Phantasy Star Universe's 10th anniversary celebration begins with the introduction of the Gurhal Collection series. The first scratch will showcase outfits and hairstyles worn by characters Ethan, Karen, and Mirei. Another of PSU's Project CUTE costumes will also be included. In addition, by playing the scratch twenty-five times, players will earn the Air Board lobby action.


Koltova Doll

A new Koltolva Juice item appearing in the scratch will boost the rare drop rate for 30 minutes. In addition, special abilities reflecting the names of each of PSU's weapon makers will be added: GRM, Yohmei, and TENORA WORKS.



Regiment of The Wicked 2016

~ September 7th, 2016 ~


Joining the Otsukimi season is this year's rendition of the [Regiment of the Wicked] Emergency Quest. Once again taking place on Kuron, the Gal Gryphon (with a special prefix in its name) will emerge with a chance of dropping ★13 weapons.


Regiment 2016 Collection

The Regiment 2016 Collection contains superior versions of the Gal Gryphon weapons. Get to work on completing this collection by playing the Emergency Quest.


Otsukimi Bingo 2016

Otsukimi Bingo B

The Otsukimi Bingo has players completing objectives through the Regiment of the Wicked quest and client orders offered by Ethan and Karen. Your efforts will be rewarded with prizes such as Star Gems, boosters, and the Usanoya Mag device.


Luna Nyau's New Weapon Drop

Luna Mitsutuki

Defeating Luna Nyau this year offers players the opportunity to obtain a new ★13 Partisan, Luna Mitsutuki.


New Story Board Events

The battle against Mother Cluster continues as Hitsugi cooperates with her newfound Earth Guide allies. Plagued by hesitance, Phaleg's questioning of her "resolve" still echoes in her mind. Time won't wait for Hitsugi to find the answer however, so she heads off to the battlefield, her heart wavering.


Two new Phantoms join the fray with the arrival of Laplace's Demon and Maxwell's Demon. An adorable yet fearsome creature, Laplace's Demon utilizes powerful short range attacks. He is also capable of generating a spherical barrier to protect himself.

Maxwell's Demon, on the other hand, is a flying bat-like eyeball that can self destruct with its HP depleted. Both of these creatures will make their debut in the Story Quest. Advancing far enough into the Story Board will cause them to show up in Emergency Trials during Free Field quests.


Huey Episode 4 PSO2

Huey, the Commander of Combat Operations, will make his first appearance of Episode 4 in a new story event. Check out his new look and join him during Emergency Trials to do battle with mighty foes.


New Quest Trigger

200 SG Perennial Apocalypse Trigger

Now you can face Profound Darkness on your own schedule with the new [Perennial Apocalypse Trigger]. Join up with a few friends and clear the quest for the chance to receive a Ray weapon. 

In addition, the Trigger Quest will utilize the Level 3 equivalent of the A.R.K.S. support system from start to finish.


New Weaponoid Potentials

Weaponoid Potentials 2

New Weaponoid Potentials will cover Glorious Wing, Niren Kamui, Judgement Hearts, and Yamigarasu.


  • Increases the rate to inflict [Panic].
  • Increases damage towards enemies suffering from [Panic].

Niren Kamui & Glorious Wing

  • Increases damage when attacking in the air.

Judgement Hearts

  • Increases JA Power
  • Increases the amount of PP recovered for Non-JA normal attacks.

Medical Cure Station (AC Scratch)

ラボコートM [Ou]Lab Coat M [Ou]
ラボコートM [Ou]║Lab Coat M [Ou]

Let's play doctor with new layered outfits themed after the medical field! Casual Techer garb reminiscent of medieval aristocrats, as well as a shrine maiden's robes, will also be present in the scratch.


ラボコートF [Ou]Lab Coat F [Ou]
ラボコートF [Ou]║Lab Coat F [Ou]


Medic One-piece
メディックワンピース [Ba]║Medic One-Piece [Ba]
カンナギツバキ[Ou] カンナギツバキ[Ba] カンナギツバキ[In]
カンナギツバキ║Kannagi Tsubaki [Ou] [Ba] [In]
レフィードアクトル║Lefeed Actor [Ou] [Ba] [In]
レフィードアクトル║Lefeed Actor [Ou] [Ba] [In]
レフィーネアトリス║Refiné Actress [Ou] [Ba] [In]
Wilka Series
ウィルカシリーズ║Wilka Series
Galpha Series
ガルファシリーズ║Galpha Series

17 thoughts to “PSO2 Celebrates Phantasy Star Universe's 10th Anniversary!”

  1. Ethan and Karen all stuff: yay!
    New Storyboard: yay!
    Huey back on track: yay!
    Regiment of the wicked: yay!


    Except there's a Kakuwane on a Scratch.. Hem. (And no Kubara)

    Next year is the 30th anniversary of the series, let's hope they'll remember it.

  2. "In addition, by playing the scratch twenty-five times, players will earn the Air Board lobby action."

    They are really testing to see how much players are willing spend for these exclusive items. Spend 5000 AC just to get a lobby action no thanks.

    1. In japanese MMO anime/LN the player spends lotsa time/effort to get an item only few players in the whole MMO world have. In reality the players spends lotsa cash to get the item…

    2. Hey if they have expendable money they can go right ahead and use it how they want. Its just basically $50 for an Lobby Action seems way too excessive in my book.

    3. I think of it as less "Spend 5000 AC for one lobby action" and more "Have a Lobby Action as a bonus for spending 5000 AC".
      But we all know some people will want that lobby action and spend the money for it.

  3. Any idea what the Daggers of Seraphi Potential will be? The Seraphi daggers have always been one of my favorites design wise since PSU, so I hope I can actually use them without losing anything

    1. i think it will same with old version,level3=boost damage by 11% when HP is 30% or greater.

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