PSO2 JP AC Scratch: King of Monsters

King of Monsters

King of Monsters
(Until 9.21.2016)


Direct Skirt


ディレクトスカート[Ba] ║ Direct Skirt [Ba]
ディレクトスカート雪[Ba] ║ Direct Skirt White Snow [Ba]
ディレクトスカート紅[Ba] ║ Direct Skirt Crimson Red [Ba]
ディレクトスカート夜[Ba] ║ Direct Skirt Night Blue [Ba]
ディレクトスカート鋼[Ba] ║ Direct Skirt Steel Gray [Ba]


Lotus Dress


蓮花麗服[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress [Ba]
蓮花麗服 紅[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress Crimson Red [Ba]
蓮花麗服 雅[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress Elegant Purple [Ba]
蓮花麗服 桜[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress Sakura Pink [Ba]
蓮花麗服 空[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress Sky Blue [Ba]
蓮花麗服 影[Ba] ║ Lotus Dress Black Shadow [Ba]


蓮花麗服[In] ║ Lotus Dress [In]
蓮花麗服 夜[In] ║ Lotus Dress Night Blue [In]
蓮花麗服 影[In] ║ Lotus Dress Black Shadow [In]
蓮花麗服 雅[In] ║ Lotus Dress Elegant Purple [In]
蓮花麗服 海[In] ║ Lotus Dress Blue Sea [In]
蓮花麗服 雪[In] ║ Lotus Dress White Snow [In]


Dress Shirt


ドレスシャツ[Ba] ║ Dress Shirt [Ba]
ドレスシャツ影[Ba] ║ Dress Shirt Black Shadow [Ba]
ドレスシャツ空[Ba] ║ Dress Shirt Sky Blue [Ba]
ドレスシャツ夜[Ba] ║ Dress Shirt Night Blue [Ba]
ドレスシャツ桜[Ba] ║ Dress Shirt Sakura Pink [Ba]


Direct Slacks


ディレクトスラックス[Ba] ║ Direct Slacks [Ba]
ディレクトスラックス雪[Ba] ║ Direct Slacks White Snow [Ba]
ディレクトスラックス紅[Ba] ║ Direct Slacks Crimson Red [Ba]
ディレクトスラックス夜[Ba] ║ Direct Slacks Night Blue [Ba]
ディレクトスラックス鋼[Ba] ║ Direct Slacks Steel Gray [Ba]


Godzilla Suit

ゴジラスーツ║ Godzilla Suit



  • フロンティアリード雪[Ou] ║ Frontier Lead White Snow [Ou]
  • フロンティアリード雪[Ba] ║ Frontier Lead White Snow [Ba]
  • フロンティアリード茜[Ba] ║ Frontier Lead Madder Red [Ba]
  • フロンティアリード空[In] ║ Frontier Lead Sky Blue [In]
  • フロンティアリード鋼[In] ║ Frontier Lead Steel Gray [In]
  • フロンティアガイド雪[Ou] ║ Frontier Guide White Snow [Ou]
  • フロンティアガイド月[Ba] ║ Frontier Guide Yellow Moon [Ba]
  • フロンティアガイド雪[Ba] ║ Frontier Guide White Snow [Ba]
  • ゲンショウキエイ影 ║ Genshou Kiei Black Shadow
  • ゲンショウキエイ紅 ║ Genshou Kiei Crimson Red
  • ゲンショウキエイ冬 ║ Genshou Kiei Winter White
  • ゲンガコエイ影 ║ Genga Koei Black Shadow
  • ゲンガコエイ冬 ║ Genga Koei  Winter White
  • ゲンガコエイ静 ║ Genga Koei  Tranquil Blue

Gradient Variations

  • ローヴァ・ヘッドGV ║ Roava Head GV
  • ローヴァ・ボディGV ║ Roava Body GV
  • ローヴァ・アームGV ║ Roava Arms GV
  • ローヴァ・レッグGV ║ Roava Legs GV
  • フリーヴァ・ヘッドGV ║ Freeva Head GV
  • フリーヴァ・ボディGV ║ Freeva Body GV
  • フリーヴァ・アームGV ║ Freeva Arms GV
  • フリーヴァ・レッグGV ║ Freeva Legs GV

Female Voice #129 (CV: Aki Toyosaki)

  • 女性追加ボイス129
  • 女性C追加ボイス129

Female Voice #130 (CV: Satomi Kōrogi)

  • 女性追加ボイス130
  • 女性C追加ボイス130

Male Voice #97 (CV: Takeshi Kusao)

  • 男性追加ボイス97
  • 男性C追加ボイス97

Lobby Actions

  • 245「気怠い」 ║ Languid (/la languid)


  • フロンティアガイド紅[In] ║ Frontier Guide Crimson Red [In]
  • ビビッドパンキッシュ ║ Vivid Punkish
  • ビビッドパンキッシュ影 ║ Vivid Punkish Black Shadow
  • クールパンキッシュ ║ Cool Punkish
  • クールパンキッシュ影 ║ Cool Punkish Black Shadow
  • フロンティアツインテール ║ Frontier Twin Tail
  • パンキッシュヘアー ║ Punkish Hair
  • ゲンガマフラー 赤 ║Red Genga Scarf
  • パンキッシュヘッドギア ║ Punkish Headgear
  • クラス追加(ブレイバー) ║ Class Addition (Braver)
  • クラス追加(バウンサー) ║ Class Addition (Bouncer)
  • 属性変化(炎属性)║ Attribute Change (Fire)
  • 属性変化(風属性)║ Attribute Change (Wind)
  • 属性変化(光属性)║ Attribute Change (Light)
  • 特殊能力追加(打撃&PP) ║ Add Special Ability (S-ATK & PP)
  • フードデバイス/射撃 ║ Food Device (R-ATK)


Bonus Scratch

Play this scratch a specific amount of times to receive exclusive bonus items!

(1) Draw the AC Scratch 5 times to receive:

  • Arkuma Bag

(2) Draw the AC Scratch 10 times to receive:

  • Magatsu Bonus Key [Silver]

(3) Draw the AC Scratch 15 times to receive:

  • +150% Tribooster

(4) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 2 times to receive:

  • Arkumami Bag

(5) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 4 times to receive:

  • Magatsu Bonus Key [Silver]

(6) Draw the AC Scratch Gold 6 times to receive:

  • Lucky Crepe

※Players can receive each item only once. All of these items are untradeable.


FUN Scratch

Lobby Action

  • 247「ハグ」 ║ Hug (/la hug)

Music Disc

  • グアル・ジグモルデ戦 ║ Guar Zigmorde Battle


  • 外ハネアシメ ║ Uneven Slight Curls
  • 細山なりまゆ║ Finely Arched Eyebrows
  • コアユニットB║ Core Unit B
  • テンガイ ║Tengai
  • ロウニンガサ Ronin Gasa
  • 紺 番傘 ║ Navy Oilpaper Umbrella
  • 紫番傘 ║ Purple Oilpaper Umbrella
  • 赤番傘 ║ Red Oilpaper Umbrella
  • レッドハート バレッタ║Red Heart Barrette
  • ピンクハートバレッタ║Pink Heart Barrette
  • ホワイトハートバレッタ║White Heart Barrette
  • ハーフマスク║Half Mask
  • 道士札║Daoshi Talisman
  • 中華 帽║ Chinese Hat

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9 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: King of Monsters”

  1. *Checks prices of ドレスシャツ[Ba] for Ship 2*
    Yup that is about right cheapest as of right now is 25.2 mil.

    Seriously should've been a [Ou] not a [Ba]. Or maybe they are trying to make [In] not seem pointless to get, since you rarely see it unless you are actively trying to have it visible.

    1. Yeah… Too bad that shirt doesn't look nearly as good as expected, at least in my opinion.. on the bright side, I'm saving quite a lot of meseta :p.

      The direct skirt looks, surprisingly, really good. The only "issue" is that I can't quite picture any outerwear that would complement it..

    2. Looking a jpwiki nothing really screams it would go over the outfit very well. Don't know if clipping would be an issue for most of them. But your choices are basically limited to covering up all of the top portion of the Direct outfit or wearing some form of a open jacket.

    3. Taking a look at our open jacket options, I actually really like how the boa jacket (ボアジャケット[Ou]) looks with it. Thanks for the tip!

  2. typo on the 蓮花シニョン, it's not a chiisai ヨ just like the other 3. was scratching my head for about 5 minutes there.

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