PSO2 Episode 5: Buster Quests

~ Available August 9th ~


Phantasy Star Online 2 will introduce Buster Quests; a mixture of both base defense and raid type content. Players will be tasked with protecting towers against hordes of encroaching demons.


[ARKS Weapons] can be accessed to assist in disrupting the enemy Minotaurgs, Orcs, Goblins, Skull Soldiers, and Skull Archers.


Buster Quest Matches

Buster Quests are split into three categories: [Free Match], [Main Match], and [Main Match: Advanced]. Both Main Matches will share a stamina system, limiting the amount of plays. A single point of stamina is restored daily at 5:00 AM JST. By playing Free Match, however; you can restore another point (maximum of three) upon winning the match. This can be done repeatedly for an unlimited amount of plays. Clearing a Free Match can also provide a boost to Main Matches.


Buster Quests require at least 4 players to start a match. Even players from other blocks can be matched together. You can also set up password matches too!


Grade System

Buster Quests have a "Grade System" that rises based on your Buster Points. These points can be gained or lost depending on the outcome of a match. Each rise in Grade not only makes the enemies tougher, but also changes the kinds that spawn.

Buster Quests also have a feature that automatically adjusts stats based on the Grade. This helps curb the overwhelming discrepancy of stats between players.


Preparation Phrase

The quest begins with a preparation phase, during which players will be assigned to one of four towers. In order to secure each tower, a selection of ARKS Weapons can be set from the following categories.

Balance Type

  • Slow Trap
  • Reject Barrier
  • Gatling Turret
  • Photon Punisher
  • Telepipe Cannon
  • Freeze Barrier

※ Players elected can set Defensive Armaments from Grade 2 or higher.

Offensive Type

  • Gatling Turret (x2)
  • Shotgun Turret (x2)
  • Photon Laser Gun (x3)
  • Photon Punisher

※ Players elected can set Defensive Armaments from Grade 2 or higher.

Defensive Type

  • Slow Trap (x2)
  • Reject Barrier (x2)
  • Shotgun Turret
  • Telepipe Cannon
  • Freeze Barrier

※ Players elected can set Defensive Armaments from Grade 2 or higher.

Specialized Type

  • Reject Barrier
  • Photon Laser Gun (x2)
  • Photon Punisher
  • Freeze Barrier

※ Players elected can set Defensive Armaments from Grade 2 or higher.

Weapons such as the "Photon Punisher," unleashes a powerful destructive beam from the sky.


Some weapons, on the other hand, deal with non-offensive tactics. For example, the "Telepipe Cannon" deploys a telepipe onto the field, while the "Reject Barrier" creates a wall to prevent the enemies from advancing. 


The collection of "Mana" increases the number of uses for these weapons, and restores the towers' HP.


Defense Phase

Protect the Buster Towers from the onslaught of enemy forces.


Destroy the Devil Turrets and Ephimera Core as soon as possible!


Buster Phase

With enough Mana, you can summon the Buster Piles. These gigantic spears are the only means of destroying the Devil Barriers of the castle walls.


Buster Piles must be protected at all costs, because any barrier left remaining will switch the quest back to the Defense phase.

Xiera Support

Xiera has a chance to offer assistance if you fail to destroy the Devil Barriers. This will give the ARKS an opportunity of retaliation against the enemy forces.


Attack Phase

With the walls now out of their way, the ARKS can storm the castle.


As they destroy the abdomen core, a powerful counterattack unfolds.


Final Defense Phase

The attacks become fiercer, and the ARKS must redefend the towers.


Final Attack Phase

Attack the demons left and right to unlock the final showdown.


Destroy the Devil Castle's final core to achieve a decisive victory!


You'll lose the match if all the Buster Towers fall. However, you'll still have the opportunity to claim your rewards.


7 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 5: Buster Quests”

  1. well, that's awesome, and don't think that all heroes class is good to use, might some old class need too aswell for some reason

  2. Buster. Pile. Minotaurs, Orcs, Goblins, Skulls Welcome to… Er, not Phantasy Star but with a little of Nova inside…

    I wonder what they're really thinking of, but I give them something: I hope this will be great anyway. 🙂

    1. Well, the original Phantasy Star games did have a bunch of traditional fantasy monsters, like Giants, Centaurs, Skeletons, Manticores, and Dragons. Maybe them using these creatures that hearken back to the beginning of the franchise's roots in fantasy is what they meant with that tagline of Resurrection.

    2. Yes, that's not wrong. I was so much in the idea all of this made me think of Nova, I wasn't even thinking of that.

      I don't know if a lot of people have played the original episodes in the PSO2 players, I wonder how it will be received if it's mostly "though as old episodes"…

    3. Plenty of these enemies are in fact from Phantasy star 1.
      Enemy and castle cores and ephimera flowers look vicious enough to have different darkerlike origin, so its not really a design dead end either.

      What concerns me more is how they're going to sustain the entire episode with buster quest alone.

    4. They did say that it's possible down the line that exploration maps will still be released

  3. Marauder… White Dragon… Evil Eye… Dezolian (very poor probabilty it appears in PSO2 :p)… erf, that's been so much time I've played the first episode I don't have a lot of enemy names in memory. Well, anyway, if this kind of castle int the picture have an entry on it's right side, I guess we can call it "Air Castle" for now… :p

    Well, a few weeks left to wait to know to finally be in EP5.

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