PSO2 Episode 5: Hero Class

Hero Class Unlocking

Phantasy Star Online 2 introduced the Hero class as part of its Episode 5 update. This class has the unique ability to fluidly switch between three weapon types in the heat of battle.

Heroes have swords, twin machine guns, and talises among their arsenal. Thanks to their unique Photon Arts and Weapon Actions, they'll utilize the weapons a bit differently than what we've seen so far.

In order to unlock the class, you'll need to acquire 1 Title. This client order unlocks upon heading to the Campship.

Title: まだ見ぬ境地へ

  • Have two classes at LV. 75+

Once you've acquired this Title, head to Koffie to clear the following:

  • ヒーロークラス解放許可試験 (Hero Class Unlocking Trial)


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Photon Arts and Weapon Actions

Heroes encompass a playstyle allowing you to change the action of your PA depending on how long you hold the button. In some cases you'll actually switch weapons from Sword to Talis, to Twin Machine Guns, and vice versa.


Hero Sword

Energy Blast

A striking-dependent long distance attack.
Recovers PP upon hitting the enemy.
its power increases when charged.


Rising Slash

Press to throw the sword upwards.
Hold to jump and continuously slash.
You'll keep slashing until you run out of PP.

Brightness End

Contains Guard Points & slashes the surroundings.
Hold to charge up the attack.
Release for a forward wide-area slash.


Flash Trick

Charge forward and thrust the sword.
Hold to switch to Talis.


Vapor Bullet

Fire energy blasts while moving.
Hold to switch to TMGs.


Hero Twin Machine Guns

Twin Machine Guns perform powerful rapid fire attacks. Unlike the Gunner counterpart, their basic attacks consume PP.

Step Attack

  • Heroes can perform Step Attacks with TMGs.
  • This action, however, will consume PP.



Hold the button down to recover PP.
Perform a [Just Reload] for faster PP recovery.
You can also [Reload] in the air for a few seconds.

Brand New Star

A wide forward piercing attack.


Final Storm

Fancifully shoot the surroundings
while cartwheeling around.


Second Edge

Quickly approach the enemy
to perform a zero distance attack.
Hold to switch to Swords.


Moment Trick

Performs a rapid-fire attack that stuns.
Hold to switch to Talis.


Hero Talis

Talises can be thrown pretty fast, but they unfortunately do not have the ability to remotely activate Technics.

Step Attack

  • Heroes can perform Step Attacks with Talises!


Agile Shift

Shoot a "Marker" and teleport to its location.
You can also attach it on an enemy to travel towards them.
You can shoot it in the air and warp to that location.

Jet Wheel

A shuriken spins around for a limited time.
You can perform other actions as it spins.


Wise Hound

Throws shuriken towards the target(s).
The shuriken can hit several parts of a single foe.


Dive Bullet

Quickly hop in any direction and stun enemies.
Hold to switch to Twin Machine Guns.


Racer Edge

Another attack that can stun enemies.
Throws a spinning talis towards the target.
Hold to draw closer and switch to Sword.



Hero Skill Tree

The following information is incomplete.

Hero Boost Hero Counter First Blood   Hero Mag Step
Hero Weapon
Bonus 1
Hero Gear /
Hero Time
H Attack Bonus     Step Attack
Hero Weapon
Bonus 2
Hero Time Finish HT Counter Bonus HT Counter
PP Gain
  Just Reversal
  Zero Range
Gear Up
Long Range
Gear Up
Gear Up
Hero Gear
Time Gain
Next Jump
Aura High Charge Combo Aura
Short Charge
TMG Attack
PP Save
H Talis
Charge Keep
Come Again Hero One
More Jump
H Flash
Hero Will All Tech
PP Save
Victory Shout Weak Attack Critical  
HP Up PP Up All ATK Up All DEF up    



  Hero Boost ヒーローブースト (Max Lv: 10 )  
Power steadily rises over time. Resets if you receive a certain % of damage within a short while. During Hero Time, it increases the power bonus rate / sec.



  Hero Weapon Bonus 1 ヒーローウェポンボーナス1 (Max Lv: 10 ) 威力 = Power
Increases power when a Sword, Twin Machine Gun, or Talis is equipped.
  Hero Weapon Bonus 2 ヒーローウェポンボーナス2 (Max Lv: 10 ) 威力 = Power
Increases power when a Sword, Twin Machine Gun, or Talis is equipped.




  First Blood ファーストブラッド (Max Lv: 1 )  
Treats the first attack as a Just Attack. Technics are not covered.




  Hero Counter ヒーローカウンター (Max Lv: 5 ) 威力 = Power
Increases the power of [Step Attack] after successfully using [Step] to evade an enemy's attack.



  Hero Gear / Hero Time ヒーローギア / ヒーロータイム (Max Lv: 1 )  
Performing a variety of attacks will help to increase the Gear Gauge. Once the gauge reaches MAX, you can activate Hero Time! During Hero Time, your ATK will rise based on the number of times you damage enemies.



  Hero Time Finish ヒーロータイムフィニッシュ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Reactivating Hero Time prior to the gauge depleting will trigger a finishing move unique to the weapon type. 



  Zero Range Gear Up ゼロレンジギアアップ (Max Lv: 5 ) ギア上昇率 = Gear Accum. rate
Increases the amount of gear that fills when attacking at close range.



  Long Range Gear Up ロングレンジギアアップ (Max Lv: 5 ) ギア上昇率 = Gear Accum. rate
Increases the amount of gear that fills when attacking at long range.



  Combo Gear Up (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the amount of gear that fills if your combo starts with a PA/Technic and leads to a different PA. 



  Hero Gear Time Gain ヒーローギアタイムゲイン (Max Lv: 1 )  
Hero Gear gradually rises after the start of a quest.



  HT Counter Bonus HTカウンターボーナス (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
Restores Gear when you evade attacks during Hero Time



  HT Counter PP Gain HTカウンターPPゲイン (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
  Restores PP when you evade attacks during Hero Time. 



  H Attack Bonus Hアタックボーナス (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the power of Weapon Actions and Basic Attacks when Swords, TMGs, and Talises are equipped.



  Aura High Charge オーラハイチャージ (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Enables the Sword's weapon action to charge to its 2nd stage. 



  Combo Aura Short Charge コンボオーラショートチャージ (Max Lv: 1 ) xxx
Reduces the charging times of Sword's Weapon Action if used in a combo. 



  TMG Attack PP Save TMGアタックPPセイブ (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Reduces the PP consumption of TMG's basic attack.



  H Talis Charge Keep Hタリスチャージキープ (Max Lv: 1 )  
(Talis Only) Keeps the charging status of the technic/wpn action, if you interrupt it with an evasive action. 



  Come Again カムアゲイン (Max Lv: 1 )  
Allows you to Agile Shift to the marker twice.



  Hero Mag ヒーローマグ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Converts the mag's total ATK (from S-ATK + R-ATK + T-ATK) and distributes it as S-ATK, R-ATK, T-ATK. 



  Next Jump ネクストジャンプ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Enables the usage of a double jump with Swords, TMGs, and Talises.



  Hero One More Jump ヒーローワンモアジャンプ (Max Lv: 1 )  
Enables another jump if you step on an enemy with Next Jump.



  H Flash Guard Hフラッシュガード (Max Lv: 10 ) 被ダメージ率 = Taken damage %
Reduces damage received.



  Hero Will ヒーローウィル (Max Lv: 5 ) 発動率 = Activation Rate
Grants a one-time survival of a fatal blow if activated.  Applies very short invincibility. 



  All Tech PP Save オールテックPPセイブ  (Max Lv: 5 ) PP消費割合 = PP Cost %
Reduces PP consumption of all Technics.



  Victory Shout  (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
 Attracts the attention of enemies. Restores PP based on number of enemies.



  Weak Attack Critical ウィークアタッククリティカル (Max Lv: 5 ) xxx
Increases the critical rate for attacks that hit a weak area, and Technics that match the elemental weakness.



  HP Up HPアップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases MAX HP  



  PP Up PPアップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases Max PP.



  All ATK Up 全攻撃力アップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases S-ATK/R-ATK/T-ATK.



  All DEF UP 全防御力アップ (Max Lv: 10 )  
Increases S-DEF/R-DEF/T-DEF/DEX.

Hero Client Orders

Client Order Objective
Hero Class Unlocking Trial

Acquire Title: まだ見ぬ境地へ
※Title requires two Lv. 75 Classes.

Hero Class Aptitude Test 1
Clear [Hero Basics] Training Quest.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License I (Lv.40)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 2
Clear the target quest on N+ difficulty.
※Target: Any Free/Arks/Ltd Quest as a Hero
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 2 (Lv. 55)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 3
Defeat 50 enemies with Swords
Defeat 50 enemies with TMGs
Defeat 50 enemies with Talises
※Target: Any Lv. 1+ enemy.
※Defeat each enemy as a Hero.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 3 (Lv. 70)
Hero Class Aptitude Test 4
Defeat LV. 61+ Zeshrayda using Swords
Defeat LV. 61+ Blu Ringahda using TMGs
Defeat LV 61+ Guar Zigmorde using Talises
※Defeat each enemy without a party.
※Each enemy must be defeated as a Hero.
※Reward: Hero Level Cap License 4 (Lv. 75)
Hr Level 75 Cap Release
Acquire Title: Pioneer of Hero NT Upgrades
※Grind ★13 or higher NT weapon to +35
※Only one Hero weapon type is needed.
Acquire Title: Seeker of Hero Perfection
※Clear Stratos CO: The Perfect Hero IV
Reward: Hero Level Cap License 5 (Lv. 80)


Client Order Objective
Fight As A True Hero!

Defeat 30 Lv1+ Enemies as a Hero.
※Reward: Stratos Partner Card

Developing Hero!
Defeat [Wolgahda] Lv21+
Defeat [Vardha Soma] Lv21+
Defeat [Anjhadu-lili] Lv21+
※Hero Class Only 
※Reward: +5 Hero Skill Points
Developing A Better Hero!
Defeat [Dragon Ex] Lv41+
Defeat [Gigur Gunne-gam] Lv41+
Defeat [Train Ghidoran] Lv41+
※Hero Class Only 
※Reward: +5 Hero Skill Points
The Perfect Hero I
Deliver [Hr Excube] x3
※Hit the cap repeatedly to earn Hr Excubes
※Reward: +1 Hero Skill Point
The Perfect Hero II
Deliver [Hr Excube] x6
※Hit the cap repeatedly to earn Hr Excubes
※Reward: +1 Hero Skill Point
The Perfect Hero III
Deliver [Hr Excube] x6
※Hit the cap repeatedly to earn Hr Excubes
※Reward: +1 Hero Skill Point
The Perfect Hero IV
Deliver [Hr Excube] x6
※Hit the cap repeatedly to earn Hr Excubes
※Reward: +1 Hero Skill Point

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125 thoughts to “PSO2 Episode 5: Hero Class”

    1. Walk to the gate and Koffie will talk to you. Make sure you have titles and login with other characters if you don't have 75 on only one character.

    1. Do the Ep 5 chapter 0 and the intoduce of buster quest, that COs will be unlocked

  1. i have 3 each class 75 is Hu, Bra , Fo . i obtain the tille too , why koffie dont give me a Quest to get hero ?

    1. this info is posted somewhere else, but the classes are as follows
      Hunter/Fighter/Bouncer = Melee class
      Ranger/Gunner/Braver = Ranged class
      Force/Techer/Summoner = Tech class

      So braver is indeed a ranged class

  2. Make sure you walk towards the Launchpad (the Tunnel), you should get an Update that Coffee has new Client orders.

  3. Not just any 3 classes, one striking class (HU/BR/FI/BO) One ranged class (RA/GU) one tech class (FO/TE/SU)

    For example; being 75 Fi, Te, Gu would unlock Hero

  4. Copied my translation from Discord to help out. Going to bed now… 7am… Night.

    [6:44 AM] Max: So, for now, Hero is fun… But completely overpowered. Enemies die too fast to actually enjoy what you're doing…
    [6:47 AM] Max: Hero Skill tree below
    Keep in mind that it will be ALL SKILLS, even default ones, top to bottom, left to right.
    [6:52 AM] Max: Row 1
    Hero Boost, 10 points. Max level, your power increases 1% for 60 seconds to a max 60% buff. Resets on taking damage.
    Hero Counter, 5 points. Succesful dodge results in your dash attack powering up 110%. Must use invincibility frames to avoid damage.
    First Blood, 1 point. Gives the first attack on drawing a weapon the Just Attack bonus.
    Hero Mag, default. Transfers all S, R, and T ATK on a mag into S, R, and T ATK stats. a Lv200 S ATK mag will give +200 to all attack stats, for example.
    Step. Default.
    [6:53 AM] Max: Row 2
    Hero Weapon Boost, 10 points. Equipping a sword, mech guns, or talis increases power by 50% at max level.
    Hero Time / Hero Gear, 1 point. Adds gear gauge and Hero Time active skill. Gauge fills VERY slowly, but super state lasts a long time.
    Hero Attack Bonus, 5 points. At max level, increases basic attack and weapon action power by 20%.
    Step Attack. Default.
    [6:57 AM] Max: Row 3
    Hero Weapon Boost 2, 10 points. Same effect as Hero Weapon Boost 1 above it, for an additional 50% damage boost at max level.
    Hero Time Finish, 1 point. While in Hero Time, activate the skill again to perform a finishing move. Think Katana Combat; Hero Time must be reactivated before the gauge runs out.
    Hero Time Counter Bonus, 1 point. While in Hero Time, successful Hero Counters (perfect dodges) restore gear to extend time in the super state.
    Hero Time Counter PP Gain, 1 point. While in Hero Time, successful Hero Counters restore 30PP.
    Just Reversal. Default.
    [7:00 AM] Max: Row 4
    Zero Range Gear Up, 5 points. At max level, increases gear accumulation by 20% while attacking in close range.
    Long Range Gear Up, 5 points. At max level, increases gear accumulation by 50% while attacking from long range.
    Combo Gear Up, 5 points. Using DIFFERENT PAs in succession raises the gear gauge 50% faster.
    Hero Gear Time Gain, 1 point. After starting a quest, the gear gauge will slowly increase over time.
    Next Jump, 1 point. A double jump.
    [7:04 AM] Max: Row 5
    Aura High Charge, 5 points. At max level, allows Hero sword weapona action to charge to second state, and increases power by 10%.
    Combo Aura Shot Charge, 1 point. Using the sword weapon action in a combo will release a charged energy blast instead of the uncharged burst.
    TMG Attack PP Save, 5 points. At max level, TMG basic attacks use 80% PP (so, a 20% reduction in PP cost for basic attacks).
    Talis Charge Keep, 1 point. Allows Hero to hold a charged tech or weapon action while dodging with a talis equipped.
    Come Again, 1 point. Allows Hero to use a teleportation mark from a talis twice.
    Hero One More Jump, 1 point. If Next Jump hits an enemy, gain an additional jump in midair.
    [7:07 AM] Max: Row 6
    Hero Flash Guard, 10 points. Reduce all damage taken by 10%.
    Hero Will, 5 points. Once per life, at max level, gain a 100% chance to survive fatal damage with 1HP. Gain 5 seconds of invulnerability after activation.
    All Tech PP Save, 5 points. Reduce PP cost of all technics by 20% as Hero.
    Victory Shout, 5 points. At max level, generate 400% hate for 30 seconds, and restore 7PP per enemy whose aggro you reset (max 35PP, so five enemies to max the effect).
    Weak Attack Critical, 5 points. When attacking a weak spot, gain 60% critical chance at max rank.
    [7:09 AM] Max: Row 7
    HP Up. 50 HP at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    PP Up. 10 PP at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    All Attack Up. +50 to all attack stats at max rank. Avoid this skill.
    All Defense Up. +50 to DEX and all defense stats at max rank. Avoid this skill.

    1. "Hero boost reset damage once hitted" sounds like gunner's tmg gear or Gix weapon pot

      "Hero counter must use i-frame to dodge attack increase damage", is hero class can learn step advance skill?

    2. I guess so, Hero class broken if has step advance skill

      How long i-frame when dodge direct attack with hero class? 0.1 sec?

    3. Seems to have a lot more than the other classes with 0 investment in step advance. Been evading attacks that would normally hit me if I attempted to dodge into them.

      I'd say around .3 ~ .5 sec

    4. "All tech pp save" do we have to spend some on this skill? since talis WA can already deal decent dmg and it seems nobody spam tech anymore unless they are Fo/ Te. Or does talis WA counted as tech ?

    5. If I was going to put points into it, it would be to take the edge off of the resta/anti cost. Techs too percent dependent, the Hero tree is all power power power. It's like they don't even play tech classes lul.

    6. It's nice to have if you're trying to pop in a Megiverse or some Resta just to top off. It's helped in a lot of situations where I would've otherwise just barely not have had enough PP.

      Other than that, it doesn't server too much purpose, but it's nice to have.

  5. must have 3 title on lv.75 right???
    i want to know just Braver level 75 can unlock hero class??

    1. No. You need 1 class of (Hunter / Fighter / Bouncer) AND 1 class of (Ranger / Gunner / Braver) AND 1 class of (Force / Techer / Summoner).

  6. i must have 3 title on lv.75 right???
    i want to know just Braver level 75 can unlock hero class??

  7. If you are sure you should have level 75 classes across the three categories, try swapping between your characters and checking your titles at the title desk with each of them. The required titles are new, and likely have not been added to your account yet. You need to visit the title counter with each character that has one of the three category classes at level 75. When done, you should be able to unlock hero class.

  8. Are titles shared with the various characters for the same account? Or I have to have all three jobs level 75 in the same character? Thanks.

  9. Now that the spells have been buffed is taking Ragrant's "brilliant" craft more worth instead of casting speed? 800% more damage is indeed interesting.

    1. same question regarding sazan and razan they both got amped pretty good. which craft is more worth?

  10. did everything that was said in the comments and still nothing showing shit must be bug

  11. nothing is working I have lvl75 for one of each and koffie still wont give me the quest

  12. Is Flash guard really worth leveling?? I seem to be taking way too much damage with it leveled for some reason.

  13. So does anyone know if the next advanced class will have the same requirements as Hero? I'm also wondering if anyone else thinks it's going to be either a more ranged/technic specialized advanced class (probably technic before ranged since Hero's talis isn't all that focused on casting magic while the TMGs are alright- swords seemed to be the focus for Hero).

    I suspect that they're going to have Hero as the "close-to-midrange" advanced class, some generally mid-range oriented firearms focused one, and a mid-to-longrange magic focused one.

    I'm not looking forward to seeing a "better" advanced class that requires TWO of each attack type class needing to be leveled.

    1. probably same tier as hero (and balanced from sega's view, because pub views are mostly subjective)
      for req, maybe will have variation like having fixed class combination on 75, or worse it's 1 title meaning must be on single character to unlock title

      but who knows what's sega's decision next. probably persona will be the next mentor for new class (you being mentored by you)

      (still confused at people who say hero lack defense while they forgot more attack = less defense, in case of hero the atk is higher than the demerit unless played wrongly)

    2. Yeah was kind of just curious because my friends who preferred Technic style classes (most of them do) don't find Hero all that appealing. When the fan speculation notes said Episode 6 would likely have another advanced class, it got me thinking, is all.

  14. Heroes lack defense? Maybe not wear armor that sucks or not get hit which is one of the points in playing hero..? Honestly, how the hell did they figure this new class was remotely balanced did they actually test it before release? This class is 100% busted it was bad enough everyone just ran around with braver and mixed it with hunter or fighter, or you know summoner/gunner, which became the meta due to it being the stupidly strong class duo but now we have hero which covers all 3 damage styles doing the most absurd damage ever, gets to take its entire skill tree(other then the worthless other crap), and essentially all the class has to do is hold down the attack button with twin mechs and melt everything or you know just charge slash the greatsword and wipe out everything in front of it. Zeinesis was already a really stupid idea for a weapon creation on a collection sheet as the weapon is probably going to stay the strongest for god knows how long but now we have a class that's sucking all the fun outta the game with them stating no comments on nerfing it. They've taken a game that had SOME difficulty to it and was actually fun and engaging then suddenly just decided screw that let's just make everything BRAINDEAD. all the eqs don't last phantom "god" is so nerfed that he just gets melted as well much worse then before hero released. The hell is the point in playing the other classes now when this one does it all? I have trouble getting near enemies now when heroes around because they just one shot the enemies. If they have no intention to fix this issue then I am officially done with this game was fun while it lasted but I won't waste my time with something like this.. Literally, sega just said hey let's break our game, make it piss easy, kill our eqs, kill the fun of the game, and while we are at it make it stupidly easy to reach 75 IN A DAY meanwhile we get idiots of the community screaming NO DON'T NERF IT seriously? The class is bugged to all hell and extremely over powered but no don't nerf it? How is steamrolling the entire game to where your mindlessly holding a single button fun?

    1. Agree, the only little fun i've got is in ultimate quest, and i'm think of leaving this game too, the collection file/new quest logic is boring and it always die after a new release (Cm, pvp, riding quest, ultimate quest etc).
      They killed pp management on Br Bow, the Hu is so slowly, why playing it when Hero is like a sayajin ? 90% of people is Hero now, this game become so stupid but many players are stupid too…

    2. Drama queen much? But if you hate this game, go play another. I personally think it's one of the best MMOs that never hit the NA market.

    3. Drama queen? Oh right I almost forgot pointing out the fact that sega screwed up BIG TIME is being a drama queen right? Because we as the fanbase should be accepting of the game developers when they make absolute retarded choices. This has nothing to do with the game being one of the best mmos it has to do with them taking an amazing game and slowly screwing it up to where it just becomes mindless and boring. Instead of them talking of nerfing it they talk of buffing techer and adding another advanced class.

    4. Have you ever played Techer? Go play with a wand for more than 10 minutes and tell me that's your definition of fun. People have been saying this since years but Techer needs faster attack animations, better step attack, weapon action, Photon Arts and things that are generally good for bossing and such, Wands currently are just worse rods and while having a Techer main in your party is awesome, Those boosted Shifta's and Deband's are always appreciated, playing as one is just horrible.

      When they made Bouncer Sega said this is what they wanted to do with Techer but couldn't at the time and while jet Boots aren't perfect they have certainly a lot more going for them than Techer and it's kinda sad that Sega chose to rather make a new class entirely instead of fixing the old one, especially since they're supposed to do the same job, supporting the party. So yeah I'm all for Techer buffs.

      Hero isn't even that strong DPS wise, it gets outclassed by Gu and Fi in terms of Damage, In terms of Range it gets outclassed by Force and Ranger and Hero can't take hits as well as Hunter (especially now that Guard stance has become viable). It is very similar to Braver but has much more going for it since the entire skill tree is about all 3 weapons and not split so that you have to choose only one. These enemies that change resistances mid battle make much more sense with Hero (except when the entire MPA is hero but eh). It also doesn't have any of these stupid stances that do nothing except boosting damage instead of changing playstyle like the word "Stance" would imply. Coincidentally Techers Wand lovers is the most stance skill than any stance Skill in the game and it didn't even try to be one. Hero completely destroys early game but once you hit XH the Damage isn't that remarkable. The only thing that makes Hero remotely op right now is that Hero doesn't have to work to deal good damage while other classes do.

    5. When you can finish all alone ultimate lilipa all in 10 minutes with some Rising Slash more than 30 seconds in large groups of ennemies without dying (thanks Fornis Sword) even with 3 boss at a time, if you find it great then you're just a fool. And personnaly , It's because I like this game first that I react like this.

    6. Partizan can solo mecha cats in uq lili in a couple mins. Should we nerf that some more too?

    7. @Some Guy
      I've been reading your comments for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that it isn't everyone else being a drama queen or acting entitled. It's you being buttfrustrated that so many people aren't sucking your dick for having a Hero class. This game is not as perfect as you seem to believe.

    8. Seems to me more people complain about this game than enjoy it. 0.o I play for fun, and have a great time. This game is never gonna have classes that aren't OP – that's just the way it is – deal with it or stop playing – but all the constant complaining accomplishes nothing.

    9. Absolutely this.

      I feel that people forget that this game isn't exactly a competitive game and seem more concerned about balance than how fun it actually is. While they are somewhat tied together, balance doesn't always equate to fun.

      Besides, it's a new class. And with people running around all over the place with it (especially top tier geared up players), of course it's going to feel OP.

      Can't figure out why people don't just want to have fun, not like we have much of an opinion on Sega's dev team here, anyway. Changes will come in time, and didn't the speculation say that techer might be buffed? Fingers crossed.

    10. Ok, wall of text so not going to read that, but I agree with your fist point, Hero is easy mode.

    11. Gix max power, Serpent Grigoros max power, Twin Orochi(breakable parts), Orochi Agito(katana combat) and Grandia(guard stance) is still stronger then Zeinesis/Qliphad . The problem is that people suck so much that they can't even guard or dodge so meeting the requirments for some weapon potentials are impossible for them.

  15. When will the new EQ (EP5) begin? (Date please.)
    When will EP5 be translated? Is it a specific time? Or a working progress.
    Please respond!

    1. Thank you for your response.
      I personally did try looking for the date of the new EQ, but couldn't find it.

      Oh, and I shall 'JUST.WAIT' for the rest.

  16. Nah I did stop playing all at once because hero breaks this game big time. Got 95% of the fanbase using this busted class abusing its glitches and just walking around holding down the fire button for t mechs putting to the point well.. why use the other classes? Hero is the strongest class, Hero has the best dps, Hero you don't have to try. Yea sure you can say complaining accomplishes nothing but in reality being accepting towards a developers screw ups only acknowledges those screw ups to happen more and then we get games like sonic riders and sonic boom or lets not forget just how bad phantasy star universe was? I can't have fun with a game that goes this braindead so less they fix it I'm out. I will take my money that is used on their game and put it elsewhere.

    1. People holding down TMG normal attack are not contributing nearly as much as they could be, EPPR makes it broken yes , but only on the correct element and soon it will be fixed. Outside of this TMG normal attacks are actually quite mediocre and just spamming normal attacks will not fill up the hero guage nearly as much further cementing your damage as crap since hero time is a huge damage spike.. FiHu still outdoes Hero in all areas, mobbing and bossing, not by much but still outdoes it and quit comfortably, with CTs now instant cooldown after a 70 chain or higher Gunner is now devastating, it's strong on its own (not quite hero strong) but a party of 2,3 or even 4 GuHu is absolutely devastating on a whole other plane.

      I will agree with you on some things though, that Hero does need a little bit of balancing, most specifically Sword's normal attacks, these need a minor damage decrease but otherwise I see nothing wrong with the class. You have to use PAs and different ones at that for optimal damage output from Hero time acquisition. And some classes just flat out don't compare (Techer, and soon to be bouncer at this non-existent buffing rate).

    2. Just pointing out that hero is actually not the "best dps".

      Currently Hero is 3rd in place for the best dps, if you ignore the bugs being removed in the current Maintenance.

      Hero is also being played by tons of people simply because it is new. They'll go back to the geared/favourite playstyle soon. I hardly see more than 3-4 heros in 1 mpa now on XH, expert only matchmaking anyway. Which is normal for every class.

    3. Cry me a river over all the complaining. Nobody is forcing you to play Hero. Get on a old-skool team and ban Hero's if you're gonna lose your mind over it or whatever. This is a f2p game – it's fun – sure the power and dmg is different w/Hero – but this is the direction the game has chosen to go. People did the same thing complaining about Episode 4. Might as well change the name of this game to "Complaining Alot Online 2" – either enjoy the game or just move on already. Bye Susanoo – I mean Felicia.

    4. See, it's people like this that we couldn't care less if they quit. It's not a competitive game, so I don't understand why you care so much about how well another class is doing.

      You don't like Hero's playstyle? Then just don't play it. It really isn't that hard to do that.

      I don't see how the performance of other players should affect how you feel about playing the game, unless seeing other people do well somehow inadvertently makes you feel bad. And if that's the case, I have some concerns about your self-esteem.

      Go ahead and play something else, I'm pretty sure you won't find anything like PSO2 out there that's actually worth your time either.

  17. I agree with some of the things said in previous posts. I'll keep my opinions brief, however no ranting I promise.

    First up, the positives.

    -Hero is the best designed class in this game right now. There, I said it!
    -Fluid combo's and being able to switch weapons on the fly (it feels like they designed this class for console/gamepad players).
    -The concept of using familiar weapons rather than introducing new and obscure concepts (Summoner?).
    -Choice of whether to use all 3 or just 1 or 2 weapons for your Hero build (I use 3, but leaning more towards sword right now).
    -Easy to understand skill tree with logic behind the progression. Its also quite open ended giving you more freedom in the earlier levels.
    -No subclass makes it even more straightforward to get stuck in to.

    Now for the negatives.

    -Hero is too ahead of its time and doesn't belong in PSO2 in its current state.
    -It feels like Hero was designed especially for whatever EP5 might eventually offer with little consideration given to how it fits in with the games existing content.
    -Its too fast and/or OP. Either a nerf to Hero or a buff to existing classes has to happen in the near future if Sega want to maintain a balance of Hero vs non-Hero players. If I know Sega as well as I do, they probably will nerf Hero once this "introductory period" has passed.
    -You could even argue the points I made about the subclass and skill tree are negative when compared to how existing classes work (takes away the ability to think outside of the box with Hero. Bound to one set of skills with no branches/choice: Bravers Average vs Weak stance for eg).
    -Techs are too niche right now outside of support type techs.
    -Gunslash operates no differently to "non-advanced" classes.

    (I have played PSO2 for a long time, maxed every class in the game, decently skilled with each class, and invested time in choosing, grinding, and affixing gear for each class specifically. I have played Hero for about a week and I am currently lv 75 at the time of writing this. I can tell a good class when I see one and Hero is a dream to play if you learn to mix up your combos instead of spamming just one attack over and over).

    1. I do feel that Hero needs some adjustments, but I think it's still too early to say what it specifically needs. They sure did a damn good job of making it fun to play though, and that's what counts.

      Hero I feel was most likely designed for stuff to come in EP5, and hopefully they can eventually get around to working on making classes like Techer more enjoyable to play. There seems to be some kind of argument over whether Fi, Gu, or Hr are the strongest and I think it's kind of stupid given that people who support each 3 classes think theirs is either the strongest or Hero is way stronger than theirs. Clearly there hasn't been enough time yet to run the numbers.

      I'm pretty sure that Hero is designed around the idea of Sword, and then using TMG/Talis situationally. The advanced classes to come in the future will likely revolve around R-Atk and T-Atk weapons.

  18. >Hero
    >Best DPS
    My Fi can beat Hero's DPS anyday lol
    >OMG TMG's Normal attack so broken
    Please tell me you're joking.
    >Spamming TMG normal attack allday
    Ok, you're just retarded.

    The best part is where you complaining about ppl trying the shiny new class. Also if we're talking about easy mode, BrHu still beats any class even today.

    1. This x100
      This guy understands what a real op setup is. @Susanoo Bye your whining will not be missed.

    2. >thinking Fi could beat Hero's DPS
      >a well-equipped Hero could outdo a Fighter's damage, with just Hero Finish

      >BrHu still beats any class even today
      >again, Hero Finish could probably beat a well-geared BrHu
      Haven't laughed this much in ages. Mind stating your stats, though? Just curious.

    3. >again, Hero Finish could probably beat a well-geared BrHu

      You are quoting this out of context. He is saying that BrHu beats any class if you are talking about "easy mode" in PSO2. Easy mode = easy clear due to the class' mechanics, such as the Guren Tessen PA as well as Katana Combat that can wipe out mobs in a flash with ample speed and invincibility. It doesn't necessarily mean that it's the highest DPS class.

    4. Prove it. Give me actual proof that a well equipped hero will outperform a similar well equipped Fi.

      Prove it or shut up and get lost.

    5. They can't cause it won't.

      Sega said in Osaka player data shows Hero as "3rd best damage wise".
      Right behind Fighter and Gunner.

      The people claiming it to be broken (as in strong) obviously have't done 1 of 2 things.
      1. Get to XH.
      2. Gear a Fi/Gu and gear a Hero equally.

      Hero is easy to play, and do well with. That doesn't mean it's the best.

    6. I'm mad at the stupidity I keep on seeing because of Hero. It's like watching a bandwagon of hate drive around, yelling about Hero being the strongest thing ever, having only seen it in Super Hard at best, the difficulty that still falls over and dies when any class looks at an enemy.

      And when people point out actual reasons why it isn't the bestest ever, they get called circle jerks… by people circle jerking, who try and use top tier player Hero videos to justify their dumb rage. Because yes of course people who are good at the game will show off them being good. Just as they would any other class.

      Also the fact it's being played a lot. Which might have something to do with the fact it's new and not a pet class like Summoner was. So people might actually be interested in it for a change. Lots of people played Braver back in the day when it came out and it was NOT as good as it was today then.

    7. Thanks. I also got a laugh by how similar your post (quoting things out of context) is to some of dirty politicians at my country.

      Here's a hint, LB doesn't need you to fill a Gear first, have a long uptime and short downtime and you instantly get max power the instant you activate it instead of slowly overtime.

    1. As I said to someone else, FUCKING PROVE IT.

      Give us a chart showing they have the best DPS or shut the fuck up.

  19. Any time there's a new character or a new class in RPG's there is always going to be a unbalance to them. They release them as everyone calls it "Broken". I understandably they can be, that's why later when they get everyone's reaction about it they fix it. So I wouldn't even worry about it being broken right now because they will take care of it.

    1. 1) Hero is definitely broken in the sense that it has countless bugs that need fixing.
      2) Its definitely broken in terms of balance as people have already beat multiple time records using the Hero class over all the old classes.

      They stated they had no plans to nerf it because they wanted to keep it strong but they also said they were open to changing the skills/PAs around.

      As far as balance goes theres absolutely no debate, there's countless videos now proving that Hero is a good deal stronger than any other class. I'm less mad at that and more mad at how the class is a complete buggy mess.

    2. Except that Fighter and Gunner are stronger? You can see them both get times much faster than Hero, and deal much more damage through parsing. Sega even said themselves they're stronger during the Osaka event recently. I.E. having faster times etc.

    3. @WAT SEGA also isn't acknowledging any of the bugs people are able to exploit soooooo…

      It's called damage control. I've defended pretty much everything even in EP4 but they really laid an egg with this update.

      I'm not dumb enough to be like "HERO RUINS THE GAME" but it just makes me sad to see the lack of time/creativity they put into this class. They've confirmed the future is going to be more of this too. Still love the game, just really don't agree with the direction they're taking.

    4. I fully expect them to nerf it and when they do I will come back to the game. You're statement is completely accurate and has been proven several times that hero is currently THE strongest with of course braver/hunter and fighter coming in close 2nd and 3rd. They need to either bump up the other classes to be on par with hero properly or drop hero a bit on its scaling multiplicative damage modifiers. The class is very buggy so I assume that will be fixed with this patch and the hero class will probably be balanced out before the full release of Buster Quests. To be fair hero SHOULD be stronger then the other roles as it's the "advanced class" the first of it's kind but it's just to strong right now they need to do some tweaking and fine tuning. Oh and to these other tards calling my statement "whining" should probably do some studying on the difference between "whining" and making a constructive criticizing complaint. Also @slayme not sure who "Felicia" is but pretty sure you have the wrong person there.

    5. I want to unlock Hero… But I need to level my Techer to 75, and it's only 51 I think? Anyway I'm too burned out on leveling. I already grinded like hell with my Braver and the Hunter sub, I don't feel like doing it again, especially with my Techer.

    6. Yes because insulting everyone else WHILE whining will make people get on your side.

      While saying they will of course nerf the class they spent far more hype on than Summoner.

    7. > Everything about the game remains largely the same (and even other classes getting buffed)

      >> Another new class yet to receive extensive testing is stronger than mine

      >>> Better quit and then shout at other players who have nothing to do with development on PSUblog

    8. The fact that you think BrHu is in top 3 already shows how you don't know the state of DPS race in this game, lol.

      Whining = whining in a place where it is completely unrelated to and never visited by the development team.
      Constructive critics = write it in Japanese and send them to SEGA. Heck, even replying or tagging on twitter sometimes can get your problem noticed…in Japanese, of course.

    9. "@slayme not sure who “Felicia” is but pretty sure you have the wrong person there." <– was Susanoo's response when i said – Bye Felicia! ROFL!

    10. Oh really, I didn't know they stated that? That's funky….. Maybe Hero is going to play a bigger part in later updates than? That's my only guess.

  20. so, basically most of the rant for hero are because the classes they build to be the best for months or maybe years that become their mark of the greatest suddenly could flop out of nowhere by single class … okay ….

    1. consider each person got their own balance scale (which mostly are wrongly calibrated and scaled to make accurate comparison). in the end, balance or not is decided by sega.

      there's one side want atk to be nerfed. another side wanna hero to be tankier (sounds like sega is mocking them for something). then again they forgot that hero is expert class then the balance coefficient should be above 1 (1 = basic class balance coefficient, if wanna do comparison)

      so let's just let sega decides, we can't calculate properly anyway

  21. Fighter mains were always salty. First about BR, then about SU and now about HE (or is it HR?).
    It's nice to see that some traditions never change.

    1. Oh wow, using a deadly disease that people are suffering from to describe internet comments.

      That's a lot worse, by the way.

    2. lol you use described every FI main whether they say it or not, finally that class and br and su get one upped

    3. As much as I love hero, Fi does still win in the DPS race by a little bit but with a lot more effort. Feel free to keep disagreeing but I don't see Hero beating FiHu's solo times at Deus Zephylos on XH, Traces TA or any of the solo xqs. BR hasn't competed to be in the top DPS classes since ep2 shunka spam and su thanks to everyone's complaining has been nerfed far into the ground.

      Fi Zephylos solo link:

      And as TK said earlier, GuHu now has a 0 seconds cooldown on CT when over 70 chain, 2+ GuHu in 1 party is the best thing in this game right now. Maybe one day can learn to cope with change.

    4. lol you just described every FI main whether they say it or not, finally that class and br and su get one upped

  22. Why is PSUBlog so cancer these days.

    Seriously it's like the B1 players who cant play the game good to save their life all moved here.

    Whenever a real discussion tries to start it's instantly trashed by someone saying something similar to "omg nibber cancers all of these specific class players r teh losers".

    How about actual adult conversations with numbers backing them up?

    1. I'm surprised Ricardo hasn't just disabled comments yet. Every section theres a flame war or 2 which always spirals out of control 🙁

    2. Personally, I'd rather not even talk about the numbers. Someone's always going to have bigger numbers than you, and if they do, who cares? Can you be successful in the game? Good. Are you not? Ask for help. But no, instead, if you're not theory-crafting and using the ULTIMATE BUILD and doing the OPTIMAL THING, you're an idiot who should kill yourself and uninstall in that order. That's the major reason I don't show my face here nearly as often as I used to way back when.

    3. as long as you have a +35 13 star and arent shit at your class nobody should be shit talking you.

    4. Sarcastic reply: Just that? What if it is one of those kill-300-enemies 13*s? No full rainbow set?What, no full set of 12* units with lvl20 rings on all of them?

      True reply: The problem is where people draw the line for the distinction between "shit" and good. This is nothing new. It's the same as in every online game ever. People with different reasons to play the game are all matched and expected to cooperate. And each side thinks their side is the "correct" way to play the game and everyone else is false.
      – Others play to acquire the absolute best equipment from a stats pov.
      – Others play to break time records
      – Others play to roleplay
      – Others play to collect every item
      – Others play to acquire money by streaming
      – Others play just to kill time
      – Others play to experience the story
      – etc.

      With the advent of automated matching, the removal of personal accountability and reprecussions in the online world through virtual ostracization, players simply stopped acting as if they play with other humans and see them as just another tool to promote their own goal. And this won't change.

    5. So you're saying that everyone who isn't OCD is a sociopath?

      You're looking at a narrow subset of people with issues and turning them into what you think the norm is. Maybe you're part of that group and want to see it as normal, maybe you think it's "everyone else" – though I doubt it's the former given how you're trying to sound far more serious and informed in your post than would really fit the situation or the degree to which what you're saying is opinion and not fact.

      Here's the thing that everyone constantly forgets: this is a videogame. If you want to sperg out, go be a workaholic or get a hobby where that's normal – but if you want to do that here and you act that way around others that don't share your tendency, we can and will lose our patience with you.

    6. Ok, so you read the sarcastic answer above and somehow deduced that I am trying to say that this one (the sarcastic) is the absolute only correct way to play. Read the "true reply" part as well, then revise your answer to me.

      How more triggered would you be if I hadn't even included the "sarcastic answer / true answer"?

    7. My response was about the general message and attitude in your post. You seem to think you can hide behind self-satirizing (I'm not sure this even qualifies, despite your continued insistence), yet your "real response" shows enough of that same attitude.

      Honestly though, given your attitude thus far, I suspect that you might want to seek professional help – as implied previously.

    8. @Some Guy
      Seriously man, I think you're the one who might need some help. All Dark Mits did was begin his explanation with a sarcastic (which was clearly made to not be his own) in order to make the point that many people will respond in that exact manner. His real response, however, explains the fact that people are generally inconsiderate these days when it comes to online gaming.

      What about his actual response gives an attitude? It's a straightforward answer that accepts the reality that is actually happening.

      Dark Mits clearly states that there are many different people out there who will play how they want to play, and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. Continuing this, Dark Mits states that while it is true that people will play what they want, many people will have no consideration for others as human beings because that's exactly what happens. With this, Dark Mits means to say that a lot of people don't realize that they are playing with other people and expect the best from people who are all playing for reasons that may or may not result in suboptimal play- in which there is nothing wrong with that, because this is a fun online game where people can do whatever they want.

      You seem to have taken his explanation offensively for no apparent reason, when all Dark Mits has done is provide a direct example of commonly witnessed poor behaviour in the form of sarcasm.

      While I'd say that you might need help, I don't want to accuse you of some kind of mental illness like you've done to Dark Mits just for using a common literary technique.

    9. Common literary technique? Are you serious?

      I don't even know where to start with you. You think I'm taking his explanation offensively, not his attitude? I should've known this was going to be an like a bloody psych ward. I'm done reading the comment section lest I get autism myself. I hear that shit is contagious.

    10. 2016 Badge weapons with off element, NPC weapons with Darker/DA-Aberrations potential.

      Any other 13star weapon with 60 element +30/+32 would out dps them.

    1. Ah yes, the ability to pay. money to… get star gems for Sheet file resets? Money for premium for blocks? For the shop to sell things? For more crafting lines?

      Or the ability to pay for absolute bullshit excuses?

    2. The ability to pay. money to become a whale and sell Helios Cloak for 50-100mil/piece on day1 so you can affix every new weapon/unit and show it off for bigger e-pen.

    3. Hey! Some people still can't beat Phaleg, even with Hero! You need to take the casual community into account! They are valid players too!

      Now that that word salad has been made, let's just drown it in sarcasm.

      There we go.
      *insert Elite Knight from Dark Souls and the git gud meme*

  23. Haven't seen psublog comment section this retarded in a while, rustled jimmies, nuclear buttblasted insults, blatant baitposting, really? Even when parser ban topic was around it wasn't this retarded, maybe because it didn't actually affect people and Hero does, forcing people out of their safezones of their established classes/playstyles?w Meanwhile I'll enjoy the game and hope SEGA will unfuck BBow.

    1. How exactly hero forces somebody out of somewhere? It's not like you're forced to play as hero if you don't like it to access anything.

  24. I came here to read , i left with a three month supply of salt for my popcorn and fries, dear RnGesus Almighty. just to clarify Hero isn't all that once you enter XH difficulty because IMO its built to "manage" XH. Early game levels it may look retardedly strong, with all those multipliers , but at XH,all those multipliers just barely help it rake damage for burst which Fi and Gu mains can dish out in like a few seconds
    Easy mode, well I think BrHu is king of easy mode in that department but before i get called a retard for voicing my opinion might as well leave it at this

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