PSO2 JP AC Scratch: College Cute Looks

College Cute Looks
(Until 5.13.2020)



— Female Variation —

亞悪巣制服F[Ou] | Delinq-ARKS F [Ou]

— Male Variation —

亞悪巣制服M[Ou] | Delinq-ARKS M [Ou]


亞悪巣制服FA[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F A [Ba]
亞悪巣制服FA雪[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F A Snow [Ba]
亞悪巣制服FA桜[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F A Sakura [Ba]

亞悪巣制服FB[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F B [Ba]
亞悪巣制服FB雪[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F B Snow [Ba]
亞悪巣制服FB桜[Ba] | Delinq-ARKS F B Sakura [Ba]


亞悪巣制服F[In] | Delinq-ARKS F [In]
亞悪巣制服F雪[In] | Delinq-ARKS F Snow [In]
亞悪巣制服F桜[In] | Delinq-ARKS  F Sakura [In]
亞悪巣制服F夜[In] | Delinq-ARKS F Night [In]
亞悪巣制服F紅[In] | Delinq-ARKS F Crimson [In]
亞悪巣制服F月[In] | Delinq-ARKS F Moon [In]



ギャル風制服[Ou] | Gyaru Uniform [Ou]

ギャル風制服 紅[Ou] | Gyaru Uniform Crimson [Ou]


ギャル風制服[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform [Ba]
ギャル風制服 影[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform Shadow [Ba]
ギャル風制服 空[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform Sky [Ba]
ギャル風制服 雪[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform Snow [Ba]
ギャル風制服 玄[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform Mysterious [Ba]
ギャル風制服 雅[Ba] | Gyaru Uniform Elegant [Ba]


ギャル風制服[In] | Gyaru Uniform [In]
ギャル風制服 影[In] | Gyaru Uniform Shadow [In]
ギャル風制服 空[In] | Gyaru Uniform Sky [In]
ギャル風制服 桜[In] | Gyaru Uniform Sakura [In]
ギャル風制服 月[In] | Gyaru Uniform Moon [In]
ギャル風制服 雪[In] | Gyaru Uniform Snow [In]



— Female Variation —

サッチェルバッグF[Ou] | Satchel Bag F [Ou]

— Male Variation —

サッチェルバッグM[Ou] | Satchel Bag M [Ou]



校衣舞神楽[Ba] | Kagura Uniform [Ba]
校衣舞神楽 雪[Ba] | Kagura Uniform Snow [Ba]
校衣舞神楽 紅[Ba] | Kagura Uniform Crimson [Ba]
校衣舞神楽 夜[Ba] | Kagura Uniform Night [Ba]
校衣舞神楽 雅[Ba] | Kagura Uniform Elegant [Ba]
校衣舞神楽 葉[Ba] | Kagura Uniform Leaf [Ba]



遊学書生羽織[Ou] | Shosei Haori [Ou]


遊学書生羽織[Ba] | Shosei Haori [Ba]
遊学書生羽織 紅[Ba] | Shosei Haori Crimson [Ba]
遊学書生羽織 影[Ba] | Shosei Haori Shadow [Ba]
遊学書生羽織 雪[Ba] | Shosei Haori Snow [Ba]
遊学書生羽織 雅[Ba] | Shosei Haori Elegant [Ba]
遊学書生羽織 葉[Ba] | Shosei Haori Leaf [Ba]


セーラーカーディガン | Sailor Cardigan
セーラーカーディガン海 | Sailor Cardigan Sea
セーラーカーディガン影 | Sailor Cardigan Shadow
セーラーカーディガン紅 | Sailor Cardigan Crimson
セーラーカーディガン桜 | Sailor Cardigan Sakura
セーラーカーディガン雪 | Sailor Cardigan Snow


Female Reolors

  • 月夜星影 紅[Ou] | Moonlit Night Crimson [Ou]
  • 月夜星影 影[Ba] | Moonlit Night Shadow [Ba]
  • 月夜星影 冬[Ba] | Moonlit Night Winter [Ba]
  • 月夜星影 静[Ba] | Moonlit Night Tranquil [Ba]
  • ドリーミィメロディ冬 | Dreamy Melody Winter
  • ドリーミィメロディ紅 | Dreamy Melody Crimson
  • ラヴリィメロディ玄 | Lovely Melody Mysterious
  • ラヴリィメロディ夏 | Lovely Melody Summer

Male Recolors

  • 明月錦衣 紅[Ou] | Full Moon Finery Crimson [Ou]
  • 明月錦衣 茜[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Madder [Ba]
  • 明月錦衣 玄[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Black [Ba]
  • 明月錦衣 雪[Ba] | Full Moon Finery Snow [Ba]

Female Voice #209 (CV: Rie Kugimiya)

  • 女性追加ボイス209
  • 女性C追加ボイス209

Male Voice #175 (CV: Mika Kikuchi)

  • 男性追加ボイス175
  • 男性C追加ボイス175

Lobby Actions

  • 610「タクトポーズ」 | 610 "Takt Pose"
  • 611「エッグレース」 | 611 "Egg Race"




Scratch Bonus

Play this AC Scratch a specific amount of times for exclusive bonus items!

Normal AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
5 times W Easter 2020 +100%
10 times W Easter 2020 +100%
15 times W Easter 2020 +100%
20 times
Aika Hair 2 GV
25 times
Ability Protection (6s or lower)
30 times College Cute Looks Ticket
40 times
Bonus Key Tokyo [Gold]
50 times
EX Triboost +200%
60 times College Cute Looks Ticket
120 times College Cute Looks Ticket
Gold AC Tickets
Frequency Rewards
2 times W Easter 2020 +100%
4 times W Easter 2020 +100%
6 times W Easter 2020 +100%
8 times
Aika Hair 2 GV
10 times
Ability Protection (6s or lower)
12 times College Cute Looks Ticket

※Players can receive each item only once.
※All of these items are untradeable.

※College Cute Looks Ticket allows you to choose 1 item from this AC Scratch.


FUN Scratch



  • インテークロング | Intake Long

Face Aesthetics

  • 亡者メイク 青 | Dead Blue Makeup 
  • 亡者メイク 緑 | Dead Green Makeup
  • ストレートまゆD | Straight Eyebrows D

Body Paint

  • 全身タイツF 白 | White Full Body Tights F
  • 全身タイツM 白 | White Full Body Tights M


  • ラッピーのたまご | Rappy Egg
  • ラッピーのヒナ | Rappy Chick
  • ブルーメロディフロート | Blue Melody Float
  • モアイマスク | Moai Mask
  • みつばちカチューシャ | Honeybee Headband 
  • みつばちカチューシャ 黄 | Honeybee Headband Yellow
  • フォトンシールドL | Photon Shield L
  • ブレストガトリング | Breast Gatling
  • 手錠 | Handcuffs
  • ドリーミィステッカー | Dreamy Sticker
  • ラヴリィステッカー | Lovely Sticker

Lobby Action

  • 398「けんけんぱ」| 398 "Hopscotch"


  • イースター・エッグ | Easter Egg
  • トールツリー | Tall Tree
  • ワイドツリー | Wide Tree
  • ファイトリング | Fight Ring
  • クラシックドレッサー | Classic Dresser
  • クラシックベッドC | Classic Bed C
  • クラシックソファC | Classic Sofa C
  • クラシックローテーブルC | Classic Low Table C
  • クラシックチェアC | Classic Chair C
  • クラシックNスタンドC | Classic Night Stand C
  • クラシックライトC | Classic Light C
  • クラシックシェルフC | Classic Shelf C
  • クラシックテーブルC | Classic Table C
  • クラシックシャンデリア | Classic Chandelier
  • クラシックマットC | Classic Mat C
  • クラシック・テーマ/C | Classic Theme/C 

9 thoughts to “PSO2 JP AC Scratch: College Cute Looks”

  1. So instead of grabbing the literal translation for Gal-Style, you decide to call it Slut Uniform? Real f**king classy.

    1. Those doujins really messed up your head if you think "gyaru" is specifically a slutty get-up.

    2. Lol did OP edit it? I don't see 'slut-uniform' I see Gyaru (gal) XD LOL thats funny!! I cant stop laughing.

    3. There's something deeply cringy about weebs haughtily militating over distinctions that only exist in their heads.

  2. At this point I'm convinced, that there are two art teams at Sega handling PSO2 – one consists of professional veterans, and another – of interns on constant rotation.
    Otherwise I don't know how to explain Shosei Haori having beautiful cloth physics, while Pirate Coat being straight up cardboard plank, despite being functionally the same thing.

    1. I mean they've never been able to keep even hair collision detection and suchlike even remotely consistent…

  3. And the white day emergency quest lost its charm, there's no custom music and theme it's just the awful ep4 ultimate quest.

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