PSO2 JP: ARKS Bingo and Web Panel Rewards

During the 1 Year Anniversary Event, all players will contribute to a bingo score that will unlock various rewards after the event is over. Certain unlocked rewards are activated and applied to all ships during the week of July 10th through July 17th. Players can pick up item rewards at the Visiphone from  July 10th through July 31st.

PSO2 Web Panel

Web Panel Rewards Page


Rewards List

  • [1] 1000 FUN Ticket
  • [2] Extreme Pass ×2 / Triboost+50% / EXCube
  • [3] *Sonic Knuckle (Knuckle Weapon Camo)
  • [4] 2x FUN Boost (Reward Period)
  • [5] Triboost +100%
  • [6] Rare Enemy Appearance Rate + 100% (Reward Period)
  • [7] Advance Capsule abc×10/ Half Doll / EXCube
  • [8] *Merry Bar(Twin Mech. Weapon Camo)
  • [9] Meseta+100% (Reward Period)
  • [10]  Rare Drop Rate + 100% (Reward Period)
  • [11]  EXP+100% (Reward Period)
  • [12] Evo. Device / Green Puyo
  • [13] Item Grind Success +10% (Reward Period)
  • [14] Special Ability Success Rate +10% (Reward Period)

Certain rewards on this list are activated during the week of July 10th through July 17th. The rest of the item rewards can be picked up at the Visiphone by July 31st.

Web Panel Event Period

  • June 12th until July 10th's Maintenance

Web Panel Reward Period

  • July 10th until July 17th's Maintenance

Only the panels that were cleared are distributed during the reward period.

ARKS Bingo


Squares are marked on the Bingo Card once the player fulfills a certain objective. When a line of Bingo squares are marked horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, a voice will call out BINGO which will contribute to the score on the Web Panel Rewards page.

1 Year Anniversary Bingo [Burning] (Jun 26th through July 17th)

  • A-1 Clear Xie's client order どうして!市街地に原生種の怪!
  • A-2 Destroy a red container
  • A-3 Defeat a Cyclonehda
  • A-4 Clear Jean's client order 愛用品に特殊能力を!
  • A-5 Clear Xie's client order Burning Hearts

A-1 どうして!市街地に原生種の怪!(Defeat 50 Naberius Natives in the City Area)
A-4 愛用品に特殊能力を!Add a special ability to a weapon or unit.
A-5 Clear Arks Ship Fire Swirl

  • B-1 Defeat Kyklonahda
  • B-2 Defeat Gwanahda
  • B-3 Clear Revelle's Client Order マイルドマイルド・マーダーⅡ
  • B-4 Defeat Zeshrayda
  • B-5 Defeat Breeahda

B-3 マイルドマイルド・マーダーⅡ Defeat 20 Krahda, 15 Dagan, and 8 Kaltagot

  • C-1 Defeat Dagash
  • C-2 Clear Arks Ship Fire Swirl on Hard or Higher
  • C-4 Clear Revelle's Client Order ブラック・スローター・Ⅳ
  • C-5 Defeat Krahda

C-4 ブラック・スローター・Ⅳ Defeat 40 Dagan, 20 Krahda, 15 El Arda

  • D- 1 Clear Revelle's Client Order ブラック・スローターⅡ
  • D-2 Defeat Dark Ragne
  • D-3 Clear Revelle's Client Order マイルドマイルド・マーダーⅢ
  • D-4 Defeat Wolgahda
  • D-5 Defeat Micda

D-3 To unlock マイルドマイルド・マーダーⅢ, you must clear マイルドマイルド・マーダー・Ⅱ and 10 Revelle client orders.
D-3 マイルドマイルド・マーダーⅢ Defeat 20 El Dagans

  • E-1 Clear Xie's Client Order 元凶はダーカーにあり!
  • E-2 Clear Jean's Client Order 愛用品の属性強化を!
  • E-3 Defeat Predicarda
  • E-4 Clear Emergency Trial Burning Angel
  • E-5 Clear Xie's Client Order 境界を破壊するもの

E-1 元凶はダーカーにあり!Defeat 99 DarkersE-2 愛用品の属性強化を!Element Grind a Weapon
E-5 境界を破壊するもの Defeat Cougar NX 3 times in BB Quest.

1 Year Anniversary Bingo (Jun 12th through July 17th)

  • A-1: Grind a Weapon OR Unit
  • A-2: Defeat a Dinian
  • A-3: Destroy a Green Container
  • A-4: Defeat a Sil Dinian
  • A-5: Feed an Item to a Mag
  • B-1: Defeat Spardan-A
  • B-2: Defeat a Rockbear
  • B-3: Observe a Thunderstorm in the City.
  • B-4: Destroy a Yellow Container
  • B-5: Defeat El Arda
  • C-1: Do Xie's C.O. お祝いムードを取り戻そう by clearing the BB Quest
  • C-2: Clear the BB Quest (Chaotic Border Break)
  • C-4: Defeat Caterdra'n
  • C-5: Trigger a PSE-Burst
  • D-1: Defeat Signobeat
  • D-2: Defeat Vol Dragon
  • D-3: Clear Aircraft Code: Protection
  • D-4: Defeat Garongo
  • D-5: Defeat Dagan
  • E-1 Send someone a Good Job
  • E-2: Defeat Galf
  • E-3: Destroy a Blue Container
  • E-4: Defeat Fongalf
  • E-5: Play Fun Scratch

Simple enough, let's turn over the Bingo card!

 1 Year Anniversary Bingo [REVERSE SIDE] 

  • A-1: Amass 5 Advance Risk for the Forest Advance Quest.
  • A-2: Defeat Lv55+ Quartz Dragon
  • A-3: Defeat Lv40+ Snow Banshee
  • A-4: Clear Maloo's CO 一流のフォースになるために (Needs Lv30 Force) *
  • A-5: Clear Dark Falz Elder Emergency Quest

A-4 一流フォースになるために Aim to Become the Top Force! = LV21+ Defeat 3 Rappy / 2 Dark Ragne with a Talis


  • B-1: Clear Ouza CO. 一流ハンターを目指して (Needs LV30 Hunter)*
  • B-2: Clear Ouza CO. 一流ファイターを目指して (Needs LV30 Fighter)*
  • B-3: Defeat Lv 40+ Goron Zoran
  • B-4: Clear Maloo CO.  一流テクターになるために (Needs LV30 Techer)*
  • B-5: Defeat Lv 55+ Cougar NX

B-1 一流ハンターを目指して  Aim to be the Top Hunter = Defeat LV21+ 3 Rappy / 2 Dark Ragne with a Partisan
B-2 一流ファイターを目指して Aim to be the Top Fighter  = Defeat LV21+ 3 Rappy with Double Sabers / 2 Dark Ragne with Twin Daggers.
B-4 一流テクターになるために Aim to become the Top Techer = Defeat LV21+ 3 Rappy / 2 Dark Range with a Wand

  • C-1: Defeat LV 40+ Fang Banther
  • C-2: Defeat LV 40+ De Malmoth
  • C-4: Defeat LV 40+ Caterdransa
  • C-5: Defeat LV40+ Fang Banshee

  • D-1: Clear Lisa Co.  ガンナーに慣れましょう (Needs LV30 Gunner)*
  • D-2: Clear Dragon Sanctum Time Attack Quest on Very Hard+
  • D-3: Defeat LV40+ Tranmizer
  • D-4: Obtain Matter Board 3
  • D-5: Clear Cressida CO. アンタを見てきて思うこと *

D-1 ガンナーに慣れましょう  Let's Get Used to being a Gunner = Defeat Lv21+ 3 Rappy / 2 Dark Ragne (Twin Machine Guns)
D-5 アンタを見てきて思うこと CO needs you to S rank clear 機甲種性能調査:地下坑道 the first Mines Arks Quest within 20 minutes on hard

  • E-1 Ascend 20 Floors in Extreme Quests
  • E-2: Clear Lisa CO. レンジャーに慣れましょう (Needs LV30 Ranger)*
  • E-3: LV40+ Snow Banther
  • E-4: LV55+ Dragon EX
  • E-5: Clear Utterly Profound Darkness Emergency Quest *

E-2 レンジャーに慣れましょう Let's Get Used to being a Ranger = Defeat Lv21+ 3 Rappy / 2 Dark Ragne with a Launcher
E-5 Utterly Profound Darkness Emergency Quest is not available until after June 19th.

Bingo Rewards

1 Year Anniversary Bingo Card [Burning]

  • 1st Bingo:EXP+75%
  • 2nd Bingo:500 FUN Ticket
  • 3rd Bingo:Grind Risk Reduction (+2)
  • 4th Bingo:Angel's Halo
  • 5th Bingo:EXP+75%×2個
  • 8th Bingo:Angel Feather
  • Complete:Add Ability + 30%

1 Year Anniversary Bingo Card

  • 1st Bingo Reward:EXP+50%
  • 2nd Bingo Reward:EXP+50%×2
  • 3rd Bingo Reward:EXP+75%
  • 4th Bingo Reward:500 FUN Ticket
  • 5th Bingo Reward:EXP+75%×2
  • 8th Bingo Reward:Chao Mask
  • Completed:Triboost+100%

1 Year Anniversary Bingo Card [REVERSE SIDE]

  • 1st Bingo Reward:Advance Capsule a ×10
  • 2nd Bingo Reward:Grind Success+10% ×3
  • 3rd Bingo Reward:Rare Drop Boost+250%
  • 4th Bingo Reward:Half Doll
  • 5th Bingo Reward:Extreme Pass×2
  • 8th Bingo Reward:EXCube ×3
  • Completed:Triboost+100%×2

PSO2 News Bits

Episode 2 is going to give all players a Mini Room; it's basically a free version of "My Room" with some limitations. So far they've only revealed that the mini room supports less room items than the regular version.

Sakai is scheduled to appear as a guest on a PlayStation Vita Program on June 18th, 2013 @ 21:00 JST (Converted Time). Aside from PSO2 discourse, he's supposed to show off some more beach footage. You can watch this program on Nico Nico at this page.

Support partners are like Partner Machinery from Phantasy Star Universe except this time you can set their race, gender, physical appearance, name, and class. There's also a customization menu that lets them equip weapons, clothes, units, and weapon camos. They can assist with client orders even while the player is offline. Depending on their results, they can gain EXP, and even level up.

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