PSO2 JP: July 2013 Tidbits


New Features in Episode 2!

Astarte Arks Road

New Character: Astarte

The "Arks Road" is a new feature that guides players from beginners to experts. Players will collect stamps and receive rewards by clearing the designated objectives.


Cleared Arks Road Stamp Card

Clear the entire stamp card and receive a prize!


Support Partner Creation

Support Partners

Players can create 'Support Partners' who can help assist with client orders.


Support Partner Quest

You can bring them along on quests too!


Mini Room

Mini Room

All players receive a free Mini Room that can support a small amount of room items.


July Tidbits

Shougai (a Japanese PSO Fansite) released some information from the latest Dengeki and Famitsu magazines which seems to have caused quite a furor. Here's what you can expect in July!

My Room Update

In July, "My Room" is getting a new feature that lets you save and switch between two room layouts! For example, everything you see in the room pictured to the left (including the furniture) was saved as "Layout Pattern A." Everything you see in the room pictured on the right was saved as "Layout Pattern B." With this new feature, you'll now be able to switch between these two layout patterns instantly. (According to the video, the my room menu also lists "mini room" as a layout pattern.) In addition, they're also going to increase the total furniture placement cost from 100 to 150.

Free Partners are another new feature coming in July. This opens up the NPC partner system to all players even if they're not registered as friends. At the Visiphone, you can register your character as a "free partner" which lets other players summon them in quests. Both players receive FUN, and there's even a friend request at the end of the quest.


Key Matter

You might remember this one a while back in the rumors list. It's going to be a lot easier going through the matter board in July. The main route that lets you advance through the orange orbs will have 100% drop rate. Unfortunately, this is only limited to Episode 1's matter boards.


Last but not least is the subclass EXP controversy. The subclass will now gain 10% of the EXP until it reaches level 40. If you want to level it any higher, you'll have to switch to that class. Sorry, it may not be the news you wanted to hear, but by now you should always expect a catch from SEGA.


Photon Blast

What could this be?


 Fukuoka Field Report

Photon Blast

New Photon Blast: Ilios
It targets the enemy the player is attacking.


Support Partners

Support Partners: Let's raise them with Client Orders


New Features

New Features!

New Features

  • Team Search Function improvement
  • New NPC at the Item Lab
  • Free Partner System
  • Furniture Placement Cost 150
  • New Interface for the Esté Counter
  • Three Layout Patterns for My Room
  • Rare Drop Indicator

New Technics

New Technics for All Elements

New Technics List

  • Zanverse
  • Na Zonde
  • Na Megid
  • Na Grants
  • Na Barta
  • Na Foie


New Photon Arts

New Photon Arts


Fukuoka Recap

4Gamer posted a lengthy recap of the Thanks Festa event in Fukuoka. So lets jump right in.

  • (EDIT) Braver has a skill called "Snatch Step" that damages enemies during the stepping animation. (Snatch Step's description was revealed in the July 9th Live Broadcast. It made no mention whether it needed a katana or bow, only that it gives off damage during the stepping animation.)
  • Seems you can have more than one support partner.
  • Though it won't be ready in time for July 17th's update, they want to implement a feature where you can reach the character or ship selection screen without logging out.
  • We might see a new collab sometime in Autumn.

Save Load Este

Save and Load Data at the Este Counter


Accessory Interface Change

Accessories get a tabbed interface



Any edits in the Este Counter are highlighted in yellow.


Monica NPC

Monica: A new Item Lab NPC that appears on even block numbers.


Free Partner Setup

Free Partners: Lets other players use your character as an NPC.


Support Partner

Support Partners can equip costumes, weapons, and accessories.



Ilios: A new Photon Blast that can be obtained at the EXCube Counter


Support Partner List

Support Partner List menu at the Esté Counter.

Fukuoka Rumors List (Cannot verify, read at your own risk!) Updated 6/30

  • (Upd) They are considering letting you change your team name with team points. (Not sure when they'll implement this.)
  • You can receive Ilios at the Excube exchange counter.
  • New Item Lab NPC's name is Monica. (Someone said her VA is Ayana Taketatsu)
  • Monica appears in even blocks, while Dudu appears in odd blocks.
  • (Upd) Sometime in the future, you'll be able to return to the character selection screen without logging out.
  • In December, they're going to add a new 12 person quest similar to Dark Falz of last year.
  • (Upd) They'll take the initiative to add more male cast parts from August onwards.
  • Azanami will handle Braver Client Orders
  • Sakai currently does not have plans for a PlayStation console version.
  • Sakai confirmed the subclass exp limit is level 40.
  • Director Suganuma seems interested in trying a quest where you fight Dudu.
  • Ilios, like other Photon Blasts, has a Striking, Ranged, and Tech Type
  • Several people stated seeing a Save/Load function in the Esté Counter. (Was shown in Famitsu I think?)
  • Esté Counter interface has changed. (You can see assorted accessories in the screenshot above.)
  • A collaboration with another company is in the pipeline.
  • There's a video that plays if we fail to repel the Falz Arms. (Very unlikely we'll ever see this.)
  • There's a new feature that lets you read a recap of the story.
  • The Katana's "Snatch Step" skill lets you attack while evading.
  • The room items stay in place when you change the theme.

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