PSO2 JP: ARKS New Year Carnival [Web Panel Rewards]

Let's kick off 2017 with the ARKS New Year Carnival; an interlocking event where players earn points to unlock rewards on the official site.

Participating quests throughout the event will award players with items called [Weapons Badge 2017]. The more you collect, the more points you contribute to the collective score for unlocking the panel reward.

Only those who participate will qualify for the item rewards after the event is over. To ensure of this, you must clear any qualifying quest at least once during the event period.

Mid-Term Results

The Midterm results are in, but the election isn't over just yet. You still have time to vote for your favorite characters until the election closes on February 15 @ 16:00 JST.

[Vote Here]

Current Event Schedule

1/11 ~ 3/8 Web Event
1/11 ~ 2/8 Limited Quest: Chaotic Pranksters' Sneer
2/1 ~ 2/8 Event Boost #1
3/1 ~ 3/8 Event Boost #2
3/15 ~ 3/22 Reward Period #1 (RP#1)
4/12 ~ 4/19 Reward Period #2 (RP#2)

Campaign Schedule

1/11 ~ 3/1 Order Request Campaign Voting Period
1/18 ~ 3/8 Order Request Campaign

Contest Schedule

12/28 ~ 2/1 Character Contest
12/28 ~ 2/15 Illustration Contest
12/28 ~ 2/15 PSO2 Video Contest

You can earn points by acquiring Weapons Badge 2017 from qualifying quests.

Badges earned from Client Orders do not count towards the tally for unlocking the Web Panel Rewards.


Quest #4

ホワイトデーは大わらわ2017 (A Boisterous White Day 2017)
February 22nd ~ March 22nd

Quest #3

暗影渦巻く壊れた世界 (A World Engulfed in Shadows)
February 8th ~ March 8th

Quest #2

チョコレートの行方2017 (Where's the Chocolate 2017)
January 25th ~ February 22nd

Quest #1

混沌もたらす戯神の嘲笑 Chaotic Pranksters' Sneer
January 11th ~ February 8th




Web Panel

Panel Reward Item Reward Period  
Panel 1 1000 FUN Ticket +100% FUN
Login Bonus +1
Panel 2 *Vita Glaive  
Panel 3 10 Rappy Medals  
Panel 4 *Vita Pisastian  
Panel 5 Casino Coin Pass (x3) Casino Super Boost
Panel 6 *Katana  
Panel 7 Collecting Stamina Drink (x2)
Fishing Stamina Drink (x2)
Fever Occurrence Rate +100%
Panel 8 *Vita Cane  
Panel 9 PA Fragment S (x30)
PA Fragment R (x30)
PA Fragment T (x30)
Liliparium Full Charge
Panel 10 *Vita T Blade
Panel 11 20 Rappy Medals  
Panel 12   20% Recycle Shop Discount
Panel 13 +100% Tribooster
Free Salon Pass
Color Change Pass
Panel 14   +150% EXP Boost
+150% Meseta Boost
(RP #2)
Panel 15 Lambda Grinder (x30)
Photon Sphere (x10)
+50% Grind Grt. Succ. (x5)
+40% Ability Affix Succ. (x1)
Panel 16   +150% Rare Drop Boost
+150% Rare Enemy Spawn
(RP #2)
Panel 17   +100% Challenge Miles
(RP #1)
Panel 18   +10% OT/Unit/Ring G. Success
+10% Ability Affix Success
+15% NT EXP Grind
(RP #1)
Panel 19   [PSO2es]
+200% EXP Boost ARKS Quest
(RP #1)
Panel 20   +100% Rare Drop Boost
Ult + Certain EQs
(RP #2)





9 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: ARKS New Year Carnival [Web Panel Rewards]”

  1. Someone please explain to me why ESC-A Darkers are special and only in some quests? I mean in plot they were literally everywhere, and totally out of control. I mean seeing that now, post "that"… I could see them being gone, but I really doubt that one guy would not utilize the ECA darkers to speed his plans along a bit…

    Also why does ARKS care at this point? The job has been done… Why do we care what happens to earth? I think it would be the whole point of ARKS itself. Some people I know think the Artificial Relict (which looking back is a really on-the-nose name) to Keep Species as a force to save the world from Darkers… But I'm starting to see it more as "to protect humanity". UNFORTUNATELY; earth qualifies.

    I'd be totally on board for the Paradigm Shift to add a new player species though.

    1. Leaving potentially PD-level crap that can directly access the Fleet through ETHERS, SON unattended sounds like a signally bad idea you know… nevermind now the only too real possibility of that troublesome bugger sticking its nose into the business sooner or later.

      Plus the expedition took years to get to the Earth in the case you forgot; might as well wrap things up properly there before spending equally long on the return leg. How long have they been near Sol now anyway, ingame time – a few weeks?

    2. As for why ARKS cares, while the entirety of ARKS might not have to be involved unless ESCA Darkers are running wild (in which it's their duty to deal with them, Sierra mentions this in one of the cutscenes), the main character and Matoi will, including Hitsugi, Kohri and Enga; and Sierra supports them too.

      Unless Erdem has set his sights on PSO2's dimension and seeks to take ARKS Technology, then hey.

    3. Uh, Earth and the ARKS/Fleet exist in the same dimension; or have you not noticed that our ship is in a sub-Lunar orbit around it and we often enough make physical planetfall with one of the dropships?

      On a more practical note leaving some jackass with delusions of grandeur and stolen Xion-copy powers running amuck on a planet would be criminally irresponsible, not to mention hazardous – he should be easily enough able to make use of the same "ether wormhole" shenanigans through which Earthling have thus far been able to trespass on Fleet real estate.
      Say… if he for example gets into his head that his newly "evolved" humanity should not remain stuck on boring old Earth when there's proper interstellar spacecraft within reach…

      And ofc there's always the risk that PD just hijacks his whole operation for its own use in the ongoing conflict. It certainly *can* reach Earth if it wants to and has tried some mischief there previously (see: lolanime and what turned into Aru), and would probably have a relatively easy time aggressively "repossessing" Mother's power from some upstart Earthling – what with the two of them being effectively siblings and all.

    4. In the first story chapter, after Hitsugi is rescued and you return to Oracle, Sierra explains Earth is in a different dimension, achievable by jumping through Subspace (dimension hopping through Subspace being a thing throughout the franchise and PSU/PSPo/PSPo2/PSPo2i pretty much abused). You can check it out at this timestamp, turn closed captioning on for subtitles.

      Also that guy's youtube channel is great if you wanna watch the story scenes with subtitles, as the story patch is way way behind.

      As for Erdem, I do agree the writing is on the wall in that he'll eventually try to move "humanity's evolution" through subspace. Chances are, given his Luther-like manner, he could become a fake Falz just like him.

      I SUPPOSE PD could escape the timeloop and go to the Earth universe, but that's really unlikely and weird, and kinda just undermines Xiao and Persona's efforts. If it escapes the loop, I'd rather Earth not be involved, I'd like to step away from Earth events tbh and go somewhere else.

      On the other hand it doesn't have to, given that a Falz entity that was biding its time in Aru waited for Mother to be weakened so it could overtake her, forming ESCA Falz Mother. Making it clear that a Falz can kinda just pop up for Word of God reasons.

    5. Phaleg mentions that Adam simply doesn't understand what is he doing wrong. I still don't understand what are they, and it will be funny if it will never be explained.
      Sierra says that its kinda ironic that Adam makes monsters out of people with Ether, since Darkers had photon origin as well.

      If anything would happen to either of immortals, the easiest route would be them becoming part of Ether field. It seems that ether is already a corrupted matter, escadarkers now could just imitate whatever fell into it, similar to PD.

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