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All Content: March 26th, 2014

Attack on Titan and Phantasy Star Online 2 collaborates with a titan themed lobby, room background, and poster. Corps themed outfits, weapon camos, and emblem stickers will also make their appearance.

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  • Fulfilled イザナミ request.
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Maximum Attack on Titan AC Scratch

Corps Uniform M

This dream collaboration will add costumes and weapon camos from Attack on Titan! You get two versions of each costume, one with or without the 3D Maneuvering Gear. To top it all off, you can get a Ultra-hard Blade weapon camo for Wired Lance and Twin Dagger. Use some photon arts to recapture the exhilaration of the 3D Maneuvering Gear.


Attack on Titan Scenery Pass

Aside from that, there's an Attack on Titan poster and scenery pass, plus stickers from each organization.



*超硬質ブレード (Ultra-Hard Blades)
兵団服女性用&立体機動装置 (Corps Uniform F & 3DMG)


Attack on Titan Lobby

Attack on Titan Lobby 1

A Titan has entered the lobby! Jump on its back to see the lobby reimagined in the Attack on Titan universe. This lobby appears for a limited time, and will end on April 9th, 2014.



New Photon Arts and Technics

Sacrifice bite

サクリファイスバイト Sacrifice Bite

The sword pierces the enemy and absorbs their energy. After extracting the sword, the 'striking power' increases for a limited time.


Chaos Riser

ケイオスライザー Chaos Riser

An attack that draws enemies through the force of a tornado.


Satellite Cannon

サテライトカノン Satellite Canon

The user crouches and aims to unleash a powerful laser attack from the sky. The charging times changes its power and range.


Il Barta

イル・バータ Il Barta

Casts crystals of ice and damages the enemy. Its power steadily rises based on the number of times the ice crystals form. Focus your efforts with other players since this will apply to others casting Il Barta as well!


 Il Grants

イル・グランツ Il Grants

Produces photon crystals that fire in succession. It has a high chance at causing a status effect.


Mining Base Defense: Intrusion

Mining Base Intrusion

This time the stage takes place in an facility under construction; with five bases to protect and several walls keeping enemies at bay.

Base Intrusion

Everyone must cooperate and stop the Darkers from breaking the walls.


Base Intrusion 2

Those bases and walls are an easy target whenever Cylconehda, Kuklonahda, Zeshrayda, or Wolgahda join the battle.



"Intrusion" introduces a new insect-type darker known as "ヴィドルーダ" Vidluda.  Utilizing their small size, they approach unnoticed and launch a stun attack.


Knight Volks

ナイトフォルクス Knight Volks

Lucky players can collect some new 11 star weapons, among them include a partisan, launcher, knuckle, katana, and rod.


 Super Hard Advance Quest Expanded

SHAQ Varder

Super Hard Advance Quests have now reached the Tundra, Mines, and Floating Continents. New 11 star weapons will drop as well.

The 11 stars in SHAQs are meant to match the look of a costume.


Mercy of Lillipa Card

If you bring a PSO2 EP2 Deluxe Package receipt to Club Sega Akihabara on March 20th, you can receive a clear foil and one of these cards designed by Mamoru Nagano. But wait? They're spelling it Lillipa now? What happened to Lilipur and Ririepa?


Double cannonIn addition, if you purchase select G-Tune (Japanese Gaming) computers or Windows 7/8 DSP versions in Japan, you can receive ダブル=カノン/リヒト Double-Cannon/Licht and other items.


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