PSO2 JP: Ceremonial Update 2014


~ November 5th Update ~



Ceromo Nyau

The ARKS Lobby will be decorated with monuments shimmering in gold, celebrating the anniversary of the founding of the ARKS. During this time, 'Ceremo Nyau' will appear in quests, wearing the Arks Trainee Uniform. Defeat him and you may obtain a special weapon camo!


Ceromo Knife
*セレモ・ナイフ (Ceremo Knife)


Hanging Nyau

The Arks Ceremonial Bingo will ask players to complete tasks in the Casino and Planet Wopal. By doing so, you'll receive rewards like a Half Doll, Photon Sphere, and a Nyau accessory.


Ocean of Death

A popular all star quest has been updated into a new Pre-Scheduled Emergency Quest. This quest will once again take place in the coastal field featuring Darkers, Oceanids, Naberius Natives, and Mechs.

Since Quna appears in Emergency Trials, let's join forces to defeat the enemies!



Arks Ship Competition Round 3

Arks Ship Comp 3

The ARKS Ship Competition: Ceremonial Cup will begin on November 9th through November 16th. Some of the round objectives will be related to the Floating Facility. This time the Rappy Groups are assembled as follows:

  • Red Rappy: Ships: 01, 05, 08
  • Blue Rappy: Ships: 03, 04, 10
  • Yellow Rappy: Ships: 02, 06, 07, 09

You can preview the final prize lineup at the Arks Ship Competition page. More information will be added in the future.


There's a bunch of new items you can acquire at the Prize Shop. Use the stars you've collected to purchase the *Arkuma Bayonet, the Arkuma Intercom, and Arkuma Backpack. Please keep in mind that some prizes are available at the conclusion of the event.


Noble Maid Afternoon

This scratch features a charming maid outfit, and a costume based on the guardian goddess, Athena! Popular characters from the Phantasy Star Universe series, "Magashi" and "Lou," will be releasing their costumes and voice tickets too!


Classic Maid Dress
クラシックメイドドレス (Classic Maid Dress)


Noble Athena
ノーブルアーティナ (Noble Athena)


Neo Magashi Costume
ネオマガシ (Neo Magashi)


Neo Lou Costume
ネオルウ (Neo Lou)


Alvida Looks
アルビダ・ルックス (Alvida Looks)


Gender Pirate C
ジェンダーピラートC (Gender Pirate C)


Drake Looks
ドレーク・ルックス (Drake Looks)


Lark Barbatos C
ラークバルバトスC (Lark Barbatos C)



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