PSO2 JP: Christmas & New Years Special Campaign 2012!

Christmas & New Years Special Campaign 2012!


Now you have three campaigns you can participate in over the holidays!

Campaign 1: Defeat Dark Falz!

Campaign Period:

  • Christmas: December 23rd ~ December 25th @ 23:59 JST
  • New Years: December 30th ~ January 1st @ 23:59 JST

Approaching Dark Arms Emergency Quest will appear on ALL SHIPS on the following date and times:


New Years

This quest can also appear many times during the campaign period other than the times specified above.


Campaign 2: For a Limited Time, More Login FUN Bonuses!

Each consecutive day you login during the campaign period nets you bonus daily FUN! Normal players will receive an additional +100 FUN and Premium Set players will receive +200 FUN each consecutive day they log in.

Campaign Period:

  • After December 26th Maintenance ~ January 9th, 2013 @ 11:00 JST


  • Day 1: 200FUN / 400FUN
  • Day 2: 200FUN / 400FUN
  • Day 3: 250FUN / 500FUN
  • Day 4: 200FUN / 400FUN
  • Day 5: 300FUN / 600FUN

Campaign 3:  Class Level 10+

During the campaign period, the account that signs on with a character of level 10 or higher in any class will receive wonderful presents! You also qualify if your character has already reached level 10 or higher before the campaign officially starts. However, you must login during the campaign period to receive the presents.

Campaign Period:

  • After Maintenance on December 26th ~ January 9th, 2013

Campaign Prize:

  • 99 Grinders and 1 Photon Sphere

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