PSO2 JP: Destroyer of History Update Part 1 (11/07/2012)

Today's update.

Class and Weapon Update

  • New Photon Arts for Swords and Launchers.

New Field – "Ruins"

New Ruins Field Quests

  • Level requirements for all Ruins quests are 25+ for Normal, 35+ for Hard and 42+ Very Hard.

New enemies

Zeshreida ゼッシュレイダ

Crabarda クラバーダ

Cyclonehda サイクロネーダ

Kyklonahda キュクロナーダ

These are just a portion of the new enemies.

New Emergency Code

  • New Emergency Code has been added

Client Orders

  • New Client Orders, New Daily Orders

New Weapons

Ruin Charm (Sword) ルインシャルム

Wolga Hands (Knuckles) ウォルガーハンズ

Plosion (Launcher) プロジオン

Leeuwenbook (Tails) レーウェンブック

New Room Items

Mystic Plant ミスティックプラント

Monolith Replica モノリスレプリカ

Mystic Flower ミスティックフラワー

Legend Ring レジェンドリング

These are just a portion of the new weapons and room items.

Excube system

  • Excube System has been added.

Exchange Shops

  • Excube and Photon Drop shops have been added (item listings for both shops can be found here). Units bought in the Excube exchange shop can't be traded despite having 9 star rarity.


  • New Mag Devices have been added

PB Device / Helix N PBデバイス/ヘリクスN

S-ATK Device 打撃デバイス/アタック

These are just a portion of the new devices.

My Room Item Shop

  • My Room Item Shop lineup has been updated. *The lineup in this shop is being changed in a rotation, so even if it's temporarily impossible to acquire certain items they become available at a later date.

Net Cafe Counter

  • New My Room Items and Renovation Tickets have been added to the lineup. Items shown below are a portion of goods that can be bought only while being in a Net Cafe.

She-lf (Room Item) タン・ス

Orient Theme (Renovation Ticket) オリエント・テーマ

Interrupt Ranking

  • Contents of the "Time Attack" and "Kill a number of specific enemy type" Interrupt Rankings have been changed.

7+ Star Items pick up notification function

  • In order to improve communication, a notification containing character and item name will be displayed for all party members upon picking up an item of 7+ star rarity.

Storage Menu Item Name Search Improvements

  • It's now possible to search for items with specific abilities.
  • When searching items in Storage, regardless of differences in whether you use katakana/hiragana, halfwidth/full-width, uppercase/lowercase, roman numerals/alphanumerics, you can still look up the related item in the Storage Search menu.

Addition of new Team related options

  • A display setting for Team chat bubbles has been added to options, allowing user to switch between “Show all chat bubbles”, “Show only the chat bubbles of players in the same area” or “Don’t show any chat bubbles”.

Changes to server-wide announcements display

  • he color of the window containing server-wide messages like Emergency Quest/Interrupt Ranking and Maintenance Notifications has been changed.

TIPS added

  • Various game related hints are now being displayed during loading screens.

Balance Changes

  • Amount of experience required for levels above 41 has been lowered.Level 41+ players may see the "xp to next level" value with a minus, but killing one enemy or turning in a Client Order will level up the player accordingly to the new values.
  • If a player would be level 51+ according to the new values, he/she will become level 50. Surplus experience will be recalculated into excubes which will be put into the Special Storage 運営倉庫 (that's where all the Item Codes items go) in the future.
  • Level requirements for various very hard quests have been lowerd so that more players would be able to enjoy them.
  • Drop rate of 7-9 star items from the enemies appearing in the very hard quests has been boosted.
  • Appearance rate of Rare Bosses during the very hard level quests has been boosted.
  • The following 10 star items have been strengthened: ベルクヴェルカー Berkverger, ノイズブローヴァ Noise Blover, ヴァーダーカノン Vardha Canon, アンブラステッキ Umbra Stick, ヴァーダービット Vardha Beat, マジカルウォンド Magical Wand.
  • Amount of items required for Coffee's level cap unlocking COs I and II (レベル制限解除試練・Ⅰ and レベル制限解除試練・Ⅱ) have been lowered.
  • Wand attack speed has been increased and hitstop (explanation) has been reduced.
  • The effect of the following skills have been strengthened: Shifta Advance シフタアドバンス, Deband Advance デバンドアドバンス, Shifta Critical シフタクリティカル, Deband Cut デバンドカット.
  • The duration and effect range of the Territory Burst テリトリーバースト skill have been boosted.
  • Additional damage has been added to the Wand Gear ウォンドギア skill.
  • Occurrence rate of the "Trick or Treat!" emergency quest has been lowered and the rate of other emergency quests has been buffed.
  • The range from which the "Vardha" and "King Vardha" bosses' drop can be trigger has been adjusted.
  • The initial cursor position in the "Delete Friend" and "Delete Team" window has been changed from "Yes" to "No".
  • Rappy type enemies under level 10 have been slowed making it easier to fight them.
  • The number of Fang Panther kills required for the level 45 +5 Skill Point Client Orders has been reduced from 5 to 1.


  • Fixed the error with the key bound to "Window Tab Forward" not switching Sub Palette tabs in the Sub Pallete Edit menu.
  • Fixed the bug with not being able to cancel the motion during the Machine Gun's "Satellite Aim" Photon Art.
  • Fixed errors with with the voice pitch during the Launcher's "Rodeo Drive" Photon Art.
  • Fixed an error with electric damage not occurring if "Gi Zonde" or "Sa Zonde" was used after "Zondeel" on a thrown Talis.
  • Fixed an error with some of the Machine Gun's Photon Arts not being canceled even after changing the Weapon Palette.
  • Fixed an error with being seen by other players as doing the walking or falling animation when attacking with Knuckles or bare-handed.
  • Fixed an error with bosses dealing multiple hits with one attack.
  • Fixed an error with the "Megid" techniques.
  • Fixed an error with some Photon Arts and Techniques dealing different amount of hits on the highest framerate setting.
  • Fixed an error with Sub Palette being changed when changing the Weapon Palette using a shortcut key.
  • Fixed an error with the Symbol Art pop up menu showing only the "Delete" option after opening the Symbol Art List.
  • Fixed an error with the status of the Partner Characters not reflecting the equipped items correctly.
  • Fixed an erorr with the icons for "Astela" and "Lambda Astela" Twin Daggers not reflecting their rarity correctly.
  • Fixed the "Hollow Wanderer" costume's mantle to float correctly.
  • Fixed an error with "Caution" risk status showing during item grinding despite using the grinding support items to up the success chance, which actually boosted the risk to "Safe".
  • Fixed an error with success chance during adding abilities to items showing "69%" after using support items, which actually boosted the chance to "70%".
  • Fixed an error with playing the incorrect voice while unleashing Photon Arts that could be charged (Voice played until now will be randomly played when a Photon Burst occurs).
  • Fixed an error with Auto Word for "Receiving a buff" not displaying when buffed with a support technique.
  • Fixed an error with the "move" motion for Casts changing without pressing "Accept Changes" button in case of entering the Beauty Salon with the "Hover" movement style selected.
  • Fixed an error with the attack frequency of Mr. Umbrella being extremely low during the "Gift of the Storm" Emergency Code.
  • Fixed an error with the Naura Sisters not appering in the "Trick or Treat!" emergency quest.
  • Fixed an error with the sky not becoming the "night" in the Halloween Lobby.
  • Fixed an error with part of the "Diamond Dust" weather change in the Tundra being referred to as "Blizzard". (From now on the weather observation Client Order formerly known as "Blizzard Observation" ブリザードの観察) has been changed to "Diamond Dust Observation" ダイヤモンドダストの観察)
  • Fixed an error not allowing to send whispers through the "Communication History" menu.
  • Fixed an error with only a part of the SEGA logo intro movie being display in some cases.
  • Fixed an error with Rare Bosses not being recorded correctly in the "Rare Enemy Kill History".
  • Countermeasures against hacks (cheating tools).

System Changes

  • Statistics of the Special (Untekked) Weapons are now going to be decided during the identification instead of the moment of picking it up as it was until now. (This change will apply only to the Special Weapons dropped after the 07/11/2012 patch).
  • Being hit by the stick thrown by Mr. Umbrella in the "Gift of the Storm" emergency code will now count toward clearing it.
  • Effect when using the "Ra Megid" technique will be changed not to be so bright.
  • Screenshots can now be taken in a 0.2 second intervals.
  • When having multiple Matter Boards the the initial cursor position when opening the Matter Board menu will be the currently selected Board.
  • Block names on all ships have been changed.
  • The number of premium blocks has been changed.
  • The "Destroyer of History Part 1" promo movie has been added to the Arks Lobby.

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