PSO2 JP: SEGA ID Registration Page Error (Updated)

November 14th Maintenance

The scheduled maintenance for this upcoming Wednesday will be performed at a different time. On Wednesday, November 14th, the scheduled maintenance will occur at 04:00 ~ 12:00 JST.

Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Contents

  • System Maintenance for the SEGA ID Management Page

SEGA ID Registration Restored

Update 11/12/2012: Over the weekend,  when accessing the SEGA ID Registration page outside of Japan, users were greeted to an error message barring access to the site.  As of 11/12/2012, this error message has been removed and new accounts can now be created without needing a Japanese proxy.


The previous error message made the site unavailable based on the physical location of the user signing up. During that time, when accessing the page from a Japanese proxy, the website was online and accepting email address for new signups. However, this has not affected the SEGA ID Management page which was still accepting users outside of Japan.

We can conclude that SEGA blocked registrations due to the influx of RMTers (Real Money Traders) and bots automatically signing up for the game when they were previously banned. There's a possibility that from time to time, the SEGA ID Registration page may block access to those outside of Japan (perhaps when it detects a large stream of accounts being created.)


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