PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (4/21/2016)

The Phantasy Star Online 2 servers will be undergoing an Emergency Maintenance on April 21st.

Emergency Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Reasoning

  • Due to the confirmation of a serious bug.

The development team has confirmed a bug in which items with the [Returner II] special ability could appear in the Unit Shop. Seeing as how this bug could considerably affect the game's balance and economy, they've decided it best to perform an emergency maintenance.

Course of Action

  • In order to correct this bug, the development team has removed [Sub/Add Mind e] from the Unit Shop.
  • In order to lower the value of [Returner II], they plan to have units attached with [Returner III] as a reward for clearing the "Escape Quest" on Extra Hard. This will be performed in a future update.




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