PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (4/21/2016)

The Phantasy Star Online 2 servers will be undergoing an Emergency Maintenance on April 21st.

Emergency Maintenance Schedule

Maintenance Reasoning

  • Due to the confirmation of a serious bug.

The development team has confirmed a bug in which items with the [Returner II] special ability could appear in the Unit Shop. Seeing as how this bug could considerably affect the game's balance and economy, they've decided it best to perform an emergency maintenance.

Course of Action

  • In order to correct this bug, the development team has removed [Sub/Add Mind e] from the Unit Shop.
  • In order to lower the value of [Returner II], they plan to have units attached with [Returner III] as a reward for clearing the "Escape Quest" on Extra Hard. This will be performed in a future update.




69 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (4/21/2016)”

    1. Players from PSO World saying was maybe because units with Returner II on unit shop.

      Look like everyone was abusing and buying a lot that units to do Returner V.

    2. that is indeed what it's about, according to the official site's notice.

      of course if they want to worry about ability stuff screwing with balance they need to do something about the fact it's possible to have 150+ extra attack stuck on everything you own, instead of just curtailing access to one particular thing in it.

    3. If you can put together the resources to 150+ Atk affix all your gear and not break too much furniture when Dudu and Moanica inevitably screw you over during the process – well, you've earned it. For what it's now worth.

      Because AFAIK even by the standards of people with literally nine-figure Meseta balances that's grotesquely expensive and mostly just a particularly extravagant exercise in "conspicious consumption" anyway.

    4. "you earned it" doesn't justify it breaking balance, which it surely does.
      "you earned it" doesn't hold up well as an excuse in a game where RNG luck counts for more than effort does in terms of rewards in 95% of content.
      and you're too hung up on the specified number; the fact of the matter is that the amount of attack people can stick on everything, particularly units, is out of hand. it might not have become a problem, if sega didn't feed everything through a stack of percentile modifiers that all boost eachother in sequence, but that's how skills were made to work, that's how latents end up working, and that's why being able to slap upwards of 400 extra attack onto your gear is just as much a problem as some of the other things people regularly note that sega fails to properly address.

    5. Oh right, forgot you're a complete moron with chronic whine issues. My bad.

      Let me guess – you don't actually have the slightest idea just how much affixing it takes to put 150+ ATK on all your gear, and how much trouble just putting together the necessary mats is?
      There's a slew of good reasons most people *don't even try*, all the more so as flat stat bonuses aren't really worth it anyway. Going from, say, 80 Atk to 150 affix kit takes enormous amount of farming for and/or expenditure of meseta on fodders for comparatively minuscule gains in real damage output.

      It's also quite unnecessary, and is thus mainly done as a project by players who already have everything and resources to spare.

    6. sorry to say this but i am agree to RANDOM on this i know how much time and money to affixing it hall it take me 3m meseta just add Ability III on 2 units and fail so many time -_-
      i know RANDOM is assH*** and all but he's right you know

    1. "“Emergency” Maintenance due to developer negligence"" <– the true headline.. argh after the super long – extended maintenance too… booo sega booooooo

    2. These two comments reek of teenagers who know nothing of game development. Slips happen.

    3. You do realize that's the very definition of emergency, right? What game project, let alone online game, have you worked on? I'd like to check it out to see how flawless of a project it is. Since you know, "negligence", and not "oversight" and all.

  1. No wonder. I bought a bunch of returner units in the unit shop, a ton of 2s, 3s and 4s.. Sadly, I didn't manage to see some 5s returner units…

    1. SHAAAAAME! :< SHAME ON YEW!, how dare you attempt to ruin the balance of the game, YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

    2. If my math is correct, the returner affixes I bought would worth about more or less +500m meseta. I didn't bothered to count since I just keep on refreshing the shop to buy those returner affixes. Worth it though. And I'm 70% sure that there will be no rollback or anything similar of sorts. I'm planning on having 7s or 8s Austere set with Astral soul in each unit. My current meseta and that price from returner affixes I got would suffice my power hunger in the game. I never thought it will be this easy though.

    3. sega may indeed rollback, or in the case of returner units from shop, they will likely make that one unit unsellable.
      as for units made using those R2' clue.
      but sega could rollback the game a bit.
      this is why you don't go all in after a huge update.
      anyone that remembers Psu's 1-up cup disaster can attest to that.

    4. And if I'm still not satisfied, I would 8s both my Austere DS and my Austere TD with Astral soul too. Isn't that great? Though, I'm not keeping my hopes up as the final decision will still depend on SEGA..

  2. I was thinking at first it had to do with the bug about the collection sheets. I got 100% progress on de malmoths without even killing one and does not spawn in the zones. I was clearing Medullards and I got like 70% and in the Quarry I finished it. But I guess that might be fixed, but if the returner so OP, definitely needed to fix XD

  3. I was wondering why can't I login. Then I thought "no way, no way there's a maintenance again right?"

    *checks bumped*


    1. Hey Sega – Great PS4 launch! 0.o Coming up on 4hrs now and still offline… ugh…

  4. Can anyone explain what Returner II is? The maintenance started while I was making my first character, so I don't know much, and it's a bit hard to find information that's in English.

    1. 'Returner' is what a lot of people call an 'affix'. Weapons and units (units = armour) can have these 'affixes' on them that boost certain stats. Returner 1 is a pretty rare and hard to get affix, because it drops only on a unit you get as a reward from a very rare randomly occuring quest (I haven't had it in over a year). Returner 2 is obtained by combining several Returner 1 items.

      Simply put, they accidentally added a stupidly rare, potentially economy-ruining item to the armour shop by accident, and they're rolling back/confiscating all the instances of it that players managed to buy (hopefully) and taking it out of the shop's potential items for sale

  5. Good cause in PSU there was the S+10 glitch that ruined the economy for over a year plus. Sega did an emergency main. But didnt roll it back so all the glitched items remained permanently. It was rediculous.

    1. "Good" would be them having proper quality assurance, so that we don't have to sit here -wishing we could play- while they take their sweet time to fix a problem that they should not have introduced in the first place.

    2. Is Sega even a real company anymore? They can't seem to release much of anything (especially PSO2) outside of Japan (please translate more games to other languages Sega!) – they have the most insane maintenance of any MMO.. USA gets the anime but not the actual game… wha-huh? I'm beginning to wonder if "Sega" is nothing more than a few leftover dudes who used to make Sonic games just sitting around in an old warehouse these days..

    3. If you're referring to yourself: wholly the latter.

      Otherwise: Try reading more before you post ignorant, inflammatory horsecrap.
      He made perfectly valid points about Sega's apparent decline from being a power-player in the gaming world.

      You on the other hand, parroted buzzwords that you don't understand.

    4. I'm not the one going on lurid hyperboles over an as-such minor error in a rather large update slipping by QC.

  6. Expand your vocabulary instead of misusing words you do not properly understand.

    Read a book or two before attempting to appear intelligent.

    1. Attempting to insult the other party's intellect while failing to post under the relevant comment chain.

      Stronk irony here folks.

      Also feel free to elaborate on how EXACTLY was I supposedly "misusing words [I] do not properly understand"? Because if need be I can actually back up that usage with dictionary definitions thereof; seems to me more like it's *you* who's unfamiliar with such "complex" vocabulary and is limply attempting to pooh-pooh them with vague allegations…

    2. *sigh*
      Every time i read this site, there's always appear comments like these…
      Please stop it guys, this isn't good for you or anyone.
      We're here to check the status, updates etc of the game, not to comments like these. Especially to say the dev (SEGA) are bad company or something like that when you still playing a game from SEGA.
      It's more ironic than anything in this world that would be.

    3. f#cking agree man
      Everytime im here, I see banter like i just went into a bar on a monday night with 90 drunk guys in it with a wrestling ring in the middle or something, its a joke

      For a PVE game theres a lot of pvp going on around here lol

    4. Isn't it obvious? Random has been posting a lot more compared to most people on here. The issue with his posts are the lack of subtly and how he belittles any person who thinks differently than he does. On top of that he has what i call "First-Last gaming syndrome".

      First-Last GamingSyndrome: If it isnt't what the player believes is the best; it sucks, a waste of time, not worth getting, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool.

      Compare that to right minded players/commentors who find middle/subtle ground in what they say when they disagree on something.

      In short while he has a right to disagree with others, he certainly does not have the right to ridicule others because they think differently than he does. Hence him being the first person i've had an immature convo with re pso2.

      Quote from Zero: "sorry to say this but i … to RANDOM on this i know how much time and money to affixing it … and fail so many time -_- i know RANDOM is assH*** …"

      That quote says a lot.

    5. I merely have poor tolerance for puerile whining and gross stupidity.

      I'd also remind you that I do go to considerable pains to actually explain *why* I think someone's being a fool, while readily providing as helpful answers as my knowledge allows to legitimate questions people post.

      Also. Bitter much?

    6. =D Wrong. I wasnt bitter at all. I was happy that someone other than me had something to say about how you comment. I'm even more grateful that i wasnt the first person to directly comment about your comments.

      And i did not butcher that quote, i deliberately selected specific parts in the quote that support my views and omitted what i disagreed with. Your only saying that because the way i quoted it s against you. You state your lack of tolerance to stupidity but what you call "stupid" and what most people here call "stupid" are two vastly differnet things.

      Again i said the issue isnt so much what your saying, its how you say it. I don't feel bitter at all, anyone who sees the sequence of posts you make might think your more focused on getting the last word than making your point.

      Oh and if i was "bitter" i would have stated things much worse than you have recently; TRUST ME. 😉

      You are completely unaware that there is a far more subtle way to state your comments. Maybe more people would think your comments are worth reading if they didn't question the intelligence of whom you were replying to. Why don't you GET tolerance and stop expecting people to agree with you or know things you believe they should know all the time.

    7. The amount of rank butthurt radiating from that post puts the lie to your claims. And you seem to be rather conspicuously leaving out the part where he opines that while I'm an asshole I'm also *right*, which seems remarkably silly and petty of you seeing as how anyone can simply scroll up the page and see the full post for themselves.

      Also puzzled why you claim to be reading my mind. Of course I could phrase things more diplomatically; I just don't bother if the other party doesn't merit it.

    8. If its so "silly", why refer to it in your reply? The fact that it's silly means im really not as upset as you make me out to be. At least I'm not name-calling.

      Here's what's going to happen: I'm going to make my last comment to avoid extending this wall of text. If im wrong, and i wont be, you won't feel so butthurt to my comments, be the better person, and let me have the last word.

      But if im right, and i will be, you will state something that is in combo brash, rude, cycnical, or condescending, (or all four) in order to respond to this post or because you feel the urge to get the last word.

      Its a WIN-WIN for me. Either i get thr last word or give people here one more reason to believe that your the most butthurt person of all. I will understand if anyone else here thinks I'm being hypocritical.

      Lets see what happens. =)

  7. I can't access the character selection menu, it's just blank over there no matter how long i wait for it to appear. Anybody got the same problem like me ?

  8. I may be completely new to this game, but I think this is worth mentioning since I've seen several people upset that this wasn't fixed before it was released. I've played a few MMOs before, and all of them have had their fair share of problems. I'm pretty sure I've heard of problems similar to this one, as well. And when a major problem occurs, a maintenance generally isn't far behind. Why didn't they fix the problem before releasing the update? Because they weren't aware of it. MMOs are huge, and the developers have no doubt fixed countless problems before release that we will never even know about. But no matter how thoroughly the developers test it, there will always be far fewer of them than there are players. After a large update like this, I'd be surprised if at least a couple bugs DIDN'T show up.

    1. Most people that find this sort of incident inexcusable also not going to consider such update as substantial. After seeing people getting upset over scheduled maintenance and unfulfilling reward for extended maintenance, there's little left for a surprise. It looks like an old tradition.

    2. Makes remember when they add the Black Nyack… And closed it the tomorrow because of a gain and bet bug. ^^ Well, not even sure they try to test their own adds before putting it but yeah… MMOs are huge and this one it even more huge. Nobody knows how much time they work and how but everyone always want to complains… That makes me want to say "Just try to do a MMO as awesome as PSO2 and let's see if you can do better" but well… It's not worth going into such answers.

      Anyway… If people are too bored about things like that, they're also free to leave and never play again… )x

  9. Anyone have a problem when u are are playing on vita and the other account is ps4 that is using the same wifi will disconnect one after one?

  10. Question totally out of the subject but: Does Klotho still gives his PC? I've done plenty of his missions, his friend level is at the max and he wanna give presents regularly but still no mission to have his PC.

    Don't know if he's worth it, but well…

    1. Still gives it? I'll continue stealing his money for completing his missions then… Thanks.

  11. Sup, everyone.
    [If this is not the spot to get help, please warn me and I gonna delete it.]

    I recently came back to play PSO2 [After long ass pause] and I noticed this new chapter 4 cause of the new animation of awakening of the character.
    So, first I tried to change the route of the episode [You know, with all the branches of the episode system] and it instantly directed me to a loading screen. A lot of waiting later, I noticed that the game got stuck there.

    Then I closed and went back, and noticed that there was option to go to episode 1 ~ 3. And again, it got stuck on the loading screen. Now every time I load my character in either episodes 1 ~ 3 or 4, it gets stuck on the loading screen.

    I ran the troubleshooting options a lot of times and didn't installed a single english pack to see if would make difference… But it didn't made any.
    Anybody got that problem solved or has a solution for this?

    1. err i think this happened to me when i first got ep 4 update. check for missing files, then update using old method, update if it asks you to and you should be good to go.

    2. Aye, many thanks, Tipsy!

      I tried what you said and it seems to be working now. [Still gotta download all the English files though.]
      Got no clue what was the problem before, but if I found out I'll post somewhere.

      Just for full explanation in case someone comes looking for help with the same problem.
      Goes in Troubleshooting and search for Old/Missing Files
      Then look for Updates with Old Method
      And run the Old/Missing Files just to be sure the Game Guard didn't removed anything.

  12. how to fix the np 1203 error ?
    keep force close my pso2 just right after reaching Lobby

    and, the tweaker still deleting it self,
    im using win10 btw

    1. If you used Tweaker before and try recheck files with official launcher and continue with error NP1203 same without use any engpatch installed. Is because the garbage of tweaker install a folder called "plugins" without ask to you. Just delete that folder are inside game folder. I recomend the tradicional metod: copy and paste eng patch + .bat to run game.

    2. Let's see you run the item translation patch without, quote, the garbage of tweaker, unquote, and its plugins folder, o mighty coder.

    3. I dont use item translation, i used tweaker ages ago only to auto apply basic eng patch to menus etc. But from last updates Tweaker force downloads of extras things and simply install that plugin folder there. If u check content there hv damage parser, item translation etc etc plugins (DLL). GG force game crash dont because of folder but because of DLLs. Maybe GG think DLL is a kind of keyloger or cheatengine whatever.

      When i buyed my xbox one controller on 2015, i got a problem of driver to map buttons on pso2, i tried a soft called xinputplus. xinputplus hv a advanced tweaks to do any controller work how a old xbox360 to be 100% compatible with pso2. BUT…. to xinputplus work, that need install a dll need stay same folder of pso2.exe , when u run game and reach lobby… NP1013.

      That was my hint when i get first time error NP1013 now on 2016. I dont was aware tweaker installed a extra folder with a bunch of dlls inside game folder up to get first error on last week update with precede. Sorry my bad english, i am from Brazil.

      I wish tweaker can hv a alternative version was lightweight, simple version with the basic, like: run game, check files and install eng patch and nothing more. last version of tweaker is filled of functions but i know many peoples dont use more of 3 or 4 options inside tweaker.

      Now i use tradicional copy and paste (eng patch from original source on psumods forum) + .bat file to run game to bypass official launcher. works like a charm.

    4. Textual diarrhea and misses the point entirely. Oh and Tweaker works just peachy on my comp so eh.

      Going by what the people actually working on the code have written about it, GG doesn't give two shits about the plugins folder anyway. It apparently searches for specific blacklisted filenames, "PSO2 Tweaker.exe" being one,
      Which is why the current solution involves automated creative renaming of the prog at launch.

    5. it works, thanks for the tips,,,

      it was make me feel desperate before
      missed all the EQs

    1. People mad of it, People hate it, and nobody like it
      i just can not believe that GG put my Japan kanji stroke sequence learning software in their black list

    2. Oh, I can. I've been fighting Game Guard since PSOBB, and there have been periodic problems with false positives for ten years now. Those guys are so fly-by-night they make bats look normal, and their security has enough holes to make Swiss cheese look like a brick wall by comparison.

      Any company still using Game Guard is doing so by inertia because it only gets in the way of legit users. Game hackers have had bypasses easily the whole time and never have to deal with it at all as a result.

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