PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (6/11/2017)

Earlier today, the Phantasy Star Online 2 servers experienced an Emergency Maintenance. The development team identified the issue and carried out a server equipment exchange to prevent the possibility of future data loss.

Emergency Maintenance Complete

  • June 11th @ 20:00 ~ June 12th 2:00 JST

Maintenance Reasoning

  • An issue discovered with the server could possibly cause data loss

The development team discovered an issue with the server equipment that could potentially cause data/player data loss in the future. They have completed investigating the issue, and don't forsee a need to rollback any data at this time. 

Course of Action

  • They will be rescheduling the EQs that were scheduled to take place at 20:00 JST, 22:00 JST, and 2:00 JST.
  • They are considering some form of compensation for users

12 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Emergency Maintenance (6/11/2017)”

  1. I just hope that they won't take a week. (Like when they got hacked all those years ago!) Then again the server upgrade last year was something like almost two days. It sucks that one or more of the hard drives has given out just after their birthday. Poor guys.

  2. Nah, it's not a coincidence, it's someone's work. The chances of it(what they are saying) happening at this time(anniversary) are way too low.

  3. wasn't their previous 15hour MT was about hardware upgrades?
    I assumed that hard drives were included in that

  4. Just curious would anyone here stopped playing if the new their data was wiped?
    What kind of compensation would you expect for such loss?
    Not saying it's actually happened, everything is most certainly fine, no way such huge company wouldn't mirror all their data, pure speculation!

    1. Compensation? When you log in, you get a sheet or smth where you can pick which classes should be max level(2, 4 or more? no idea) and they would give affixed/grinded weapons/units/pets for those classes. Ofc everything would be unlocked in character creation so you could 100% recreate your characters and you could chose up to 200 [Ou]/[Ba]/[In]/costumes and camos before heading to the lobby.

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