Quna Returns to the Stage with Two New Songs

~ June 14, 2017 ~


Special Training: Episode 2

[Special Training: Episode 2] is a week-long limited quest that takes place on Planet Wopal, Planet Lillipa, and the Mothership. Same as last time, you can freely play with friends or strangers without fear of failure, as the quest will clear even if time expires.

Additional client orders targeting this quest will be available from Xie. Clearing them will net you more 5th Anni. Badges to trade in at her shop.

Other New Features

  • A quest trigger for [In the Driving Rain 2017] will be added to the Treasure Shop.


Quna's Live Concert

Quna is set to hit the stage with brand new songs for the first time in three years! Her spectacular performance will captivate the audience as she graces the lobby in her new outfit.


Cosmic Twinkle Star

[Cosmic Twinkle Star] is an action-packed performance featuring an aerial dog fight in the middle of the lobby! Be sure to access the monument in the shopping area to lend Quna your support!


The End of Light (Where The Light Resides)

Join Quna on stage as backup dancers in her live performance of Episode 4's ending theme: [The End of Light]. Participating will grant players a special Title that rewards the [ARKS Dance 2] lobby action!


Mother Cluster Imitation (SG Scratch)

The Mother Cluster regalia of Kohri, Och, Phul, Bethor, and Haggith will become available for players to wear in the latest SG Scratch. Master the control of aether and become an apostle of Mother!


幻創使徒礼装・氷[Ou・Ba] | Phantom Apostle Ice
幻創使徒礼装・月[Ou] | Phantom Apostle Moon
幻創使徒礼装・日[Ou・Ba・In] | Phantom Apostle Sun
幻創使徒礼装[Ou・Ba] | Phantom Apostle
幻創使徒礼装・木[Ou・Ba] | Phantom Apostle Wood
*墜剣・グラム | Fallen Sword Gram


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