PSO2 JP: Episode 3 Cup + Item Design Contest 2014 Results

The Arks Ship Competition "Episode 3 Cup" is set to begin on September 26th, 2014. Everyone can join in on the festivities earning stars and points by clearing the objectives in each round. Ship alliances will be different this time around, with some rule changes, and new objectives pertaining to Planet Harukotan. In addition, the Arks Ship Competition will be given its own special site containing detailed information and rule explanations.


Arks Ship Competition Changes

EQ Stars and points

In the first competition, the Ships were given a boost two rounds ahead based on their current standings. However, this time, the boosts apply to the next round. They also changed the way the boosts are calculated, giving ships a chance to make a comeback. In addition, they increased the cap on the amount of points players can contribute and added in some Emergency Quests related to the current round.



Final Prize Shop Lineup

arkuma final prize

The final prize lineup will see some changes. Ships in first place will still get to choose from exclusive prizes. However, Ships that place in 2nd ~ 5th place will now be able to choose from the same list of prizes. Once the entire event is over, Ships who place in 1st ~ 3rd place will earn more star rewards than the previous event.


Arkuma Prize Shop Update

New prizes are available at the Arkuma Prize Shop. Some of these prizes include Arkuma's headphones, tail, jet boots, cushion, and poster. Keep in mind that some prizes are available after the event is over, and among those, some are available only to Ships who reach in first place. Be sure to also link up the Lillipan and Rappy Race with your friends and aim for the finish line.


Emergency Quest Update

EQ Level Up

Balance adjustments are coming to Emergency Quest in the form of increased enemy levels. Enemies in super hard Emergency Quests will now appear at level 66 ~ 70! The benefits of this change gives players the chance to acquire items of high rarities.


Luxurious Performer

Hood Scarf A

September 24th's scratch features outfits from Arkuma and Quna, along with Braver themed costumes and parts!


アメノウタヒメ Ameno Utahime
アメノウタヒメ Ameno Utahime


アークマスーツ Arkuma Suit
アークマスーツ Arkuma Suit


ストアコレット Stoa Colette*
ストアコレット Stoa Colette


グランコレット Gran Colette
グランコレット Gran Colette


レクトアギル Rectagil
レクトアギル Rectagil


エクレピスト Eclepiste*
エクレピスト Eclepiste


スライトリトル M Slight Little M


slight little f
スライトリトル F Slight Little F 

※Please help suggest better item names.

Sega published the results of the 2nd Item Design Contest. The entries were selected from around 1,300 submissions. The selected works will have their designs transformed into in-game items; more details will be provided at the official site in the future.


Weapon Camos

Design Contest Weapon 1
First Prize
~ Kikoku-Hagun ~
Artist: Hound


Artist: 東雲Twin Dagger, Rod, Wand
Second Prize
~ Azure Papillon ~
(Twin Dagger, Rod, Wand)
Artist: 東雲


Artist: フェチ子Bullet Bow
Third Prize
~ Kokuyōyoku ~
(Bullet Bow)
Artist: フェチ子



Chosen Works



Design Contest Costume 1
First Prize
~ Variant Vixen ~
(All-Race Female)
Artist: ganesagi


Artist: zebulaFemale (All Races)
Second Prize
~ Chartelier Courante ~
(All-Race Female)
Artist: zebula


Artist: ketaruMale (All Races)
Third Prize
~ Fenrir Coat ~
(All-Race Male)
Artist: ketaru


Chosen Works



Design Contest Accessory 1
First Prize
~ Cat Ear Scarf with Io-chan ~
Artist: キャミ魂
※Io-chan not included.


Artist: わしの
Second Prize
~ Photon Ring ~
Artist: わしの

Artist: せっちゃん
3rd Prize
Artist: せっちゃん



Chosen Works



Design Contest Mag 1
First Prize
~ Honu Honu ~
Artist: みっく


Artist: 雑貨屋ももんが
Second Prize
~ Koume ~
Artist: 雑貨屋ももんが

NyandrionArtist: 草薙芳
Third Prize
~ Nyandrion ~
Artist: 草薙芳


18 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Episode 3 Cup + Item Design Contest 2014 Results”

  1. …maaaan. sega's judges have questionable taste. that bow is godawful. making a good looking bow is NOT hard, jeez…. the weapons last time sucked too.

    and some of what I've seen show up on pixiv among the non-winners has, again, been pretty sweet. even a camo that was for every weapon type, and each mode was distinct.
    actually, make that two. one just went up a little while ago that's literally a swiss army knife.. might be missing jetboots or I might not be parsing what I see properly.

    here, quick rehost job on some rejects that caught my eye. I'd just link stuff from the official site but seeing as routing and all… yeah.

    1. That would be nice if they made the camos for all weapons be in it, or have at least one camo per weapon so none are left out. 🙁

      I do really like the design of the scissors, cause they'd go so well with dressy clothing, but wish it were for more weapons. I honestly think they should let all the twin dagger camos work on dual blades too, cause they don't seem much different, but that's just me I guess.

    2. Archer's swords please. Photon Blade Fever is just too similar to Unlimited Blade Works to not make them Dual Blade camos.

    3. Damn love those two wep camos. But for the swiss knife i think they dont want to get sued by the owner/company anything else Sega should have atleast put them to chosen works

    4. the basic design of the swiss army knife is so prolific these days that I imagine the original designer(s) probably can't be bothered to care, so long as their logo isn't on it. *shrug*

    5. For the swiss knife they didn't want to make 12+ separate weapon models with extra transition animations of anything into anything.

    6. as if any other multi-weapon camo is actually shown changing. and as if they show bio weapons changing from a card to a full size weapon. and so on. 😛

  2. I like most of the new costumes, however.. the Fenrir coat? That stuff in the back does have to be added to the ingame model. The second unisex outfit is great, not too much going on in the outfit, also less clippings.

  3. Meant to say doesn't* I mean the outfit outstanding, I just don't care for the hangging part but the waist belts are cool.

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