PSO2 JP Experiencing DDoS Attack

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 June 27th @ 16:30 JST

PSO2 Service Reopens

The DDoS attacks are coming in at a much lower rate. Sega has reopened PSO2 service as of June 27th 16:30 JST. Unfortunately, there are still other services that need to be reopened, and it will take some time to complete this task. 

  • They will need some more time in addressing PSO2es, they'll announce at a later time when they'll relaunch service for PSO2es.
  • AC purchases will be suspended for a while. They'll announce at a later time when AC can be purchased again.

Sega will announce the rescheduling of the 6/26 update after examining the stability of the servers. The countermeasures they now have in place may cause, under specific environments, communication delays and connection difficulties. In regards to this, they plan to make improvements while examining the stability of the service.

Sega will post another followup report on Saturday, June 28 @ 19:00 JST.

At this time, the current services have been suspended:

  • AC Purchases
  • Smartphone Version PSO2es Logins

At this time, the following bugs have been confirmed:

  • Players with OTP enabled may receive an error message upon logging in. If this occurs, you should wait some time before trying to login again. If you get through, this bug may resurface if you log out and log in again.

As for compensations, they plan to address them after examining the stability of the servers.

Compensation Plans:

  • They will examine some kind of compensation for all users.
  • They will extend the AC expiration date.
  • They will consider extending items that are valid for a period of time, like Premium Sets and Extra Storage Slots.
  • They will discuss the new schedule for the various events and campaigns (including the interlocking WEB Event) at a later time.
    • Targeted Events & Campaigns:
      • Item Design Contest
      • 2nd Anniv: Character Contest
      • 2nd Anniv: Character Portrait
      • Interlocking Web Event Missions
      • MJxPSO2 Campaign
      • PSO2 New Registration Campaign #9
      • Buy AC Campaign #11
      • Welcome Back Go! Go! Campaign #2
      • Spend AC, Get Items Campaign #9
      • Sonic's Birthday 2014
      • Webmoney Campaign #10
      • Client Order Campaign #56
      • PSO2 Live Broadcast #21 Secret Keyword
  • They will extend the expiration date for campaign item retrieval.
  • Compensation details and dates will be discussed at a later time.



The following contents have been extended:

  • Twinkle Splash: July 2nd @ 11:00 JST
  • Sega Platinum Selection: July 16th @11:00 JST

More extension announcements will be posted in the future.



Comments have been reopened, however they will be placed under strict moderation and may take some time to show up. Some comment threads and their replies (regardless of whether they were reasonable or not) have been removed. After the service restores, the comment section will return to its regular format.


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