PSO2 JP: The 2nd Anniversary Cup + Episode 3 Teaser

The recently announced Episode 3 now has an HD teaser video ready for you to overanalyze. Episode 3 releases in late August with all sorts of new features. Players can experience the new Bouncer class with its striking weapon "Dual Blades" and tech weapon "Jet Boots." The journey to the Oracle's rebirth begins with Episode 3!

Osaka Festa Information (Rumours)

  • Sizustar posted some notes obtained from guests who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Osaka.
  • There is no way for us to verify the information presented there at the moment, so you may read the list at your own risk.
  • Whenever there's information posted word of mouth from a non-streamed Festa, they'll be placed within a rumours list at the bottom of a post. 
  • 6/23 Update Added confirmed information to slides.


Planet Harukotan

~ The Planet of Titans; White and Black, where the two powers clash. ~


White and Black titans

Planet Harukotan where Titans Dwell

Planet Harukotan has a Japanese-style atmosphere, with cherry trees and butteflies fluttering around. Its split up into two major inhabitants, the "White Harukotans" (4m tall) and "Black Harukotans" (8m tall, the tallest pictured above).

(Festa Attendees' Tidbits)

  • ARKS are approximately 1.8m tall.
  • White Harukotans are approximately 4m tall.
  • Black Harukotans are approximately 8m tall.
  • White Harukotans were described as timid.


New Field

New Field

In this new field, the Black Harukotans are invading White territory. You'll team up with the White Harukotans in eradicating this threat. Ascend the rooftops and aim at the Black Harukotan's weakpoint.


Harukotan Enemy

Anja Duriri

Titans aren't the only enemies you'll come across. There's also ghost-types like the "Anja Duriri." During the battle, a miasma envelops the field, increasing the Black Harukotan's power. The player can stop this by destroying some "lanterns" to purify the effect.


Dark Falz Twins

New Darkers and Boss

Dark Falz Double [Twins] controls Toy-like Darkers. Though they may seem cute at first, there appears to be a "grotesque" evil side that comes forth. This field will also introduce a Black "ice" Titan, 15 meters tall, known as Gigur Gunnegam.

Other Tidbits from the Festa

  • Accessory slot 4 will become available. You can adjust the positioning of accessories for free.
  • You'll be able to see other parties on the map.
  • The movement speed will reach a similar speed to doing a step cancel.
  • Jet Boots are Tech dependent for both PAs and normal attacks. Dual Blades are striking dependent. 
  • They have plans for a Wopal Time Attack Quest.
  • They're adding ways to make money so that people don't rely on Time Attack Client Orders too much.
  • If things go well, they may try another Virtual-On Force collaboration.
  • They're going to have a leggings body paint.
  • They'd like to do a soccer lobby some day.
  • They'd like to have a Matoi friend partner one day.
  • Sakai's favorite class is Hunter.


Casino Area

~ Aim for a Fever. Play with friends and earn Casino Coins ~


Arks Ship Tournament


Due to the DDoS attacks, this update has been postponed until further notice.

The [2nd Anniversary Cup] begins on June 27th! Ten ships will be split into 5 groups represented by a Rappy. The group with the most overall victory points at the end of all events will become the champions!


Rappy Groups

Ship Alliance [6/27 ~ 7/6]

  • Red Rappy Group: Ship 5 + Ship 9
  • Blue Rappy Group: Ship 4 + Ship 6
  • Yellow Rappy Group: Ship 2 + Ship 8
  • Green Rappy Group: Ship 1 + Ship 7
  • White Rappy Group: Ship 3 + Ship 10


Get Stars Arks Ship Tournament

The event is split up into several rounds occurring during the morning and evening hours. In each round, players will be tasked with completing a certain objective; whether it is to defeat a certain enemy, or clear a certain quest.

  • Example Round 1:  June 27th @ 12:00 ~ 22:59 JST
  • Example Round 2:  June 28th @ 0:00 ~ 10:59 JST


Arkuma Prize Ship

Players who clear the objectives will earn points and stars. Stars can be used to purchase boost items and other goodies at the Arkuma Prize Shop! Points on the other hand will count towards your group. After the end of each round, the scores are tallied up to determine the winning group.


Rappy Races lobby

You can watch the Rappy Race in the Shopping Area to see the current standings. The results will be posted on the large monitors at the end of each round and at the end of the entire event.


 Arkuma Prize Shop

rappy race 1

Rappy Race

Push the button at the right moment to see your rappy waddle its way to the finish line! Line them up to play a competitive racing game.

Arkuma mat

Arkuma Mat

An Arkuma welcome mat. Don't forget to leave a welcome message for guests.

Arkuma Puncher

Arkuma Puncher

A knuckle weapon camo modeled after Arkuma. This can be purchased no matter what place you're in.

Arukuma device

Evo. Device / Arkuma

A mag evolution device modeled after Arkuma. This can be purchased by the group that reaches 1st place in the final ranking.


2nd anniversary sticker

2nd Anniversary Sticker

A sticker designed with Arkuma holding a star.



 New Emergency Quest

Falz Angel New Eq

June 25th will launch with a new pre-scheduled Emergency Quest that takes place on the infested Mother Ship. An assortment of Darkers such as Goldrahdas, Vidludas, Doubluné + Doublundas, and Lanz Varedas can appear. Eventually you'll reach Falz Angel, where on Super Hard, it can drop new items. 



This Emergency Quest will feature a new Darker weapon known as the "Ignix." This weapon causes explosions all across the room, which could be quite troublesome in tight spaces.


Shining Heroes AC Scratch

This scratch will contain weapon camos, costumes, hairstyles, and room items. In addition, you can also obtain voice tickets from the main cast which includes extra chat commands: [/vo13] ~ [/vo22].

レイジ・レプカ Rage Repca


サクヤmodeC・レプカ Sakuya modeC Repca
サクヤmodeC・レプカ Sakuya modeC Repca


ミスティ・レプカ  Misty Repca
ミスティ・レプカ Misty Repca


アルティナ・レプカ Altina Repca
アルティナ・レプカ Altina Repca


ユキヒメ・レプカ Yukihime Repca
ユキヒメ・レプカ Yukihime Repca


ケルベロスQ・レプカ Kerberos Q Repca
ケルベロスQ・レプカ Kerberos Q Repca

Other stuff

  • Extreme Quest: Forest and Dragons (Stages 61 ~ 70) 

63 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: The 2nd Anniversary Cup + Episode 3 Teaser”

  1. them [toy] darkers, man. they're quite different from what we've faced thusfar in terms of appearance. boosted creepy, seriously. *shudder* I suppose it's fitting for them to be the minions of a "creepy twins" pair though…

  2. Announcements from the Osaka Fan festa event
    Sakai and KMR explain the current situation for PSO2

    – There is no perfect guard against DDOS

    – DDOS won't last long(Not sure of source)

    – Server will be reopened, compensation, and Premium time will be compensanted in one form or another

    – DDOS is not the same as Hacking, and not to worry about Player data.

    – Please follow official twitter for more announcement

    Game future update

    – Accessory position editing will most likely not cost AC after player response

    – Episode 3 size will be 7G total

    – Added feature that you can see MPA on map too, beside party member.

    Movement Speed change

    – In the future, movement speed will have a normal speed and top speed(After running a short while) Top speed will be the same speed as Step Cancel

    – There is no plan to change or edit Step cancel, it is still a viable strategy for short term movement, for long range, just run till Top Speed

    Other Tidbit

    – Jet Boot depends on T-Atk for it's normal and PA

    – Dual Blade depends on S-Atk for it's normal and PA

    – Jet Boot will also depends on S-atk, like Bow's kamikaze depending on S-atk

    Time Attack
    – Episode 3 will have new TA

    – Klotho's TA will have change(Money earned or other) This part isn't clear, might reduced to 1/4 of current reward, but increase other quest's money earned.

    – Virtual on Collab, if reaction is good, they might do another one with more mechs from Virtual on

    – All balance change for all class will be announced prior to Episode 3 release

    1. Clear up 2 thing that is not clear

      Jet Boot PA, some will have S-atk Influence like Br Bow PA Kamikaze

      Klotho's TA will have change – Amount earned will be toned down to 40% of current amount(So VH/SH TA used to be 600k, will now be 240k) They might increase money earned from other Daily and NPC Quest too. And Sega also say, if you play well for a full day, you can earn the old TA same amount, Reaction to this has not been positive, so this might change again. Like the reaction to Accessory repositining costing AC

      Osaka Event attendee get the same 2014 T-shirt ingame, and the Osaka shopping district Mascot Room item and Accessory

    2. Please differentiate between the Striking ATK stat: (打撃力) and the Striking Damage type (打撃威力)

      Bows do not use a player's S-ATK for anything, it's all derived from R-ATK. Kamikaze Arrow deals Striking based damage, however, while most other Bow PAs deal Ranged damage.

    3. My first thougs:
      New acc costumization free… Great
      MPA location. … Great
      Tacos are boring chore´s anyway,,, 50/50 – no more easy money
      7GB Man look at the size of that thing …. AKA thats no Moon

  3. So excited for this new update. Can't wait! ^_^ Though..I don't like the idea of reducing Tacos rewards. >.< Bleh.

    1. Yeah, I rather no have new TACOs at all if they will do a reduction so drastic like that. It means that they will take longer and be more tedious. If 1 CO was 100k meseta now it will be merely a 60K?

    2. You know what would be great? If they made selling items worth something again. Back in launch days, it had OB's exchange rate on selling items so nobody would end up poor after an average Hard run. While grinders were scarce and somewhat costly, anyone could make 16k-20k in 15 minutes and invest in a bunch, even more if lucky with a nice Burst.

      A few months later, they for some seemingly unexplained reason made the value of items absolute crap and also made the player economy a trainwreck by adding TAs as a focal money-making and reducing Grinder drop rates even further down, and boosters of all kinds that weren't Meseta Gain +10% were barely a thing.

      Now you get Grinders all the time, Triboosts, Rare +250% from trading in six useless 10*s, and VH/SH TAs get you a daily 600k+ but the monotony of it sucks most of the fun out of the game even with friends if you go at it nonstop for days and even weeks. And now they're drastically reducing the reward for TACOs?

      Couldn't they just make selling weapons and units more than just a better way to discard them again? I kinda miss that a lot…

    3. >A few months later, they for some seemingly unexplained reason made the value of items absolute crap

      blame china RMT bot

    4. They reduce the price because of unlimited MPA, RMTer and bots that uses a program that kill everything and pick up everything on the map instantly.
      Then go back to drop ship, and sell for alot of mooney for a few hours work.

      After the price reduction, they raised it to the current level, but player were not able to make a good income, then they added Klotho's Time Attack quest, so people can get a daily "Salary" that enable them to grind, use drinks and invest in the economy.

      It is not very likely ot increase the price of drop, what is more likely to happen is decrease TA money earned, set it to a weekly or quest or increase money earned from daily and NPC quest.

    5. the problem is that making it take a stupid amount of time to make money via playing the game versus spamming TAs is that a botter hardly cares how long it takes because they're not playing it.

      making TAs the only effective way to make money did nothing but cause people to spam TAs each day and then log out. comparing it to a salary is idiotic. minimum wage at best, working a couple hours a day with no chance to improve your pay or get more hours.

      if they gank TACO payout and raise other quests, people will move to only doing the highest paying of the newly boosted quests as much as is needed to offset the TACO loss, because the majority of the game still won't be worth looking at for the purposes of making money.

      fact of the matter is that they went overboard nerfing the profits from selling loot. the 80% reduction was effectively a 100% reduction inasmuch as, again, they rendered most everything that drops not worth the time it takes to drag it back to the camp ship to sell.

  4. Hmm, since a new TA would be coming into play, i'd rather have them rebalance the payout for "each" CO with still amounting to 600k, more or less, rather than it be reduced to 40% of total current amount

    1. From what I understand, they want player to play more then just TA.

      It start first with 12 person MPA that lasted forever(They later tweaked that monster will only spawn in a MPA for..3~4 hour) and reduced the money earned from selling drops.
      Player response was that it's impossible to earn money then, so Sega added Klotho's TA(Not alot of Bot/RMTer are doing Daily TA, compared to farming MPA)

      So currently by what they say during the announcement, they reduce TA(It can still earn money) but also increase payout from Dailly order, and Franka meat ando ther quest.
      They want player to play together and interact with each other, not just sitting in lobby. SHTA 2/4.

    2. I really hope that's the case cause I'd REALLY rather play the damn game then just farm TAs all day every day. After two years of playing this game, I could use a change of pace. Lets just hope sega is successful in rebalancing the way we earn our income as ARKS.

  5. Just hope it'll take the same time to earn 600k from VH/SH TAs when they do tone down the amounts. Collect orders, imo, take some more time compared to 100k per 4-7 minutes of a regular TA run.

    1. You do know you can buy up to an extra 50 permanent character inventory slots right?? or are you on about the rent-able storage boxes??

    2. I think most people know about the extra character inventory stuff, but it really is crap that we can't buy permanent extra storage too. Sticking stuff you don't plan to use for a while/very often in a 1 month storage rental is a good alternative since you can shove everything in there and take it out if you need to even after it expires. But its still lame that there's no permanent way to increase it. I would pay a bit of a premium (no pun intended) to get more permanent storage.

      OTP space is nice for people that use it, but its still only 200 and a slap in the face to people who can manage their account security fine without extra annoyance every time we log in or in case our phone were to get stolen or lost.

    3. There's no such thing as too much security. It's stupid easy for someone to compromise virtually any security you think you have if they want to and know how to. Another layer is not a bad thing to have, and hey, free storage!

  6. I'm actually looking forward to this update. New lobby/class adjustments should be interesting (or catastrophic). Movement speed+mpa sight will be useful in general… Though I'm not sure how fun the new planet will be, it seems pretty strange compared to the others.

    Need better male hairs/costumes. Like, yes, really!

  7. personally I wish they'd just unnerf the return on selling stuff to NPCs. tacos are great if you can stomach them, but they wore out their welcome with me in a hurry. by the time I could reliably solo them I didn't want to do so anymore; it'd be nice to be able to make money by playing the rest of the game.

    when I run EQs like cradle of darkness, there's tons and tons of loot… and it's all worth so little there's minimal reason for me to spend the time going back and picking up everything I couldn't carry during the run. I actually dread un-ID'd rares, too, because if it's not something useful then I'm losing considerably more than I'm gaining, but on the off chance of something good I can't just ignore them. as for those I wish they'd flag them so that when NPC'd you'd get back the fee from IDing them, or at least half of it, on top of whatever joke of a resale value they bring.

    trying to stop botters/RMTers by hamstringing legit people and forcing them into a soulcrushingly repetetive part of a game whose randomized "infinite adventures" are a selling point is dumb.


    jetboot normals running off t-atk is kinda weird; I suppose it's a choice to avoid making them "wands but better", but it still hurts if you wanted to hybridize. yeah, I know, dirty word in western PSO2 circles, but some people DO like to mix things up.

    1. At the very least, I'm hoping that I can pull of a Bo/Br combo (all 3 combat types, potentially :D)… Although I actually forget why I wanted to do that at all, so maybe I'll just go with the flow, idk

    2. which suggests other problems exist. one is left to wonder why sega can't manage RMT without gimping people who don't enjoy sucking the fun out of the game and yet other companies manage it; then again, this is the same company that can't figure out how to make a partial item name search function without overloading the servers. -_-; for all the things sega can do, it seems like the comparitively simple ones elude them.

      one way or another, if they intend to get people to do something other than lobbyrat and spam TA, they're going to have to figure it out. TACOs have been a major economic imbalancing factor from the moment they were implemented; people who can stomach spamming them introduce millions to the economy per day. it is unreasonable for them to funnel in so much money and everything else essentially not paying back the effort of doing it; when the players tell you that you've made it impossible to make money, the answer is not to make it so that there becomes exactly one viable way of making money, the answer is to reevaluate what you did that made it such a problem to make money.

      for all the talk of RMT, I never saw prices explode in general anywhere like when TACOs came along. it seriously suprises me to see it implied that there's not a lot of TA botters, because the TAs being completely non-random makes them an obvious target for scripting.

      and again, trying to stop botters/RMTers by hamstringing legit people and forcing them into a soulcrushingly repetetive part of a game whose randomized “infinite adventures” are a selling point is dumb.

      as-is, if the loot isn't a rare, and a lot of the time even if it is, the current loot prices are so terrible it's not worth the time to pick stuff up if you're not feeding it to your mag. I should not be running SH quests and ignoring every single drop because of it not being worth the time to go back and forth into the campship to sell things every couple minutes.even if you have a shop pass running at the time, the majority of what drops still isn't worth picking up because it'll barely be worth more than NPCing it would get you, if it even sells at all. this sort of thing should not happen.

    3. Well, since is still down, but you should compare the number of banned user that was in the tens of thousands to the current tens, to thousands at most, when they changed the loot system price down and TACO, and IP Banned China.

    4. To be fair, weren't most of the bannings those of people on Ship 2, foreigners who were considered affiliated with maybe-not-but-definitely-Broomop's hacking antics? Considering the big influx of foreigners on that terrible excuse for a ship at the time, it was kind of perfectly rational especially considering the ToS outright forbidding us filthy gaijins and whatnot. They loosened up at least, so that's one good thing.

    5. nice attempt at sidestepping, sizu. sadly, all that sort of thing does is annoy and demonstrate your lack of counter-arguement.

      yes, they have a lot fewer bans since blocking out the chinese goldfarm sweatshop industry. doesn't change the matter at hand.

  8. any info on July's update which is TD3? Or TD #3 is slated for this release instead? Two separate updates would be better for the English patch team to adjust.

    1. Yay! I love that EQ you know that. I always attend it whether it TD 1 or 2 and now even 3 when it comes out.

  9. If the Toy Darkers are weak to Ice, I'm just going to say that I called it. Because I've been speculating for a while now that, if it's not a new Falz we fight, then it'll be Double, and their Darkers will be weak to Ice as it's the only element (aside from Dark) that we haven't seen used for Darkers yet.

    1. Yeah, although I was half-expecting them to be feline Darkers or something… XD
      That's not to say the toy Darkers are a bad idea, I actually think it's a good one

    2. Yeah, that's true. >w>
      Although, being childlike, Toy Darkers do make a bit of sense… And we don't need any mini Banthers running about. D:

    1. Kamikaze Arrow using S-ATK is nonsense. It uses striking multipliers, not the stat, the same way Wand Gear explosions use S-ATK multipliers despite being calculated from T-ATK. The way damage is calculated, there are basically three formulas. One is for striking attacks, one is for ranged attacks, and one is for techs. All R-ATK based attacks that cannot perform a headshot are calculated as a striking attack, but use R-ATK in place of S-ATK.

      This makes the remark about Jet Boots' using S-ATK misleading. What it should say is that they use striking multipliers, not S-ATK.

    2. Uhhh… What's the differences? Sorry I dont understand… I was a Braver then now switched to Gunner but I didn't even know when I was Braver that Kamikaze Arrow using S-Atk, I thought it was R-Atk, now with this Multiplier thing? Maan, I need to read more forum thread…

    3. What Kamikaze Arrow does is calculate using R-ATK, but all benefits of striking multipliers affect its melee portion, instead of ranged multipliers. Basically, there are "types" of damage, striking, ranged, and tech, just like with the ATK stats. Right now, everything that uses S-ATK is striking "type", but not all attacks that use R-ATK or T-ATK are ranged/tech attacks, respectively. Basically, it can be broken down like this.

      If it can perform a headshot, it is a ranged type attack.
      If it is a tech, then it is a tech type attack.
      If it is neither a ranged type attack or a tech type attack, it is a striking type attack.

      In other words, an attack has two categories it falls into when calculating damage. The ATK stat it uses, and the type of damage it falls into. In the case of Bullet Bows and Twin Machineguns, both exclusively use R-ATK for all of their attacks. This also means that all damage from them checks the enemy's R-DEF. But for things like Bow's Step Attack, or TMG's Dead Approach, they are, for all intents and purposes, striking attacks. They just use R-ATK and R-DEF instead.

      The importance of this distinction is that some skills just plain won't work with some attacks, because they're checking not for the ATK stat, but for the damage type. Fury Stance gives a superior bonus to striking type attacks, so in the above mentioned case, you'd be getting 15% more damage from Fury Stance. But you'd also be losing out on things like Zero Range Advance, because they only work for ranged type attacks. It also means that you, under no circumstances, can perform a headshot with these attacks, because, as a striking type attack, the game checks for the enemy's striking hitzone.

    4. Okay, That's pretty detailed and easy to explain 🙂 thanks… So for another example is Like Gunner's PA that use Kick, like Reverse Tap/Heel Stab, that's make sense with the S/R Multiplier thing because the damage differences is pretty odd… If that really use S-Atk, my S-Atk is really suck like 700 or so, but Heel Stab still rack up 4k+ damage, now it's explained…

      So, basically with that explanation, If I planned to use Jet Boots as main, sub Hunter is also good choices because I think Jet Boot Kicks will get S-Atk Multiplier Bonus from Fury, which is arguably most powerful… Techer aside is also great, and Fighter somewhat is good too…

    5. So what about Techers' wand melee? Is this an exception, since the wand has both S-atk and T-atk values on it?

    6. @Kyres

      Wand melee is divided into two hits. The first hit is the standard one, the wand gear explosion is the second hit. Both are striking type attacks, but the standard hit uses S-ATK, and the wand gear explosion uses T-ATK. The explosion is also unusual in that it does not benefit from Just Attack or its related bonuses. Standard hits already do more damage than wand gear explosions, so people generally take this to mean that Techer is a hybrid class, because you can either go S-ATK for higher single target melee, or T-ATK for better wand gear explosions and techs.

      That's the theory, at least. In practice, because S-ATK only affects basic melee hits, T-ATK is far and away the better option. Not only do stronger wand gear explosions help tremendously in swiftly eliminating Zondeel'd enemies, techs are still the best way to defeat a single target in nearly every situation. Elysion Ilbarta is particularly devastating, and a Te/Hu can make use of Vol Graptor + Ilbarta spam off Guarus to get similar effect to Banish Arrow + Ilbarta spam. Then, when you consider that you're still going to be doing a similar amount of damage with your wand melee thanks to the split damage, it's clear that an S-ATK mag is only offering you somewhat higher single target melee damage, while a T-ATK mag offers you almost the same thing, and then a lot of other benefits the S-ATK mag could never make up for.

      So basically, Techer is not, by any means, a hybrid class, insofar as ATK stats go. For damage types, sure, both striking and tech are important to it. But it can practically ignore the actual S-ATK stat, since investing in T-ATK does almost the same thing and a whole lot more extra stuff.

      I'd have replied directly to your post, but I'm not actually given the option to, for whatever reason. Same for the post above yours. So I replied to the closest one to it. Hope that works out.

  10. This is what every mmo does eventually. They all want you to do everything to enjoy the game to its fullest, but once they start nerfing thing that are great for casuals and hardcore grinders alike, and its all they like to do, you have problems soon retaining players. Guild wars 2 did it already multiple times and then you wonder why no one wants to play your game anymore.

    Its people with jobs that play your games and support you, not the basement dwellers. Companies need to understand that and throw them a bone too.

  11. Not all "unemployed loser adults" are unemployed because they're losers, yo.

    Some of us have legit disabilities, as I do.

    The fact that you can't play "all day" is not something you should hate on others for.

  12. Good news, I'm also the one who bored with tacos… I'm bored but I have to do it… and somehow it actually become my daily routine… I find myself more and more lazy to do other quest… I do not know about my friend thou, they always invite me only to do tacos… yeah, who doesn't want more money? especially for those Free Player, tacos is currently the biggest hope to keep up with premium user… with Balancing Quest Reward I hope this routine could be change even a bit…

    And for the other Update… I'm too excited that I cannot expect it to here because it will take super long, but I think mine like most of arks in here…

  13. I'd have some sympathy, but the Vita port is the reason SEGAc has been gimping the PC client for, what, over a year now? Just so they can say "Well, technically, PC and vita players can play on the same servers, sort of…"
    I'd like my limb respective and camera aware motion blur and smoother texture filtering back please.

  14. Oh how I just want the game to be back online in time for my weekend to start again. Rather tired of wasting time on fillers while this debacle plays out. Not that I blame Sega for the issue because that would be dumb, I just want to get back to my regularly scheduled grinding. I have to whittle away the time with something and getting my force and techer up to 70 sounds more valuable than me wasting time on some other F2P where I really have no allegiance.

    1. How could that possibly mean that? If anything, you should be more worried that HU will be the next OP FotM (which Im sure is just baseless FUD; neither will happen. HU will get fixed and I will finally be much pleased)

    2. I think it means the opposite. Hunter is my favorite class, too. Ive always loved the great sword and fighting claws (even if they have been turned into w.lances for PSO2). I can play a hunter just fine, and be "OP" like the other classes. The problem is everything is dead before you can reach them lol! So, Im guessing Hu will get a speed buff and perhaps an elimination of having to charge PAs(I hope).


    -A.I.S. summons at 200, 7000, and 10000 Pt.
    -Each summons last 2 minute
    -Each player can summon up to 3 time
    -New type of Darker
    -A.I.S. has 6 different attacks
    -6 new 11* confirmed
    -Crystal will gain more point as the round go on, from 10pt to 30 pt

    Ruka outfit

    Dengeki Q&A

    1. 3 Slot is just not enough for Accessories~~
    A. We've been receiving player feedback since the beggining regarding this.
    As can be seen in the Episode 3 preview video, it will be increased to 4 slot.
    Due to new compression(I'm not familiar with this part) and new filing
    We can finally add a 4th slot, adding more slots is impossible.
    Also, players can also now place the accessory to their desired slots, and it is FREE.

    2. What size Memory card should PSvita player prepare?
    A. After all the updates, 8gb is no longer enough, I say 16GB minimum
    But we are planning new slimming update, and Episode 3 total will be about 7GB, so it should be playable on a 8gb memory card, but for future update sake, please use a 16gb Memory Card

    3. Regarding interaction, is there any plan to change the HUD?
    A. In Episode 3, you can see other team on the mini-map/radar, there are other plans, please wait and see, we will announce more in the end of august update.

    4. Is there plan to add Chest hair or Leg hair make up for Male PC?
    Sakai: No.
    Rikopin(Ark Live broadcast idol): Then what kind of hair?
    Sakai: What are you trying to make me say?

    5. Please Implement Greasy/Fried/sticky Rappy outfit.
    Rikopin: My thought after tasting it, is that it is sticky/gummy.
    Sakai: There is no plan to add in the Gummy/Fried Rappy outfit.
    This is one of the dish served at the live Festa at Franka's booth

    6. About Movement Speed?
    -Because Step Cancel has become the prefered movement method for alot of player for specific situation, we want to make it easier for other players, so we are increasing movement speed.
    PC version movement speed will be the same as Vita(Not sure on this example, are they different?) but movement speed will be increased by 30~40%

    7. Regarding Bio and other stone exchange bouncer weapon, when will they be out, and what kind of stone?
    – They will not be available immediately, but not too long, about 2 week after Bouncer is added in, and exchange item, let's keep it a secret for now.

    8. Regarding the Jet Boot of Bouncer, will it's damage base be on S-Atk or T-Atk?
    No matter the PA or normal attack, it will depend on T-Atk, but some Jet Boot will have S-atk on it, the reason, let's keep it a secret.
    Dual Blade will be S-atk.
    The added weapons will be mainly high level gear, the number will be about the same as Katana when it was released, maybe 3 more then the total of Katana at release.

    9. When will Coast TA be added?
    It is already planned, it will be implemented shortly after Episode 3

    10. What will happen to Klotho Bank?
    Because players depends too much on TA to earn money, we plan to add in more method of earning meseta.

    11. Body paints, is there plan to add in a tight shorts, the default one doesn't match panty color, which makes me sad?
    It will be added really soon.

    12. Will Virtual On get a second season pack?
    – If reaction is good, it will definetely get it, even Katoki Sensei(Mech designer for Virtual On) wanted to add in more of his mechs.

    13, When can we get Matoi Partner Card?
    One day eventually.

    14. What is the purpose of the Red/Blue room in the Shop area?
    It was origionaly planned for guild/team to use it as a gathering place, but everyone juse use the Ark Lobby, we don't have any good idea, so if you have any, we welcome them.
    We had thought of removing them, but since some people still use them, but decided to keep it.

    15. In the more recent outfit concept arts, why is there panty designs?
    Player feedback, after the Yukata concept art, we got overwhelming response on wanting panty design.

    16. Any feature from past PS game you want to bring back?
    Sakai: Soccer LOBBY.

    17. What jobs do you all play as?
    Yu Suganuma : I play all the jobs
    Kimura: Ra
    Sakai: Hu
    Enomoto: I like Ra, but I main a Fo
    Marinka(Ark Live broadcast idol): Gu
    Rikopin: Te

    18. About the future balance change for all the job?
    It will take too long to explain it here, we'll relase more information at a later time.

    Source: Dengeki Online cover of the PSO2 Osaka and Q&A with the PSO2 crews

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