PSO2 JP: The 2nd Anniversary Cup + Episode 3 Teaser

The recently announced Episode 3 now has an HD teaser video ready for you to overanalyze. Episode 3 releases in late August with all sorts of new features. Players can experience the new Bouncer class with its striking weapon "Dual Blades" and tech weapon "Jet Boots." The journey to the Oracle's rebirth begins with Episode 3!

Osaka Festa Information (Rumours)

  • Sizustar posted some notes obtained from guests who attended the Phantasy Star Festa in Osaka.
  • There is no way for us to verify the information presented there at the moment, so you may read the list at your own risk.
  • Whenever there's information posted word of mouth from a non-streamed Festa, they'll be placed within a rumours list at the bottom of a post. 
  • 6/23 Update Added confirmed information to slides.


Planet Harukotan

~ The Planet of Titans; White and Black, where the two powers clash. ~


White and Black titans

Planet Harukotan where Titans Dwell

Planet Harukotan has a Japanese-style atmosphere, with cherry trees and butteflies fluttering around. Its split up into two major inhabitants, the "White Harukotans" (4m tall) and "Black Harukotans" (8m tall, the tallest pictured above).

(Festa Attendees' Tidbits)

  • ARKS are approximately 1.8m tall.
  • White Harukotans are approximately 4m tall.
  • Black Harukotans are approximately 8m tall.
  • White Harukotans were described as timid.


New Field

New Field

In this new field, the Black Harukotans are invading White territory. You'll team up with the White Harukotans in eradicating this threat. Ascend the rooftops and aim at the Black Harukotan's weakpoint.


Harukotan Enemy

Anja Duriri

Titans aren't the only enemies you'll come across. There's also ghost-types like the "Anja Duriri." During the battle, a miasma envelops the field, increasing the Black Harukotan's power. The player can stop this by destroying some "lanterns" to purify the effect.


Dark Falz Twins

New Darkers and Boss

Dark Falz Double [Twins] controls Toy-like Darkers. Though they may seem cute at first, there appears to be a "grotesque" evil side that comes forth. This field will also introduce a Black "ice" Titan, 15 meters tall, known as Gigur Gunnegam.

Other Tidbits from the Festa

  • Accessory slot 4 will become available. You can adjust the positioning of accessories for free.
  • You'll be able to see other parties on the map.
  • The movement speed will reach a similar speed to doing a step cancel.
  • Jet Boots are Tech dependent for both PAs and normal attacks. Dual Blades are striking dependent. 
  • They have plans for a Wopal Time Attack Quest.
  • They're adding ways to make money so that people don't rely on Time Attack Client Orders too much.
  • If things go well, they may try another Virtual-On Force collaboration.
  • They're going to have a leggings body paint.
  • They'd like to do a soccer lobby some day.
  • They'd like to have a Matoi friend partner one day.
  • Sakai's favorite class is Hunter.


Casino Area

~ Aim for a Fever. Play with friends and earn Casino Coins ~


Arks Ship Tournament


Due to the DDoS attacks, this update has been postponed until further notice.

The [2nd Anniversary Cup] begins on June 27th! Ten ships will be split into 5 groups represented by a Rappy. The group with the most overall victory points at the end of all events will become the champions!


Rappy Groups

Ship Alliance [6/27 ~ 7/6]

  • Red Rappy Group: Ship 5 + Ship 9
  • Blue Rappy Group: Ship 4 + Ship 6
  • Yellow Rappy Group: Ship 2 + Ship 8
  • Green Rappy Group: Ship 1 + Ship 7
  • White Rappy Group: Ship 3 + Ship 10


Get Stars Arks Ship Tournament

The event is split up into several rounds occurring during the morning and evening hours. In each round, players will be tasked with completing a certain objective; whether it is to defeat a certain enemy, or clear a certain quest.

  • Example Round 1:  June 27th @ 12:00 ~ 22:59 JST
  • Example Round 2:  June 28th @ 0:00 ~ 10:59 JST


Arkuma Prize Ship

Players who clear the objectives will earn points and stars. Stars can be used to purchase boost items and other goodies at the Arkuma Prize Shop! Points on the other hand will count towards your group. After the end of each round, the scores are tallied up to determine the winning group.


Rappy Races lobby

You can watch the Rappy Race in the Shopping Area to see the current standings. The results will be posted on the large monitors at the end of each round and at the end of the entire event.


 Arkuma Prize Shop

rappy race 1

Rappy Race

Push the button at the right moment to see your rappy waddle its way to the finish line! Line them up to play a competitive racing game.

Arkuma mat

Arkuma Mat

An Arkuma welcome mat. Don't forget to leave a welcome message for guests.

Arkuma Puncher

Arkuma Puncher

A knuckle weapon camo modeled after Arkuma. This can be purchased no matter what place you're in.

Arukuma device

Evo. Device / Arkuma

A mag evolution device modeled after Arkuma. This can be purchased by the group that reaches 1st place in the final ranking.


2nd anniversary sticker

2nd Anniversary Sticker

A sticker designed with Arkuma holding a star.



 New Emergency Quest

Falz Angel New Eq

June 25th will launch with a new pre-scheduled Emergency Quest that takes place on the infested Mother Ship. An assortment of Darkers such as Goldrahdas, Vidludas, Doubluné + Doublundas, and Lanz Varedas can appear. Eventually you'll reach Falz Angel, where on Super Hard, it can drop new items. 



This Emergency Quest will feature a new Darker weapon known as the "Ignix." This weapon causes explosions all across the room, which could be quite troublesome in tight spaces.


Shining Heroes AC Scratch

This scratch will contain weapon camos, costumes, hairstyles, and room items. In addition, you can also obtain voice tickets from the main cast which includes extra chat commands: [/vo13] ~ [/vo22].

レイジ・レプカ Rage Repca


サクヤmodeC・レプカ Sakuya modeC Repca
サクヤmodeC・レプカ Sakuya modeC Repca


ミスティ・レプカ  Misty Repca
ミスティ・レプカ Misty Repca


アルティナ・レプカ Altina Repca
アルティナ・レプカ Altina Repca


ユキヒメ・レプカ Yukihime Repca
ユキヒメ・レプカ Yukihime Repca


ケルベロスQ・レプカ Kerberos Q Repca
ケルベロスQ・レプカ Kerberos Q Repca

Other stuff

  • Extreme Quest: Forest and Dragons (Stages 61 ~ 70) 

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