PSO2 JP: Friend Invitation System

It's time to introduce something brand new to that system update coming in September. It's called the "Friend Invitation System."  When you invite a friend, both you and your friend can gain cool items together.

When the invited player's character reaches the level goals of 10 / 20 / 30 / 40 in any class, both players are given a badge. When there's two or more characters, it's whichever character reaches the level goals first. You can trade these badges at the "Badge Exchange Shop" which is next to the Recycle Shop. Some of the items you can receive include:


シニヨン飾り Chignon Decoration


ファニーリボン Funny Ribbon


ハートメガネ Heart Glasses


スターメガネ Star Glasses


カンカン帽B Straw Hat B

This is truly the next hat simulator!

Anyways, what you've seen so far is only a glimpse of the items you can get, you can expect to see some fun weapons too.

  • Make sure your friend has never made any characters on any ships before being invited. Even if they made a character and deleted them, they can't be considered "invited."
  • You must tell your player id and ship number to the person you are inviting.
  • The invited player must start the game on the same ship as the player who invited them.
  • If either character moves to a different ship, you can no longer obtain the badges. However, if they return to the same ship again, you can obtain badges when they reach their next level goals.
  • You can accept an invite from your friend 1 time, but you can invite other friends any number of times.

With the new classes coming out in September, when you change classes, you'll become level 1. If you invite a friend who has not played PSO2 before, you can level up together without worrying about the level differences.



Little Prim Concept


Wasp Series


Naura Cake Sisters!
(Take a gander at the weapon palette.)

Yes the Cake Sisters are back in a brand new Interrupt Event. (Maybe you'll Code: Attack them? Not really..) Also next week, the information that everyone has been waiting for will be released in various ways.



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