PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 1 Recap

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  • Phantasy Star Online 2 NGS is scheduled for release in 2021!


Quick Recap

  • NGS takes place 1000 years after PSO2 with a renewed graphics engine and huge open fields. You can switch between PSO2 and NGS using the same character.


Special Features

  • NGS and PSO2 will allow your character to play both worlds freely.


Update Trailer

  • The visuals have been updated from the previous trailer based on feedback. The theme song now has vocals.


The Main Visual

  • The stream revealed the main visual for PSO2: New Genesis!


New Genesis Story

  • The ARKS appear in New Genesis, but this time they are defending a planet called HALPHA from the DOLLS. The battle against the DOLLS has been going on for decades, but nobody knows where they come from or why they're attacking.
  • The ARKS consist of the Halphanian people, but there are other individuals arriving to the planet. These mysterious people are known as Meteorn, and they arrive from outer space through pods.
  • The Meteorn have no memory of their life before they arrived, and no one knows where they come from.
  • Many of the Meteorn have decided to join sides with the ARKS to fight against the DOLLS.



  • We introduced the first three classes in the previous recap, but this time they revealed Fighter, Gunner, and Techer!
  • Fighters are good at close range combat. They use Knuckles which can hit the enemy in quick succession. They can also sway to dodge attacks.




  • Gunners return with the stylish roll and chaining system with Twin Machine Guns.



  • Techers can perform their usual wand elemental explosions. In addition, Techers can even block attacks!


The Six Classes

  • Each class will be able to equip two to three types of weapons.
  • However, during the closed beta, they will only be able to equip one weapon type.
  • Announcements for new weapon types will be revealed at later dates.



  • You can once again select a sub-class, allowing you to use weapons from another class.


Multi-Weapon System

  • With the Multi-Weapon System, you can put the actions and photon arts of another weapon type into your main weapon. For example, you can switch freely between sword and assault rifle, or even wand and knuckles without changing the weapon palette.


Wall Kick

  • This lets you automatically jump up from obstacles or walls.



  • Woah! What's This! You can now swim in New Genesis!


MAGS in New Genesis

  • Mags are quite different from their PSO2 counterparts because they no longer support you in battle. In New Genesis, they act more like a helpful partner who becomes a portable terminal in the story. In addition, they react to new facilities in the open fields as you approach them. 



  • The Ryuker Device allows you to teleport to far away locations.
  • You can also teleport to a visited Ryuker Device from the main menu while you're out on the field.



  • Scattered across the field are Cocoons. These allow you to participate in Instanced Quests, which you can perform solo or with a party.
  • These quests appear to have various objectives designated under "Main Missions" and "Side Missions." For example, while the Main Mission wants you to reach the end, the side missions will task you with challenges such as clearing it within 5 or 10 minutes, or receiving less than 10 hits, etc.
  • The Training Cocoon showed during the demonstration appears to present a reward of 1 Skill Point.



Emergency Trials

  • Emergency Trials can occur randomly just like in PSO2.
  • Two new trials revealed today showcase the ARKS intercepting the DOLLS Control Aircraft, and the clearing out of a Assembly Point.



Region Mags

  • This gigantic mag will give a boost to all players on a Ship. Everyone can participate by feeding it various materials to increase the boost rate. There appears to be a "Social Boost" and a "Personal Boost." For example, the Social Boost increased the EXP rate by +10%, and the Personal Boost increased the Rare Drop Rate by +10%.



Emergency Quests

  • These quests can occur randomly at certain areas in the field.


Central City

  • This city serves as the base of operations for the ARKS. As a lobby, it can hold up to 100 players in the same instance. Here you can chat and use the facilities around the city.


Feature: Tasks

  • NPCs will provide you with various tasks to complete. These will net you rewards like EXP and Items, etc.


Feature: Food Stand

  • You can create various food that provide boosts such as 「ATK UP」 and 「PP UP」.
  • Materials can be gathered from trees and wild animals.


Feature: Item Enhancement

  • The Item Lab so far has the following features:
    • Item Grinding
    • Limit Breaking
    • Ability Affixing
    • Potential Unlocking
    • Multi-Weapon
  • You can grind your items to make them stronger. The demonstration appears to be using the NT grinding system.
  • Special Ability Affixing lets you add effects onto your weapon. In the demonstration, they affixed a sword by supplying it with 10x 「C/Power I」 and 10x 「C/Forms Soul I」 capsules. This led to success rates of 100% for 「Power I」 and 90% for 「Forms Soul I」.
  • It appears each capsule adds a success rate for their specific abilities:
    • One 「C/Power I」 = +10% Power 1 success
    • One 「C/Forms Soul I」 = +9% Forms Soul I success


Feature: Multi-Weapon

  • First you select your base weapon, then add the weapon that will be used as the material.
  • Once complete, your base weapon will gain access to the second weapon's category.


Finger Movement

  • Your fingers can now move in Lobby Actions!



  • Shortcut Words, Group Chats, Auto Words, and Symbol Arts will continue to be available in NGS. In addition to this will be Stamps as another form of communication you can use.


Switching between PSO2 and NGS

  • At the character login screen you can select whether you want to log into PSO2 or NGS.
  • In addition, the block changer in PSO2 allows you to switch to NGS.
  • The Ryuker Device in NGS lets you switch back to PSO2.



PSO2 Graphics Engine Update

  • PSO2 will acquire a graphics engine update.
  • This feature is scheduled to be released in February.

39 thoughts to “PSO2: New Genesis Prologue 1 Recap”

  1. Ah, I got it. This is just the Breath of the Wild expansion, we already got the Link outfit, now we're getting the open world, dangerous noodle legged things and shrines!

    Oh yeah can't wait to fight Calamity Ganon with a rifle.

    1. Once again, someone just has to compare the open wold exploration to botw as if that game invented it.

    2. Not only did open world games not exist before BOTW, but the real world was also instanced before the release of that game. You never noticed the loading screens between your homes and your workplace?

    3. BotW definitely shot OW games to a higher popularity than any prior one ever did though. I doubt NGS and Genshin Impact would have these gameplay loops they do if BotW didn't exist.

  2. So.. something im still questioning. And I could be a lil dumb for this.
    Are all of the arks from og pso2 gonna be in cryostasis for 1000years? Are they just gonna be immortal thanks to photons?
    Might need that refresher on whether or not the photons make you immortal, thus making the 1000 years time skip just a long wait in purgatory.

    Best case, immortality, everyones doing the same thing till they start fighting dolls, or cryostasis after dealing with darkers
    Worst case, dolls start screwing with arks ships, and shit happens to some of the people there.

    Really its giving me some bad feeling like God eater 3
    did when I didn't see blood(God eater 2 crew) or cradle(God eater 1 crew) except eins(won't spoil who that is)

    1. It doesn't seem like Arks remained as the same sort of structure they were in pso2.
      Apparently it starts as a bunch of earthbound natives on entirely different planet + some other people that fall from the sky for whatever reason, and the whole photon system is yet again out of our control and is more like an autonomous distant colony.

      Remember how pso2 story started? It was a complete mess of vague events about scientists on some ship encountering Darkers and then vanishing. It took a few episodes to figure out the most of the truth.

    2. Big pants spoiler speculation:
      Final enemy faction will be revealed to be corrupted ARKS, with final game boss being Guardian i.e. PSO2 player i.e. Profound Darkness.

    3. @Echidna
      I do recall a bit with scientists and them meetong a certain photoner leading to the mothership being a thing, and experiments leading to Dewman, etc ( shame on me, I need a great big refresher on lore once again.)

      and @Max
      If that's so then all I can say is :" Aww shiet. Here we go again"

    4. I thought ARKS was dismantled and all of the fan favorite NPCs wound up in Idola? I can't help but be reminded of the Leo Zodiarts' Star Gate in Idola when it comes to the Meteorn too.

    5. The natives are likely not related to ARKs from PSO2, though there is a chance that those who do come from space via Pods (Meteorn) are from old ARKs somehow. The fact that the Meteorn have no memory before the whole thing makes it plausible. Though it looks like MC isn't Ash anymore, unless it's a Meteorn and it's somehow us from PSO2 that got transported 1k years up with no memory somehow.

  3. All hail the the supreme being feature ""AFFIXING"" just wonderful I guess PTSD from this feature for 7 years (before ability transfer) wasn't enough
    but now is GU in NGS also gonna be "balanced" as frequently as GU on normal PSO2? lmao

  4. So it isn't in the article:

    Weapons and units seem to have a fixed slot count (shown as 0/2 on all items before affixing), so seems like upslotting/downslotting "fun" isn't in the game anymore, or at least it doesn't seem to be a part of the actual affixing process, maybe there will be a separate way of increasing slot count.

    Power I boosts meele attack by 1%

    Technique I boosts tech attack by 1%

    Guart I boosts damage resistance by 1%

    Forms Soul I boosts meele attack by 2% and comes form 2* capsules (other shown affixes come from 1* capsules)

    Affix boosters and insurances are still a thing. I can already see 9* astral soul with 1% rate per capsule.

  5. Separating playerbase between PSO2 and NGS is a good idea. This will make the PSO2 have more players (Irony).

    Even with ship shared being able to switch at any time a good part of the players will stay in NGS because this is new and people want to test it so PSO2 will be better than ever (Irony²).

    1. But it's the direct opposite of what they are doing?
      They are not dividing playerbases. There will be one single playerbase.

    1. I doubt it
      Genshin and botw look the same
      NG and and botw do not
      You guys need to get out of this botw bubble you're stuck in

  6. Fallen from space without memory Very PS Zero
    Theory: Something went wrong with the Arks and those are the ones that are falling from space, means xiao went corrupted or we were defeated by a huge enemy

    I'm guessing the engine improvement in the original game might be in case NG fails so they can have the PSO2 as a reserve game

    1. Its actually the same engine allegedly, so its not all that complicated to update bits of pso2 performance, especially when they're not bothered by limitations. Major reasons for NGS to be separate game are restart of the progression and spaghetti in the assets of a really old client that is already huge.
      Making technically same game in parallel client is what lets you jump between games without doing anything but reloading some of the assets.

  7. whats all this breath of the wild talk about. clearly ngs took liberties, got inspired by Xenoblade Chronicles. Running around ngs looks like youre in XC X, and Gunner looks kinda like Mithra from XC2

    1. Because Extreme Quests existing in menus is a completely different concept than having to find them in the overworld.

    2. "Shrine"s are Extreme Quests? That platforming Cocoon just looked like those "Secret" stages from Mario Sunshine!

  8. It's interesting that six of the basic classes are returning from PSO2, but will classes like Braver, Bouncer, and Summoner be following suit when New Genesis is released?

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