PSO2 JP: Halloween 2014 Update

October 22nd Update


Halloween Event

Jack Pepo

The Arks Lobby transforms into a Halloween-themed spectacle, with pumpkins, bats, and ghosts decorating the lobby. You can complete the Halloween Bingo during the event, where you'll receive boost items and Twin Machine Gun [*ジャックペポ] Jack Pepo as a reward.


Jackolantern Mag

Clear (Autumn) Xie's client orders to obtain an accessory and a Halloween-themed mag device too!


Trick Or Treat 3 is an Emergency Quest that takes place at night in the desert. Various bosses are expected to appear, thanks to Nyau showing up, like Quartz Dragon and Big Varder. Don't forget to head to the deepest area to see the three Naura sisters wearing their Halloween-themed outfits!


Episode 3: Chapter 2

Huey, sensing a delicate situation between Sarah and KlarisKrays, was trying to bridge the distance between the two and bring them closer together.

Huey asks various people for assistance in investigating Luther's abandoned research facility on Planet Wopal. And as usual, you also appear for assistance.


Unlimited Brave

This scratch contains Zeno's Council of Six outfit, "Cry Savior," along with three other outfits created in that theme: Magia Savior, Roava, and Freeva. In addition, players with humanoid characters will be able to dress up in the new cast parts and Casts can dress up in the Humanoid outfits. (Edited for clarification.)


Cry Savior
クライセイヴァー (Cry Savior)


Magia Savior
マギアセイヴァー (Magia Savior)


GH450 オッソリア
GH450 オッソリア (GH450 Ossoria)


Cast Part 1
ローヴァ・シリーズ (Roava)


Cast Part 2
フリーヴァ・シリーズ (Freeva)


 Coming up next after this update:

  • A new quest
  • Arks Ship Competition Round 3
  • A new Scratch
  • Arks Ceremonial Lobby

Also October 15th's maintenance will be occurring at an earlier time.


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