PSO2 JP: Halloween 2014 Update

October 22nd Update


Halloween Event

Jack Pepo

The Arks Lobby transforms into a Halloween-themed spectacle, with pumpkins, bats, and ghosts decorating the lobby. You can complete the Halloween Bingo during the event, where you'll receive boost items and Twin Machine Gun [*ジャックペポ] Jack Pepo as a reward.


Jackolantern Mag

Clear (Autumn) Xie's client orders to obtain an accessory and a Halloween-themed mag device too!


Trick Or Treat 3 is an Emergency Quest that takes place at night in the desert. Various bosses are expected to appear, thanks to Nyau showing up, like Quartz Dragon and Big Varder. Don't forget to head to the deepest area to see the three Naura sisters wearing their Halloween-themed outfits!


Episode 3: Chapter 2

Huey, sensing a delicate situation between Sarah and KlarisKrays, was trying to bridge the distance between the two and bring them closer together.

Huey asks various people for assistance in investigating Luther's abandoned research facility on Planet Wopal. And as usual, you also appear for assistance.


Unlimited Brave

This scratch contains Zeno's Council of Six outfit, "Cry Savior," along with three other outfits created in that theme: Magia Savior, Roava, and Freeva. In addition, players with humanoid characters will be able to dress up in the new cast parts and Casts can dress up in the Humanoid outfits. (Edited for clarification.)


Cry Savior
クライセイヴァー (Cry Savior)


Magia Savior
マギアセイヴァー (Magia Savior)


GH450 オッソリア
GH450 オッソリア (GH450 Ossoria)


Cast Part 1
ローヴァ・シリーズ (Roava)


Cast Part 2
フリーヴァ・シリーズ (Freeva)


 Coming up next after this update:

  • A new quest
  • Arks Ship Competition Round 3
  • A new Scratch
  • Arks Ceremonial Lobby

Also October 15th's maintenance will be occurring at an earlier time.


28 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Halloween 2014 Update”

  1. Riripa desert by night… *__* I'm curious about specific races' Costumes exchange. And GH450 looks nice to wear.

  2. whats that? Scarlet? i just wish sega wouldn't add unnecessary built in accessories for some costumes. like that cape on cry savior, but that's just my opinion, i don't expect everyone else to think they are ugly, its just my observation 🙂

    1. Yeah it'd be nice if they either made it an accessory or had two versions like the Jupiter Charis did, but I guess they didn't for this since it's a specific characters' costume. >.< I don't really mind it in this case, though.

      Also, I kind of wonder, is the "Costume exchange" an actual exchange where you can change any costume between non-cast and cast, or is it just the new specific outfits that are going to be opposite race?

  3. Didn't like Luna Prophecy as well.

    Just hoped that the new costumes doesn't cost a bomb because I had exhausted my mesetas not long ago.

    1. Same here, I am still recovering from spending it all on that hairstyle. I'd be kinda upset if the new hair ends up being a revival of the hair I want most, and I can't afford it(or make enough money before it climbs back up in price)…

    2. Hairstyles are so expensive. Sometimes more than 10 or 15 millions… It already hurts my Meseta account for two millions like I've already done, but for someone who doesn't AC Scratch, it's surprising. Costumes are often really cheaper than hairstyles. Even powerful Grinded/Crafted weapons/parts are cheaper. ^^

    3. That is so true. 🙁
      The hair I want is already over 36 million meseta(cheapest I've seen was around 8m, when I was a poor newbie who never heard of TACOs), and one of the very few hairs that I think is suitable for my male character.

      It really makes me wish that hairs could be either easier to get from scratches so there'd be a better supply, or account-based, but I guess that is the point of gachapon, making people want to keep spending.

    4. Wow… I don't know how much it costs from the beginning, but how can a seller think a single player will buy something this price…? I was curious about the hairstyle you were talking about, but I won't able to try it anyway. ^^

      Anyway, there are still Costumes with a high prices too. Some Wedding Dresses, Ol Blink… But all depends of the color too. In my ship, red costumes were the cheapest when I began… Now they're often the "most" expensive. :p

    5. Wow, I think it was similar here too… for example one of my first female outfits was the Yoshino Tefura, and the red was really cheap back then(second to yellow)… but recently it seems the red is more expensive now(second to white/black).

      Seems yellow still is pretty cheap, but my characters all have clashing hair colors to yellow(most have blue/purple hair), except my green-haired alt that I don't really use. XD

      I think they did revive the wedding/bridal gowns awhile ago. I got the blue-black one pretty cheap, but I do remember the whites and red being more expensive.

    6. Yes, really. Usually, the main color and some others are the most expensives but the others not too much. I thought I was dreaming when I saw the price of the White wedding dress for the first time… Some people sell Costumes over 10M. Don't talk about the Selvaria swimsuit… I'm glad these ones don't often interests me. Anyway, here too, the yellow costumes are often the cheapest.

      About the Yoshino Tefura, it's a cute costume. I searched quickly for it, the cheapest red one was… About 530.000 Meseta (I don't really call it too expensive, compared to some others).

      Hmm… With all of that, I guess we can make a serious study about Costumes/Hairstyles prices, asking every player what is his/her opinion 😀 (Or not… :p)

    7. lol making a good looking char to match with cheap, outdated costume then running around in SH lobby for few days could increase the price of that costume for like from 200k to 1M (for a while). Then you sell that costume and go buy the one you want.( worked on ship8)

    8. Running around SH lobbies with one single character that subjectively looks good does not change the economy. If it worked on Ship 8, that's a coincidence.

    9. I agree, I always wear old cheap costumes and nothing changes about their price aside from the naturally gradual rise. I think most people already own or know about the old/cheap costumes, and they're probably cheap due to surplus/low demand.
      I suppose maybe if you did that on a beginner block it could slightly affect more people wanting it, though, but not enough to make a big difference. xD

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