PSO2 JP: Item Grinding and Password Changing Campaign

Since PSO2 is currently undergoing maintenance until 4:00 AM EST, let's take a look at this week's campaigns!

Item Grind campaign

During the campaign period, the grind success rate will increase by 5%.

Campaign Period

  • May 22nd through May 29th, 2013

Campaign Qualifications

  • The grind success rate for weapons and units will increase by 5% during the campaign period.
  • This boost does not apply to Elemental Attribute grinding nor the adding of special abilities.
  • You can increase the chances of success even more by using certain items during the grinding process.


Change Password Campaign 2

Change PAssword Campaign

Everyone that changes their password using the following procedure will receive two items.

Campaign Period

  • May 22nd through June 5th, 2013

Password Changing Procedure

  • [1] Login to the SEGA ID Management Page.
  • [2] Click on 登録情報へ (Registration Details) *If this does not show up see below*
  • [3] Choose 1 radio button to fill in information for either your name, birthday, or secret question and enter your email address at the bottom. Click 次へ (Next) when finished.
  • [4] On the next page click パスワードを変更する Change your password.
  • [5] Enter your current 現在のパスワード」and new「新しいパスワード」password.

After logging in, you may see two buttons asking you to either パスワードを変更する change your password or 今回はパスワードを変更しない keep the current password. You can select change password to skip step two.

Campaign Qualifications

  • The character on the account must be level 10+ on any class to qualify.
  • Please wait until after May 22nd's maintenance is over to change your password.

Campaign Prizes

Teru Teru Rappy

Prize Distribution Date

  • Late June
  • Can be picked up at the Visiphone

Client Order Campaign 9

CO Campaign 9

Everyone who clears the following client orders will receive several prizes.

Campaign Period

  • May 22nd through May 29th maintenance

Campaign Qualifications

(1) Clear Xie's client order アークスたちのウワサ話!? Arks Gossip!? by defeating 25 Oodan and 10 Galf to receive:

  • EXP+50% (×2)
  • Meseta+50% (×4)

(2) Clear Hans client order 超弩級戦艦機甲 Super-Dreadnought Battleship by defeating Big Vardha 5 times to receive:

  • Rare Drop Boost+50% (×2)
  • Grind Risk Reduction (+1) (×4)
  • Grinder (×30)

Prize Distribution

  • June 5th
  • Can be picked up at Visiphone

White Day Emergency Quest Bug

Since the White Day Emergency Quest did not appear at the scheduled time that was announced during the PSO2 Livestream, all players who logged in between May 8th through May 15th prior to maintenance will receive a Triboost+100% as compensation.


Support List

PlayStation Vita graphics not showing up

  • We've received reports of a bug where some of the floor textures appear missing on the Playstation Vita version.  As a workaround, press the PS button, peel down the Live Area screen, and restart the game.  Simply logging out to the title screen and logging back in will not correct this issue.

Character inoperable when performing a lobby action in the Panis Repca outfit

  • During our investigation, we have confirmed a bug where you may not be able to operate your character when performing the "Mimic" lobby action in the Panis Repca outfit. As a workaround for this bug, open the main menu and select a different outfit.

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