PSO2 JP: More Extreme and Advance Quests on May 29th

Arks GP Preliminaries

Arks Grand Prix Preliminary Quest
Available: May 15th through September 25th

The Arks Grand Prix Preliminaries are meant for players to practice their skills for the upcoming 1 year anniversary offline event "Phantasy Star Festa 2013." This tournament will be held in various locations across Japan, as players in teams of four rush for the fastest time.

Since this quest is only meant as a training exercise for the Arks Grand Prix, Items and EXP are unavailable.


EX Quest

Extreme Training: Forest and Dragons
Available: May 29th, 2013

The next set of Emergency Quests pits the players against Naberius natives, Amdsucia Dragons, and Darkers. With simpler stage orders, this quest should be easier for those who wish to to challenge it alone or with some friends. Additionally, since some enemies are weak to poison, players can have the upper hand by bringing weapons with poison inflicting special abilities.


Adv Quest City

New Advance Quests
Available: May 29th, 2013

Three new Advance Quests; City, Ruins, and Sanctum, will be available May 29th, 2013.


Holy Bright Priest and Wedding Lobby Event

Cathedral Suit

カテドラルスーツ Cathedral Suit

May 29th's AC Scratch rotation will let players dress up their characters as priests or nuns! Expect to see Ursula's costume, and new color variations of the Tuxedo and Bridal Dresses.


Cathedral Cross

カテドラルクロース Cathedral Cross


Ursula Repca

ウルスラ レプカ Ursula Repca


Red Dress

ブライダルドレス紅 Bridal Dress Red


Gemini Weapon Camo

Weapon Camo


Wedding Lobby

Wedding Lobby
Available: May 29th through June 12th, 2013


 Burning Rangers x PSO2

Burning Rangers

Available: Summer ~ ???

The 1 Year Anniversary quest coming up later this summer features a surprise event harking back to the Sega Saturn era. The Emergency Trial "Burning Angel" tasks players with rescuing survivors trapped in flames.


Future Support List

Telepipe Bug in Parallel Area

  • We have received reports of a bug where the telepipe returning to the Camp Ship does not show up after completing the parallel area in the "With Wind and Rain" Emergency Quest. If you have encountered this bug, we suggest cancelling the quest and starting over.

Gunner Class Balance

  • We have received various opinions about this issue and have decided to buff some Gunner skills and photon arts in the future.  We'll announce more details later on.

Attack PP Restorate Skill Decreased

  • We have received reports of a bug where the Attack PP Restorate skill gives considerably less PP than it should. This seems to have been applied during the May 15th maintenance, and though we have identified the source of this bug, it will take some time for us to correct this issue. We plan to fix it by May 29th's maintenance.
  • Compensation: Any character with a LV1+ "Attack PP Restorate" skill prior to May 15th's maintenance will receive a Triboost+100% as compensation.



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