PSO2 JP: Livestream #23 Recap

Post Livestream Updates / Notes

  • For the time being, we're going to call the White Titans on Planet Harukotan, "Shirokotans" and the Black Titans "Kurokotans."
  • Decided upon a name for the new field, but it might change again later.
  • The livestream's description was written in English for Non-Japanese viewers.
  • Removed E.Q Poll.
  • Added extra note for secret phrase.
  • Added PSO2es information.


Special Phrase 23b

Say the secret phrase みんなおめたろう in chat sometime between now through August 27th's maintenance to receive:

  • Dudu Sandbag (Room Item)
  • Dudu Chain (Accessory)
  • Grind Skip (→7)

Items are distributed at an unspecified maintenance in the future. 



~ Ascended Facility & Ultimate Quests ~

Episode 3 Info

  • Braver's Combat Escape becomes main class only.
  • Matoi has been officially added to the ARKS.
  • PlayStation Vita will be given a 5GB patch which will compress everything down to about 8GBs.
  • New Wopal field, [Ascended Facility], coming this fall!
  • Ultimate Quests will launch in the winter.


Gold Rush Fever

Gold Rush Fever Scratch

  • But there's a slight delay, it releases August 29th @ 14:00 JST
  • Episode 3 is still slated for August 27th, 2014.
  • Bouncer themed Costume and Parts
  • Casino Dealer Costumes


~ Mission: Episode 3's Otsukimi Update ~


Otsukimi Event

September Update

  • Otsukimi Lobby (until 10/8)
  • Otsukimi Bingo and Xie
  • Bingo and Client Order Rewards shown towards the right.



mistic moon

September's AC Scratch (Mystic Moon)

  • 2nd Generation Clariskrays costume.
  • Luther costume.
  • Shinto Priest style costumes.


New Time Attack

September Update

  • New Time Attack Quest. "Marathon Practice: Wopal"
  • Org Blanc and Biol Meduna appears.


 Harukotan EQ

 September Update

  • New Harukotan Emergency Quest!
  • Stop the Pajadurin, and extinguish the lanterns.
  • The miasma enveloping the field will increase the Kurokotans' power!


~ Quna's New Song "Neverending Story" ~

 Quna Live Event

September Update

  • Quna sings a new song, "Neverending Story" live!
  • Encore Function added!


Episode 3 Roadmap

Episode 3 Roadmap

Late Summer

  • New Emergency Quest
  • New Time Attack Quest
  • New Live Concert for Quna
  • Arks Ship Competition Part 2


  • New Field
  • New Enemies and Bosses
  • New Story Quest
  • Mag Level Cap Raised
  • Timed Abilities Level Cap Raised
  • Arks Ship Competition Part 3

Autumn ~ Winter

  • Level Cap Raised
  • New PAs and Technics
  • New Quest Type
  • New Enemies and Bosses
  • Phantasy Star Nova Releases
  • 12 Player Boss Quest
  • New Difficulty for some Emergency Quests
  • New Collab Scratch
  • More Equipment Extend Recipes


Pso2es episode 3

PSO2es Episode 3

  • New Class: Bouncer
  • New Weapon Category: Jet Boots / Dual Blads
  • Reception Counter: Get Extreme Passes and Casino Coin Passes
  • Login Screen and Lobby Screen Updated.
  • Simpler character switching.
  • Clariskrays chip coming to the Recycle Shop.


Emergency Quest

PSO2es Emergency Quests

  • Coming September 3rd, 2014.
  • At specific dates and times, you can go up against a rare boss.
  • Rare Bosses have lots and lots of HP.
  • Shave off their HP in 1 minute intervals.
  • Request assistance with up to 10 allies.
  • Once defeated, you get a chance to receive a rare item.


PSO2 Soundtrack Vol 3

PSO2 Soundtrack Vol.3 Announced!

  • Releases December 24th, 2014
  • 4 CD Set
  • 5000 Yen
  • 3rd Opening and Mining Base Defense included!


Echo Afin Zeno Appear in PSNova

PSNova x PSO2 Collaboration

  • Zeno, Afin, and Echo will appear in Phantasy Star Nova as NPCs, if you have PSO2 game data on your Playstation Vita.


Phantasy Star Nova Initial Perks!

  • PSNova Product Code 1
    • (Two) Costume Recipes
    • (Ten) EXP Boost 2X Recipes
  • PSNova Product Code 2 (Friend Referral)
    • Friends get 30% off the purchase of Phantasy Star Nova.
  • PSO2 Item Codes
    • Lutina and Seil's Costumes
    • PSNova Main Theme (BGM)
    • Jukebox
    • Color Change Pass
    • +100% Tribooster
    • 1000 FUN Ticket


New Gigantes

Phantasy Star Nova Playable at the 2014 Tokyo Game Show!

  • Two new quests available!
  • (Battle Quest 1) Fight a different Gigantes not featured in the demo!
  • (Battle Quest 2) Face a powerful Gigantes: Agrios.



Danbo Collab

~ Tokyo 8/16 ~
ダンボースーツ (Danbo Suit)
進化デバイス/ダンボー (Evo. Device / Danbo)


Some of the Bouncer skills were shown in the trailer. Keep in mind that some of the skills are blurry or obscured by other text.

  • Shifta Air Attack Boost
  • Rapid Boost
  • Rapid Boost JA Bonus
  • Photon Blade Escape
  • Jet Boots Strike
  • Elemental Burst
  • Photon Blade Fever Up
  • Dual Blade Gear
  • Jet Boots Gear
  • Elemental PP Restorate F
  • Elemental Stance
  • Elemental Stance Up 1
  • Elemental S Critical
  • Break Stance
  • Break Stance Up
  • Break S Critical
  • Heal Bonus


Burning Hearts Live!



25 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Livestream #23 Recap”

  1. My guess on the "Jet Boots Strike?" skill is probably about being able to swap from T-ATK from S-ATK. Dunno if right or wrong, but it's a possibility.

    Though, I'm curious as to what the descriptions of the gear skills are for the weaps :]

  2. That swishy AoE spiral kick attack reminds me a lot of the speed Nanoblast combo from PSPo2I.

    I swear I saw a 'Heal Bonus' skill scroll by on the Bouncer tree, behind the captions. Just the skill name, though.

    1. So that setting would automatically translate the description, when it never has before?

      And I'm sure Nico Nico Live staff didn't write an English description for the stream themselves.

  3. Ultimate mode looks crazy. It's finally time for some enemy element resistances, give us a reason to pick something other than light element weapons already!

  4. I never really noticed how subtly different Nova's graphical style was until I saw those three NPCs redone for it. They have this weird uncanny valley-like sort of feel to them where you recognize who they are but are totally aware that something's a bit off too.

  5. Matoi is now a part of arks? Does this mean she has a partner card now? Can i have it!?!?
    also loving that new Quna song that looks awsome.

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