PSO2 JP: Maintenance/Patch and FLET'S HIKARI Campaign (9/11/2013)

This week's maintenance will occur one hour earlier than usual.

September 11th Maintenance

  • Schedule: September 11th @ 10:00 ~ 17:00 (Converted)
  • Purpose: To make various adjustments to the servers.

September 11th Patch

  • Launcher: Version 02.01.01
  • Client: ver. 2.0101.1
  • Vita App: ver.2.06

Patch Size

  • PC: 28MB
  • Vita: 25MB


FLET'S HIKARI is an ISP that provides fiber optic broadband internet, TV, and telephone services to subscribers across Japan. Phantasy Star Online 2 and FLET'S HIKARI have teamed up to distribute promotional items like 90 days of premium to new FLET'S subscribers, as well as, 'Rikauteri/Licht' and 'Hikari Line Blue T shirts' to those who continue their FLET'S subscription. Since this campaign is not available to players outside of Japan, we are only going to list the items you can obtain through the player shop.



FLET'S HIKARI Campaign Items

  • リカウテリ/リヒト Rikauteri/Licht (50% Light / Another History)
  • 光ラインブルーTシャツM (Hikari Line Blue T-Shirt M)
  • 光ラインブルーTシャツF (Hikari Line Blue T-Shirt F)
  • フレッツ光ステッカー (FLET'S HIKARI Sticker)

Now if you do live in Japan. FLET'S has customer service representatives that can speak in English. It would probably be a good idea to mention the PSO2 campaign just in case.

To view more up and personal screenshots, check out Iris' blog.


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