PSO2 JP: Manipulator of Time, Dark Falz Arises on May 7th


Apos Dorios Boss

The Guardian of the Gate: Apos Dorios

Apos Dorios is a gigantic Darker who serves as a guard for Dark Falz. In this new emergency quest, [The Cunning Ebon-Winged Vanguard], Apos Dorios has the power to manipulate, fire, ice, and lightning.

Apos Dorios Pillar

In addition, he can release a tremendously powerful attack by summoning four pillars across the field. Players can intercept this attack by destroying the pillars before they finish charging. By defeating it several times, we get closer and closer to determining the location coordinates of the new Dark Falz!


Dark Falz Gate of Despair

The Gate of Despair: Dark Falz

This new Dark Falz has the power to manipulate time. He wields two gigantic swords and can perform attacks of various elements. He holds power befit for the strongest winged Darker. Use caution and challenge it with all your might!

 After defeating him, everyone will get to perform a victory pose!



Players can obtain new 11★ and 12★ drops from Dark Falz.


Arks Grand Prix Preliminaries

Arks Grand Prix Pr

The [Phantasy Star Festa 2014] coming this summer will commemorate the 2nd year anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2! A tournament at the event will determine the fastest players across the nation! Players can hone their skills in the [ARKS Grand Prix Preliminaries Quest]! The quest will feature an assortment of Darker and Mech enemies, where you'll face Falz Arms, Goldrahda, or Luda Sorcerers along the way.

  • EXP and Item drops are not available in this quest as it is merely a training quest for the Arks Grand Prix.
  • Free field [Volcano Caverns Exploration] must be cleared before this quest is available.



Klotho will also have a new client order available for this quest.


Io Partner Card and Client Orders

Io Partner Card

You can now receive new client orders from ARKS General Election winner Io! Her client orders are slightly different as they'll require you to defeat enemies through just attacks. In addition she'll require you to clear certain quests by forming a party with 2 or more players.

Eventually, you'll receive her partner card, which lists her as an intellectual, tsundere, condition master.


Wedding Lobby

Pure Blanca

The Wedding Lobby will be available between May 7th through June 11th. With the reverse side of Spring Bingo, you can acquire the Assault Rifle weapon camo. [*ピュアブランカ] Pure Blanca. See as confetti bursts through the air with each round!


Celestial Luster AC Scratch

Yell Pure

Celestial Luster will feature divine ceremonial outfits and a Project CUTE costume.

Jupiter Charis

ユピテルカリス Jupiter Charis


Juno Charis

ユーノーカリス Juno Charis


Juhite Chelas

ユヒテケラス Juhite Cheras*


Pop Score

ポップスコア Pop Score



 MJ x PSO2 FUN Shop

Mahjong table head

MJ麻雀卓ヘッド (MJ Mahjong Table Head)

The extremely popular mahjong game [MJ] will be collaborating with PSO2 to bring you a FUN Shop that will be available for a limited time!


East West Tile

東牌&西牌ヘッドアクセ (East&West Tile Head Accessory)

This FUN Shop will cease operations come June 11th.


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