PSO2 Livestream #19 Recap


Post Broadcast Updates

  • Added a note about [Loser] which may contain obvious spoilers.




Wild Easter Decide

Emergency Quest Challenge

  • Audience members chose the Wild Easter EQ for April 27th @ 23:00 JST. (Added to Calendar)
  • Since Ichitaro succeeded in the Emergency Quest Challenge, this livestream scheduled quest will receive a +200% Rare Drop and EXP boost.



Io Client Orders

May Update

  • Spring Bingo
  • Wedding Lobby
  • Io's Just Attack and Party themed Client Orders
  • Io's Partner Card


Arks Grand Prix CO

May Update

  • Arks Grand Prix Preliminaries Quest
  • This time, the preliminaries quest will have client orders from Klotho.


Celestial Luster

May Update

  • Celestial Luster AC Scratch
  • Mystical themed Costumes
  • Wedding themed Camo and Mag
  • Project CUTE's "Pop Score" costume. (Yes the one Xie wears.)


Apos Drios

May Update

  • New Boss, Apos Drios, who can manipulate fire, ice, and lightning.
  • Lets all work together to identify the coordinates of Dark Falz!


Dark Falz Loser

May Update

  • ダークファルス【敗者】: Dark Falz [Loser], a powerful opponent who has the ability to manipulate time.
  • New 11 and 12 star drops are available like Caduceus, Lavis Blades, Meteor Cudgel and more!
  • Defeat him to perform a victory pose!
  • As for [Loser], the kanji translates to [a person who loses, or lost (a match)]. Alternatively, you can go with a  more fancier name like [The Vanquished] or [Defeated], or something along those lines.
  • (UPD) However it appears that the boss's name itself is spelled "Dark Falz Luther," in the broadcast, yet the quest descriptions, powerpoint slide, and quest title has it listed as [Loser] in kanji. So to work around this, whenever the kanji form is used, we'll put [Loser] in brackets, but if his name is used directly, we'll use Luther instead.


Frog Rappy

Late May Update

  • In the Driving Rain 2
  • Lv 70 Super Hard enemies.



F continent Team Room

Late May Update

  • F. Continent Team Room
  • A beautiful team room where you can enjoy the passage of time.
  • Features catapult jumps.

 Twinkle Splash

Late May Update

  • Twinkle Splash AC Scratch
  • Quarry themed costumes.


Stage 70 Tundra mechs

Late May Update

  • [Extreme Quest: Tundra and Mechs] stage 61 ~ 70!
  • Get 25 Scarlet ores for clearing the final stage.




Future Roadmap

Roadmap: Phantasy Star Festa [Part 1]

  • Limited-time Web Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • New Bingo Card
  • Craft System Expansion
  • New Event System
  • [Mining Base Defense: Despair] (Such a fitting name.)
  • Extreme Quest Expansion
  • New Collab Live Event
  • Event Chronicle
  • New Craft System

Roadmap: Phantasy Star Festa [Part 2] [Summer]

  • Limited-time Web Event
  • Limited-time Event Quest
  • New Bingo Card
  • Collab Lobby
  • Collab Boss
  • Collab Scratch
  • Extreme Quest Expansion




Sega Collaboration June

June Update

  • Sega Collaboration Part 2
  • Sonic the Hedgehog mag
  • Valkyria Chronicles costumes and weapon.
  • Yakuza Ishin costume.
  • Yakuza 5 costume and weapon.
  • Space Channel 5 costume and lobby actions!


 Secret phrase b

Secret Phrase

Say ちょうにこたろう in chat sometime between now through May 7th's maintenance to receive the prizes below:

  • Bouquet Rifle
  • Rose Bouquet (Camo)
  • Lilliparium  (Small) (x9)


The stage is set 10 years into the past.
What are the ARKS?
What is Xion's true wish?
~July 2014~


Phantasy Star Festa 2014 (Held at specific dates across Japan)

  • P-Spec Vol.3 and official T Shirts
  • Falz Arm Balloon and a life sized Racast.
  • Those in attendance can receive an Original Neck Strap, an ARKS Card, a 2014 PSO2 Fan, and item codes.



Special perks at the Phantasy Star Festa 2014

  • Item codes to receive an official T-Shirt and a 500 FUN Ticket.


festa2014 perksb

Special perks at the Phantasy Star Festa 2014

  • Item codes for accessories and room items limited to the convention's hosting city.


iOS PSO2es

 PSO2es iOS

  • iOS version is releasing in May!


Illustration contest

Lets create artwork to celebrate the 2nd year anniversary of PSO2. Some artwork suggestions include; a fierce battle, a pleasant exchange with team members, or a typical day on PSO2.

PSO2 Art Contest

  • Entry Period: April 27th ~ June 18th @ 16:00 JST
  • Purpose: A collection of illustrations to commemorate the 2nd anniversary of Phantasy Star Online 2!
  • Publication: July 2014
  • Prize: The selected artworks will be made into items to decorate your room.

Submission Criteria

  • The original creator can submit unpublished artworks. Please refrain from posting the artwork to blogs or social networking sites, etc.
  • One person is allowed to submit several pieces of artwork.
  • The submitted artwork must be a JPEG file up to 1MB in size.
  • Artworks must be created in 1280 x 720 resolution.



  • Please refrain from posting the artwork to the public, even after the winners are selected.
  • The copyright of the works you submit will belong to SEGA.
  • Selected artworks may be slightly modified when converted into an in-game item.
  • The winners will receive their room items separately from the general public.

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