PSO2 JP: Merry Christmas Collection Introduces All-Class Takt

~ December 7th, 2016 ~


Christmas 2016 Event


Bells will be ringing with the return of the Christmas Lobby! Shove giant snowballs about the lobby into snow piles to form a jolly snowman.



A new bingo card rewards players with the [White Decorative Hat] accessory and Star Gems!


Merry Christmas on Ice 2016

Test your holiday spirit against Toy Darkers and frosty Natives in the seasonal [Merry Christmas on Ice 2016] Emergency Quest! Once enough quest points have been collected, Dio Hunar may emerge with a specially prefixed name. Uniquely named bosses from limited Emergency Quests of the past can also appear during the quest.



Join some of your favorite NPCs in putting on your merriest Christmas costume to receive a bonus PSE effect during the quest.


The St. Rappies and Noiya Nyau will have new drops to look forward to, like Philodemos and Sky Shine.


Merry Christmas 2016 Collection

The Merry Christmas collection is packed with a few gifts for those who play the Emergency Quest. Aside from a ★13 Talis, Dual Blades, and Marron Egg, the collection will offer the first "All-Class Equippable Takt."


Gene Returns


Gene will return to the lobby as you advance through Annette's client orders. Clearing both Gene and Annette's orders will net you more flower bookmarks for the exchange shop. Be sure to clear the orders for the opportunity to receive Gene's partner card.


Bright Dark Heroine (SG Scratch)

世錫杖レクイエムCorrupted Staff Requiem
Corrupted Staff Requiem

Bright Dark Heroine is a new SG Scratch full of the most unforgettable outfits from Episodes 2 & 3. Cosmetic items from Matoi, Double, Xion, and Loser can be yours when the scratch hits the servers on December 14th!




2016 Year's End Support Item Selection

Another revival scratch chock full of support items is on the way for just one week only starting December 14th!


New ★12 Units


Izane Kazuchi themed ★12 units will make their debut in this update.


Franca's Snow Café


For the reason of the season, Franca's Café will receive a wintry makeover! Enormous Rappy snow sculptures and icy slides can be viewed and explored.


Sacred Star Keeper (AC Scratch)

火を継ぐ真衣Ascendant Flame
火を継ぐ真衣 [Ou・Ba・In] | Ascendant Flame

Hitsugi awoke her true potential, and now her new outfit can be yours! Apart from that we have steampunk inspired clothing and the first layered Christmas costume.


アベントレイス[Ou・Ba・In] | Avent Lace
アベントレイス[Ou・Ba・In] | Avent Lace
メルティクリスマス[Ou・Ba・In] Melty Christmas
メルティクリスマス[Ou・Ba・In]| Melty Christmas
テオレマードラッド[Ou・Ba・In] | Theore Mardrad
テオレマードラッド[Ou・Ba・In] | Teore Mardrad
コルトゥ・シリーズ | Coltu Series
コルトゥ・シリーズ | Coltu Series
ディグ・シリーズ | Dig Series
ディグ・シリーズ | Dig Series



28 thoughts to “PSO2 JP: Merry Christmas Collection Introduces All-Class Takt”

    1. After 10 years? But PSO2 will be over in 10 years. They'll be planning for PSO3 on Windows 13 and PS5 because 2027 will be the 40th anniversary 😀

      Well anyway… Good stuff incoming. Huge patches are worth it these times.

    2. I hope so too! But… How many GB will the pso2_bin folder take then? I bet for 250Gb with all the patches and updates 😀

    3. I think probably never, because with all of the outfits involving the fingers, they'd need to re-rig the skeleton to animate the fingers of it… and then you also count in Cast's fingers… that's gonna be so much work for something not so many players care for or even notice. >.< It'd be kinda cool, but unnecessary and I would pity the game artists charged with it.

    4. Not to mention they'd also have to redo roughly every cutscene and animation, ever, to actually make use of it…

    5. In my opinion it's already good to see they made characters/NPC blink. I mean… They didn't blink in the Portables and even Nova except cinematics… (That's a detail too I'd agree)

    6. They have mentioned multiple times before that it creates significant impact on performance, hence kobayashi concert not having finger animation on Vita and ridiculously low poly decorations for either version.
      It will also not going to help at all when most of the weapons have either misaligned grip (launchers), invisible grip (knuckles) or simply handles too big to even hold. Hoverhanding with gesture is unlikely to look better.

    7. You don't have to do any rigging at all ,actually. PSO2's models don't have any rig work put in save for some more outlandish examples. It's usually done with bone volumes. (Each bone has a capsule of verts that it influences, divide the impact between bones on intersection, etc etc.

  1. Don't we already have Gene's card?
    Yup. Could give us someone else SEGA. Just putting this out there but how about Seraphy?

    1. We have, but it's called "fanservice"… x)
      But Seraphy is still here (Except if she've been fired? I haven't log these last weeks). She is near Revelle.

    2. She's probably the only NPC in the lobby to have her text translated. And she sounds very lonely.

  2. on the topic of SGs, I know some of you have wanted easier ways to get them to use on the scratch. Make sure you're trying to run the arks league if so. Its very easy to place while running with MPAs since brackets are split up super heavily.

    1st place is 100 SGs and 2nd place is 50 SGs so you earn a ton pretty easily.

    1. You don't have to be strong to do it, You'll share points with your MPA and chances are your MPA members won't even be in your bracket competing against you.

    2. …and then you get like one Illusia spawn per four-five RQs and make 5th place only because most of your block didn't even participate.

      RNG why ;_;

    3. Sadly yeah, there's certainly some luck involved. You could get 0 Illusia and a bunch of UFOs and trains.

    4. Yeah the league from a few hours ago bugged out.

      They made a notice on their site.

      "We have confirmed the phenomenon that the arcs League 'Riding: High Score' which is scheduled from November 29 (Tue) 1:00 does not occur and we are investigating."

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