PSO2 JP: Patch (10/12/2012)

To correct the issues regarding the EXP curve with the previous update, Phantasy Star Online 2 requires an update in order to continue playing the game. When you open the launcher, the game will automatically update both the game and launcher if necessary.

Launcher is currently:

  • Version 01.03.04

Client is currently:

Patch Size

  • 15 MB

(If you are installing the game for the first time, you will have to download an update which requires 2.4GBs of free space.)

Patch Notes

  • Corrected the order of the Ship selection screen.
  • The required EXP to level up has changed from level 41 and onwards.
  • If you already acquired EXP before this update, based on the amount you acquired,  your TNL EXP will show up as a negative value and the EXP bar will overflow. Once you defeat an enemy, your EXP would display normally. If you acquire enough EXP to reach the next level, you may level up based on this value.


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