PSO2 JP: PSO2 Network Livestream Screenshot Dump

The second part of this month's update was previewed on PSO2's livestream show. We'll have official details later when it's posted up on the site, until then here's a quick recap.

Late September

  • Ship Transfer System
  • Team Rooms and Team Client Orders
  • Story Quest 5 and 6 Expanded
  • Story Quest 7 (Urban Quest and Shiiinaaa! is here too.)
  • Planet Amduscia Time Attack (May have some platforming?)
  • Autumn Full Moon Scratch (Shrine Maiden-like Gacha)
  • Patty and Philia Costumes
  • New Autumn Lobby titled: 月見 Tsukimi

The Team Room has a photon tree that you can cultivate. It looks it gives bonus effects like rare drop boost or stat boosts.

The stream is still in progress so we'll update some more.

The new field looks like a ruins (think Makara Ruins of PSZero), there's some red tower-like object sticking out.



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